Kettlebell and Body Weight – Workout Class

by Marianne  - May 12, 2011

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My excuse – 3 nights from hell in work… I am so glad to be off, but I was exhausted! But I am back with a fresh approach.

Todays workout is one that will enable beginners to participate better in the workout but it also shows exercise progressions, so those who are at a more advanced level can participate too. The video shows one round of the workout performed in a class style to help motivate and cue the exercises and key pointers while demonstrating them too. The idea then, is to replay the video back to the start of the exercise bit.

As I explain in the video, it was my sister who finally persuaded me that this type of video would be more beneficial to some viewers and she felt my current style left her forgetting what to do, or feeling that she could not continue with the exercise.  I guess I forgot how difficult it is to remember all the key points to doing an exercise as a beginner or even just to remember it during a workout without feeling flustered and frustrated.

My sister has been following Jillian Michaels’s DVDs which, secretly annoys me, as all that comes to mind when I see her is that terrible Kettlebell video on Youtube that she did!!!!!!! So I am hoping to encourage those people out there who want to exercise WITH me, to give this a go and let me know. Maybe I can persuade my sister to participate and offer her feedback 😀 Hopefully I do a better job than Ms Michael’s.

This style of video has been a long time coming and I do want your honest opinion about it. I can already see some issues with me trying to cover every-one’s needs in one video, but at the same time, that is what I would do in a class of people at different fitness levels.

An issue I thought of AFTER was that the time intervals would be different for each level. You may be performing a more advanced exercise, but getting too little from the time interval. But then, maybe some people are able to do the advanced exercise, but haven’t the recovery level.  And vise verse, some people have the fitness but lack the skill, so can I really cover everything ?? LOL

Would more advanced followers here really benefit from this set-up, as motivation might not be as big an issue? If not then should I focus this style towards beginners maybe doing one “class” per week?

Anyway, I will await the feedback, because I want to know what will help you the most and be the best use of my time 🙂

The Workout

Firstly PLEASE warm up!

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 30 seconds rest and 30 seconds effort and complete the following exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  2. Plank Climber
  3. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing
  4. Burpee
  5. Kettlebell Alternating Reverse Lunge
  6. Kettlebell Vertical Swing

Repeat 2 or 3 more times and you got a great conditioning session 🙂

Now cool down.

I only did the one round to demo this workout, as my left hip and SI Joint are bugging me at the minute (not impressed, as it is the first time since I started the blog that this has resurfaced), so I hope it’s not my arthritis returning to its old tricks :/

Remember if this set-up is pants you can tell me that too 😉 But I hope it’s not 😀 It may just need a little tweak to make it better.

Look forward to your feedback.



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Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Workout + Tabata

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  1. Hi Marianne,
    This is yet again another great vid.I actually really like this format i especially like the progression possibilities you demo in the rest gives something to aim at and if you are stronger in some areas than others you can mix and match the levels. I’m just getting back into working out after a short hiatus and found this very useful for getting back my form.
    Many thanks!!

    1. My sister would die off if I asked her to be on camera haha – the Kanes have a shy gene 🙂

      Should secretly film her reaction to me asking – 😛 Or is that a little big sister evilness coming out 😀

  2. Hi Marianne!

    Thanks a lot for doing this sort of tutorial, I tried it and it’s right up my street 😀

    Your spot on when you say you need to repeat instructions throughout the workouts, maybe I have a low attention span but I definitely found it beneficial to me and found it kept me focused!

    I can see why this type of video is so difficult but I really hope you make more in this format, I can see myself getting hooked! 🙂

    1. Thank you Barb for your feedback, I was just wondering if you had tried this yet 😀 Glad you enjoyed it and I will be returning to this format, even if it’s only for you 😀 Because that’s what big sisters are for!

      Marianne xo

  3. As somewhat of a beginner, I really appreciated this workout and your explanations, as I am trying to remember to keep good form and at the same time remember how to do the excersize. I know I will be doing this one again. As far as format, I like both! Thanks for all your workouts. Have a great day!

