Barbell, Kettlebell and Body Weight Home Workout!

by Marianne  - September 3, 2013

My family just got bigger 😀


Got me a barbell and plates so I can maximise my strength (and glute) training without travelling ALL THE WAY into the city. It also means I can finally train people to Get Glutes!

HERE is where I got the barbell. And HERE are the plates.

Can’t say how pleased I am with this Barbell – it’s perfect for a home-gym.


After I unpacked all the plates, I was just dying to try them out, so I threw together the following workout just for a bit of fun.  Turned out to be a great wee workout – especially after a day farting about the house. Good to get moving some weight about!



The Workout

I completed the following 4 exercises in a big superset (rounds), but you can set it up as traditional sets or as 2 pairs of supersets (eg: Jeffersons with Presses and Hip Thrusts with Chin-ups):

1) Jefferson Deads: 3 x 4 reps (each side) (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

2) Hip Thrusts: 3 x 10-15 reps (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

3) Chin Ups: 3×4-6 reps (I did 4 reps)

4) Double KB Military Press: 3 x 4-8 reps (I did 8 reps in the first set and then 4, 4) (2 x 14kg, then 2x 16kg)


Anyone wondering about the Jefferson Deadlift. Here’s David Dellenave with his awesome tutorial:

BTW – David is pretty much an expert (or just crazy-obsessed) on Deadlifts. So-much-so, that he just released an AMAZING book – Deadlift Off The Floor (not an affiliate link) – if you are a deadlifting fan, or want to be one – get this book!


Get the free guide just for you!


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  1. Another great workout & learning session. I love your informative follow ups/guidance at the end of the workout and how it pertains to your personal routines, challenges & goals. One complaint. You do not post enough workouts…:)

  2. I’m sorry but that is one of the most amazing round, hard butts I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot! That thing is making my day.

  3. I am really enjoying your workouts lately. the jefferson deadlift has become one of my favorites.
    I have been using kettlebells lifting 12kg and 8kg together, the grip is a bit of work but I really like it. this workout is nicely set up. I wish I had a barbell at home. will do my best with kettlebells.

    Cheers and keep ’em coming

    1. Yeah, the grip can take a bit of mastering, but it does end up being a favorite for me, too. The KBs are good, but they get too light as you get better at it. The bar is nice, but not essential 🙂

      Glad you liked it.

  4. I do like your blog, though. It showed me the value of kettlebells and the right ways to use them. I’ve been lifting free-weights for 30 years but kettlebells are a good change of pace.

  5. The squat/lift starting at 3:44 looks risky and very ill-advised for at-home trainers. It’s a recipe for back injuries. Squats and deadlifts need care to get right. Get them wrong and you get injured. I think you should take them out.

    1. I can understand your concern, but I don’t see any additional risk compared to any other squat, DL, hip hinge or OH Press … the swing for example, IMO, is so fast-paced that many folk can easily mess it up.

      I always advise people learn proper technique before lifting heavy. The Jefferson DL is one that, when done on a regular basis, could actually help the way the back functions – simply because you are becoming stronger in “awkward” positions. Here is an awesome tutorial on it (in the post above).

      The at-home trainer is just as responsible for learning proper technique as the at-gym trainer and even with proper technique you can get pain. Likewise, you can still get injured doing “safer” lifts. I wonder would you have reacted the same to a KB Single-Leg RDL – which can also go wrong.

      To me, getting strong in only one direction is more risky. But we are all allowed to decide where we would draw the line. So, the option to substitute with another DL (Suitcase DL) or a Swing is always there.

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