Leg and Glute Workout at Home (to grow your butt)

by Marianne  - January 5, 2021

If you're looking for a great leg and glute workout to do at home this is one for you. It's pretty challenging since I utilized compound supersets, hitting the same/similar muscles twice in a row. 

While I use a barbell, I have given ways to modify this so it works with body weight or just a few bits of equipment, like dumbbells or Kettlebells, and a band. 

You might be tempted to think that me using heavier weights makes this work better. I say: what makes anything work better is the EFFORT you put it. Make it challenging.

Do that through any of these (not necessarily all at once LOL):

  • Load (more load will need more effort to move it... obvi)
  • Tempo (faster or slower... I prefer adding speed/explosiveness)
  • Reps (like max it out)
  • Range of movement (increasing the joint angle making it harder to get out of, but also increasing the stretch into it)

Don't assume that because body weight variations lack "high load" that they therefore won't require high effort. 

Don't assume because something can be lifted with speed that it won't help grow your butt. Just look at Olympic Weightlifters... they often pull for singles at high speed. Okay, they also lift heavy, but they lift FAST. 

Effort matters most.

Now, get after it with this crazy glute workout (with one upper body superset lol):

  • Workout Breakdown

  • How to modify

  • Personal Spiel

Barbell and Band Leg and Glute Workout (with a little upper body): Took about 30ish minutes 

This is an Intermediate to advanced workout if you're using a barbell, but check out the modification tab for ways to make it easier, and more home-friendly.

Main Interval Section

Rest minimally between exercises and about 2-3 minutes between sets/rounds. 

NOTE: My reps per exercise are noted in brackets) and I only did 2 rounds, though feel free to do up to 3 (adding a 4th set is probably overkill, unless you only train lower body once a week):

1A. Bench Press: 2-3x8-12 (think I did 10 reps)

1B. Tricep Pull-Down: 2-3x8-12 each side (forgot to count)

2A. Barbell Hip Thrust: 2-3xMAX (24, 20)

2B. Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL): 2-3xMAX (12, 15)

3A. Banded Dynamic Squat Jumps: 2-3xMAX  (13, 13)

3B. Monster Band Walk: 2-3xMAX (13, 14)

4A. Goblet Squat: 2-3xMAX (12,14)

4B. Half Goblet Get-Up: 2-3xMAX (5?,5?)

Wanna Train Your Ar$e ON?

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