Barbell, Kettlebell and Body Weight Home Workout!

My family just got bigger 😀


Got me a barbell and plates so I can maximise my strength (and glute) training without travelling ALL THE WAY into the city. It also means I can finally train people to Get Glutes!

HERE is where I got the barbell. And HERE are the plates.

Can’t say how pleased I am with this Barbell – it’s perfect for a home-gym.


After I unpacked all the plates, I was just dying to try them out, so I threw together the following workout just for a bit of fun.  Turned out to be a great wee workout – especially after a day farting about the house. Good to get moving some weight about!



The Workout

I completed the following 4 exercises in a big superset (rounds), but you can set it up as traditional sets or as 2 pairs of supersets (eg: Jeffersons with Presses and Hip Thrusts with Chin-ups):

1) Jefferson Deads: 3 x 4 reps (each side) (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

2) Hip Thrusts: 3 x 10-15 reps (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

3) Chin Ups: 3×4-6 reps (I did 4 reps)

4) Double KB Military Press: 3 x 4-8 reps (I did 8 reps in the first set and then 4, 4) (2 x 14kg, then 2x 16kg)


Anyone wondering about the Jefferson Deadlift. Here’s David Dellenave with his awesome tutorial:

BTW – David is pretty much an expert (or just crazy-obsessed) on Deadlifts. So-much-so, that he just released an AMAZING book – Deadlift Off The Floor (not an affiliate link) – if you are a deadlifting fan, or want to be one – get this book!

  • September 3, 2013

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