Here are some podcasts I've been a guest on:

1) Superfast Business

Talking about how our beliefs impact our experience of pain with James Schramko of Superfast Business.

This was a great opportunity for me to talk to James's community of business owners about the power of what you believe about your body. It's not the "whole picture", but one that's often overlooked or down-played because it sounds like woo or like victim-blaming. But really, the only way to shift a social construct is to first become aware of what's happened, then realize when you're playing into that game, and then start challenging your responses to it. 

It's a topic I usually discuss within the fitness world, but it's probably more relevant to people who are not directly in fitness, but they have a lot to gain from getting more active and fearing fewer things. This will remove such a barrier to getting fit and strong, which is often hesitancy/fear about "getting it right" or "avoiding mistakes". Since these two things are virtually impossible, there's no point wasting energy on trying to achieve them. It's better just to aim to get better 🙂

2) The Pat Flynn Show

Could I be considered a regular guest on Pat's show? I've been on 4 times in recent years, so I'll give that a yes 😀 Pat and I started our KB YouTube channels around the same time in 2009 or so, and have followed and supported each others work ever since:

Here are the episodes I've appeared on so far:

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