Testing Times – Full Body Strength Workout

Hi everyone,

As promised, here is the strength workout I planned the other day, but didn’t have time to post. After a few days off, I thought I would have super energy today and really do well with this, but I fell short on a couple of exercises which has highlighted my need to work on Strength Endurance – my “need to work on” list is getting longer 🙁

Although I am not a fan of endurance training of any kind, I feel the need to break through the mental barriers associated with this type of training, as it is so rewarding to beat them. Maybe this is a reflection of the hurdles I am overcoming in my personal life as my inner strength and endurance are tested to their limit on a daily basis right now.

I am mentioning inner strength because I am sure everyone here has come to realise that your head has to be in the right place to allow you to perform to your best physically. And it IS hard sometimes to power on through, or even get started, but once you can look back and see how far you have come, EVERYTHING starts to make sense.

It’s not necessarily the destination that is important (although this often keeps us going) but more often, it is the journey itself that teaches us the most about ourselves and, it is during the journey that we adapt to what life has thrown our way. Often the destination we end up at, is miles from the one we were aiming for – hopefully, if healing truly happens, this new place is even better 🙂

Ok, I really don’t know where all that came from, but it was clearly on my mind and I hope it reaches anyone out there who is struggling through their own Testing Times.

Today’s workout has 7 exercises in total, depending how you look at it, as left and right written separately, makes it 10 exercises. The aim is to complete 3 sets of an exercise before moving on to the next. When possible, try to either increase the weight, or advance the exercise in some other way, to progressively challenge your strength.

The exercises, rep ranges, my reps and weights are below:

  1. Pull Up x Max Reps (7, 6, 5)
  2. Push Ups x Max Reps (26, 21, 17)
  3. Weighted Single-Leg Deadlift (left and right) x 5 – 15 reps (2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg, 2 x 20kg) (both sides – 14, 10, 8)
  4. Double KB Military Press x 5 – 15 reps (2 x 12kg, 2 x 14kg, 2 x 16kg) (15, 10, 4)
  5. Pistol (full then partial) x Max Reps (both sides – 5, 5, 5)
  6. Double KB Bent Over Row x 5 – 15 reps (2 x 14kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg) (15, 10, 6)
  7. Body Weight Single-Leg Hip Thrust x Max Reps (both sides – 15, 17, 13)

The rep range I have provided is only a guide, as I am basing it on the understanding that most people will not have the number of kettlebells I do, so will be performing higher reps.  If you are reaching 12 – 15 reps with ease, it is maybe time to think about a heavier kettlebell, if you are wanting to build more strength.

I know Kettlebells are expensive to buy, but if strength is something you want to build then you have to realise that you will need to progress the weight to achieve this.  Of course Kettlebells are not the only resistance tool out there and my workouts can easily be adapted to include the use of Dumbbells, sandbags, even the barbell – so don’t feel you cannot participate if you don’t own any Kettlebells.  Also remember that beginners should try and master body weight versions when possible.  For the swing, the row and the military press, and the pull up (or even the inverted row) equipment is required, even for beginners.

I hope you all enjoy this workout and I am sure I will have some stiff competition from some of you guys with regards to push ups especially – feel free to post your numbers and evaluate your efforts 🙂 We can call it “Workout Post Mortem” haha

The conditioning section after this workout was an absolute wash out – totally died after that! Well deserved rest tomorrow I think.

I will be back soon with more.



  • May 8, 2011

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