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Someone just pointed out the rather funny title i chose … oops haha!! 

In recent months, i have become increasingly “meh” about my strength training.  It started as a way to stay pain-free, but that has gradually become an excuse to skip workouts or put in minimal effort.  However, several things have changed:   I am getting married, we are going to paradise for our honeymoon and … I am meant to practice what i preach! Ok, that last one is hardly new, but you know what i mean. It can all easily spiral downward and i don’t want that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not chasing some silly ideal of looking perfect, but i want to put a little more effort in to look my best for my soon-to-be-husband 🙂 And there is nothing wrong with that! However, I want to stress that being “in shape” is about fulfilling my body’s intended purpose.  And, these days, I believe my body should reflect the care I have for my spirit and soul.  It’s not about being sexy or more attractive (because that is about way more than looks), it’s about honouring my maker in everything I do and in who i am.  He kindly gave me a body to live in and he led me to a path in the health fitness industry – the least i could do is make sure i am making the most of it.  Not only am I to respect my body by being fit and healthy, but I love to look my best 😀  And, as it happens, i love being physically strong. I’d just like to be a bit more consistent and focused 🙂 And i know that I can motivate others much better when I am at my best.

While I don’t believe that i only need to do this for my wedding in the vanity-sense, I quite like having a goal orientated around fitness when two fitness professionals are getting hitched.  There’s something quite nice about chatting to Jonathan about my workouts and how we are both progressing in the lead up to our wedding. I even have him critique my form sometimes.  It’s something we share and we both respect each other for placing a value on physical fitness.  It’s even better that we both love each other even when we are not at our best, but that we always support one another where ever we are at.

Then, of course, there is the aesthetic element. While I know Jonathan loves me just as I am, and i am very comfortable in my body these days, i want to maintain that and not slip into my usual winter/Christmas mode of eating way too much and being lazier about my training.

It’s certainly not about one day, but it is about thinking of the bigger picture and being aware of tendencies to fall off the wagon at certain times.  I never want to become complacent about my health or fitness, since i just love training and i love coaching others.

And there is no harm in wanting to fill out the bikini in all the right places, too 😉 

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Anyone want to hazard a guess at our honeymoon destination?


This workout was awesome! I felt pretty strong for a change.  I seriously have felt weak for months.  That mind-set has switched and I refuse to tell myself i am anything but doing the best I can with what i have been given.


Far too often we hold ourselves back by seeing a block in the road and just turning back instead of just going around it.  Sometimes the diversion takes us some place even better!


The Workout

1a) Sumo Deadlift: 3×5

1b) Push Up: 3×12

1c) KB Front Squat: 3×3-5

1d) BB Hip Thrust: 3×12



Hope you enjoy the workout.




  • October 31, 2013

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