With Perfect Form … And a Workout ;)

by Marianne  - October 21, 2013

Just a few weeks ago, this ^^^ happened:

So, it looks like my life is about to take me on an unexpected journey … to Saudi Arabia, where Jonathan works.  It just blows my mind how much has happened in my life in the last year:  Moved home (feeling i was back to square one), met Jonathan (and tried to remain positive about the long time we’d have apart), left my nursing job (hugest leap of faith i ever took!) … then things really took off when I got engaged to Jonathan (to get married on New Years Eve 2013) and… moving to the KSA early next year!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Talk about an adventure!

Never give up hope of your life being better than you even thought possible. Though you will have challenges, pain and hardship, you should always seek to look at the bigger picture, never feel insignificant and always feel grateful for the things you learn along the way.

And now, since you survived all the mush, here is my latest workout as your reward 😉 lol



The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6-9 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds effort. Complete 2-3 rounds of the following Triplets and rest as indicated:

Triplet 1

1. Goblet Squat (20kg) (18, 17)

2. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (r) (15, 13)

3. Single-Leg Hip Thrust (l) (14, 14)


(Rest for  about 2 mins)


Triplet 2

1. Renegade Row: (2x16kg) (18, 16)

2. Single-Arm Swing (r): (20kg) (23, 20)

3. Single-Arm Swing (l): (20kg) (22, 20)


(Rest about 2 mins)


Triplet 3

1. Push Press (r): (16kg) (12, 10)

2. Push Press (l): (16kg) (13, 10)

3. Two-Handed Swing: (24kg) (30, 29)


So, that’s about it for today.  BTW – I saw a few of the ‘tests” for my new site design the other day … and it is going to be awesome ! Getting new photos taken in the next couple of weeks. I really can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to keep improving things and to continue doing what i love.





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  1. I have not visited your site in a few months due to work and personal upheavals ! But I am a long time fan your routines, which have helped me get so strong, I amaze myself and my friends !!So I was just thrilled to see the news of your wedding and learn about the adventurous turn your life has taken. Everything worked out so well for you! Congratulations ! I am actually looking forward to seeing your creativity with the light 16 Kg KBs ! Mostly, I want to thank you for relating to us, your readers as human beings. I hope you NEVER let ANY of the negativity get to you ! You go girl !!

  2. wow, all i can say is wow…. someone always has to find some negative in a positive situation. I have followed Marianne since she started her blog years ago, i have watched her go through heartache, up, downs, changes in careers, and of most recent, the growth and passion for Jesus Christ our maker, Lord and savior. I totally agree that Jonathan was sent to her by God. I also believe my husband was put into my life at the right time. How dare you question, what i’m pretty sure she knows in her heart is real and right. I’m also pretty sure that she prayed long and hard about things over the last few months too. Knowing how passionate is about her relationship with Jesus, she would not jump into something if she did not think it was part Of God’s plan. SHAME ON YOU… don’t give up MARIANNE, AND I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH ALL OF THIS JOURNEY………. thank goodness for the internet so we can know how you are even though you will be so far away……. love ya

  3. I am sorry but I have to disagree with so many positive comments…

    I am not sure Saudi Arabia is going to be a good destination for you, being christian and woman. I feel that somehow you are giving up and throwing away these last years work. Why is it always women who have to leave their jobs and dreams to follow their husbands´ ?

    Your boyfriend should be the one changing his life, that would be a real proof of love.
    Good luck

    1. Alberto, I completely disagree with your reasoning! Completely. And here is why:

      Jonathan committed to his job long before he met me. What sort of husband would he make if he leaves his responsibility because of his feelings. His commitment to his contract “over” me is actually a very wise decision for OUR future (and this is something we have both discussed). Not just now but our lifestyle for our entire life, our children’s lives and education AND our retirement. He was prepared to sacrifice being together (in person) for the betterment of the rest of our life together. But we realised it didn’t have to be all or nothing – we could still be together and I am quite happy to go to the KSA to honour my husband, because he has shown me his greater commitment to us.

