I believe that what you do in this world should have a positive impact on the lives of others.

I also believe that one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving that impact is misaligning what you do and how you do it, with who you are.

It’s never done purposely, but we collect beliefs about ourselves based on how we think other people have seen or treated us, based on what we’ve achieved or failed at, and we rarely question these assumptions about ourselves.

So why should you care about what I believe?

My name is Marianne Kane, and my life has been one giant mess of self-doubt. There are two intertwined journeys I would like to share: Personal and Professional.

Personally, I have journeyed from being an insecure, fearful, people-pleaser, unsure of where to place my feet or speak my voice out of a deep fear of being judged by others, to a woman (mostly) aligned with my values, rooted in my faith with a driving purpose to help others do the same. At a deeper level, I feel called to help inspire people to see themselves as God does: worthy of love, grace, and a life lived with a sense of meaning.

My personal growth made me realise that what I do must be an expression who I am, and not “just coz it’s better than nothing”. As a result, my professional journey has taken me from Cardiac Nursing to Fitness/life Coaching. Nursing was wonderful and I got to do a lot of good and learn a lot about myself in the process, but I knew there was something else I was made for. Coaching grew rather organically as I myself had to take the path I now guide my clients along. I’m by no means done with my own journey, but I am happy to do a small part in helping more people live their purpose.

Basically, I use strength training as a way to coach self-belief; aligning strength with purpose, rather than status. Instead of chasing empty goals or being held back by fear, I inspire and empower people to take those first steps and prove to themselves they are stronger than they thought.

Here’s something I learned the hard way: If you don’t see your own value then you’ll waste your gifts looking for external validation, rather than letting them shine as inspiration to others. This doesn’t mean trying to be an Island of Strength who doesn’t need anyone else, it means accepting yourself as imperfect while still being confident in your worth and what you can offer the world anyway.

The mission of MyomyFitness is to help you live FIT AND FREE TO LIVE YOUR PURPOSE WELL. Sometimes that means helping people with their fitness programs, but more often it is in helping people let go of black and white thinking surrounding fitness, their body, and their purpose. I help people trust themselves.