      As for living in KSA as a woman and Christian: i could quite easily have gone there to work as a nurse btw, and it would not be a problem – except for the fact that i no longer work as a nurse – a choice i made long before i met Jon. So, i am not leaving any job – the whole point of my work is that is can be portable 🙂 Just like me! You know what else is portable? My faith. i am legally allowed to practice my religion inside my own home and i am happy with that. In addition, i am planning to lead an online bible study and group with fellow Christians within the industry so that i can have fellowship.

      Your comment is typical of the people in my life with short sight and judging others’ choices based on what *they’d* be prepared to do. Seeing walls where there are none. Seeing challenges as places that will stunt growth, rather than fertilise it.

      Proof of love? I need no proof of Jonathan’s love in that sense, because to demand proof would be to kill what love really is: patient, kind, not self-serving. He is laying down his life for me (and our future) and showing me true deeply-rooted (not superficial) commitment (since god knows my heart, God sent me the man I needed and I respect every decision he has made to stay there – despite it being very hard for him to be away from me), which is why it is so easy for me to honour him. Me moving there will ease his burden and allow us a unique experience to grow as a couple. Love by: Honouring each other, respecting each other and committing to life (for better AND worse) together. No grand Hollywood stories of us pining so much that he needs to come to me or me avoiding situations because i am a woman and christian??!! – that’s a life of day dreams and fickleness! That’s a life of conditional love.

      Giving up? No! I am Pressing forward to a life of purpose!

  4. Wow congrats. So many changes but it makes life interesting and makes you appreciate it all. My fiance also works in another country and as difficult as it is I cherish every moment we spend together and it has made us even stronger as a couple. We get married in May next year and I cannot wait. All the best with your new life together and please continue posting your workouts :D.

  5. Thanks to a good friend,I have long been a fan of your fabulous workouts. I tell everyone I can about your site and the chance to take their training to a new level. I get giddy each time a new workout pops up :D. I also wanted to send my warmest wisrhes on your soon to be new life together

  6. Well you know i’m so happy for you, have said that already, i’m so excited to see you go on this new journey. i’m loving the workouts over at GG. Highly recommend it if someone has not tried it…. EXCELLENT BUY , WELL WORTH THE MONEY.


  7. Hi Marianne,
    I popped on here to thank you for your input on me finally mastering my weighted glute bridge. I have heard Bret explain it and of course you too but for some reason I looked at one of your videos for the 100th time and Boom it clicked and felt great is a burning kind of way.
    So I get here and OMG!!!! You are getting married! Congratulations love! This is wonderful and hope that your marriage and move will bring you all of the joy, happiness and love you ever imagined.

  8. SOOOOO excited and happy for you both!!! Are you going to continue as a coach for Get Glutes? Can’t wait to hear about your adventure in Saudi Arabia:)

  9. Wonderful news, congrats, I’ve been with you for a long time (1st talked to you on VF forum) Thank you for sharing your positive views and awesome effective workouts, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person

  10. I SERIOUSLY wondered if something was up when I watched (or listened? I can’t remember….) you two together – (maybe it was a skype interview or something?). I’ve been a fan of Jonathan’s FOREVER.

    Congrats to you both!

    1. We weren’t that subtle about it then? 😉 hehe Yes, i interviewed Jonathan about critical thinking on Google a while ago. That’s so cool that you were a fan of Jonathan 😀

  11. Hi Marianne!
    First of all congratulations on your engagement! How exciting for you guys! I just had a quick question for you… I just completed my training and certification through IKFF for level one and level two instructor and was wondering what you thought about the pendulum kettlebell swing? Is it something that you do in your workouts or do you think it is more valid in a kettlebell sport type environment? I have become accustomed to the hip-hinge swing and it is also the method that I teach my clients. Just curious if you had any thoughts…

    1. Thanks Samantha!

      Great question. I quite like the pendulum swing, and I learned it with Steve Cotter the last times I have trained with him. I think your instinct is correct: it is probably best suited for longer cycles of swing-type movements. For the general population, for short sets of swing, the standard hip hinge is probably enough. It’s hard enough to get people hinging well, without having them bend and straighted and breathe differently, too 🙂

      Well done on your Certs 🙂

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