  4. And, I did one round this morning after the warm up of my regularly scheduled workout. I liked it! I wasn’t quite awake and it took me a couple of rest periods to realize you were explaining, not yet starting, that exercise. Duh! I’d love more of these. I’m more of an advanced exerciser, so for me I feel it would be fine if you explained the advanced move, but actually did the beginner move — I would know what to do. I think a beginner might feel lost if you went the other way around. Hopefully that makes sense…..

    Thank you!!

  5. Marianne, love this!!! Haven’t done it yet, but I will. I love love love that you took the effort to do this. And you look fantastic! So inspiring!!!

  6. Hello Marianne

    Always love your web site and continue to be inspired by your passion and dedication.
    I would like to purchase KB like you have the competition ones. Can you recommend a good site and what tips to look for when deciding on weight?

    Warm regards


    1. Hi Neville,

      Where are you from? I got my KBs here in the UK. They do ship to Europe, but not further afield. I really must write down all these places. I think Gillian or Melissa gave a site in the US once that does good Comp KBs.

      As for starting weights:

      Guys (new to resistance training): 8kg – 14kg
      Guys (new to KBs): 12kg – 16kg

      Ladies (new to resistance training): 6kg – 12kg
      Ladies (new to KBs): 8kg – 14kg

      It is worth considering that the weight you use depends on the exercise. For example, I have a client who is new to all exercise and she swings better with a 12kg than an 8kg. She also deadlifts 2 x 14kg, but squats 6 – 8 kg (racked), but could manage 12kg (goblet). I would honestly try them out in a store or a gym before deciding what weight to buy.

      Hopefully someone will chip in with those websites though. I get mine at Wolverson-Fitness.


      1. Hi Neville!

        If you are in the US then is a good place to get competition style bells and they usually have some sort of sale going on. =)

  7. Hi Marianne,

    I like this routine…covers all the bases but I do have a question. I can lift more on the Goblet squat….possibly even more on the KB swing and better on the KB alternating reverse lunge. Is it ok to use different size KBs on the ones where I can lift more or should I stay the same and, possibly, increase the effort time? I run into this type of thing quite a bit as some days I feel strong and other days I feel fairly weak. Could this be an underlying problem….probably diet?



    1. A lot of factors come into play with tiredness Garry, so I can’t answer that one :/ We all have days when we are tired and others when we are full of beans 😀 But, I can say that it is good to do both progressions. By increasing the weight, you will work more on strength, wereas by increasing the time, you work on endurance.

      Personally I prefer lifting a heavier KB, but only if you have sound form. Otherwise, increase the time with the same weight. Some exercises require a heavier weight to get the benefits from it. Like the swing, rows, Goblet squat etc. When ever you feel you CAN increase the weight – do so.

      Hope this helps.

  8. Hey Marianne – any chance of having you show me/us how to substitute a dumbbell for a KB??? If not, it is okay! I checked some out on Youtube and the forms looked AWFUL!!! If you don’t think dumbbells are a good alternative, no problem. Just thought I would try! Thanks!
    Michele <

    1. Michele, as I have said before the DB can be used as a substitute in all KB exercises bar maybe the swing. For me to demo this, I will need to get a Dumbbell LOL! Maybe my sister has one I can use.

      Leave it with me.

  9. Hey Marianne! As someone else mentioned – I don’t mind either style. As I am not super familiar with KB techniques, I did appreciate your ongoing feedback regarding form, ab tension…etc. I really like you videos either way! I do need a little more instruction for basic KB tech – wish I could have you here in my Living room to give me feedback – but as it was pointed out, I can always go to your tutorials. I am still trying to substitute a dumbell for a KB at this point! Was hoping I would get a KB for Mom’s day…LOL!! Keep it up – looking every day for new posts and workouts from you! My SI joint is feeling better as I looked up some exercises/stretches to help out and talked with a PT at work for some ex – need to keep my core tight during ANY kind of lunges and I realize I need to keep my feet shoulder width apart during any lunges, as I tend to have a more narrow base of support typically. These things have helped me. this is the link to one of the videos – the resisted hip flexion and opposite leg extension exercise has helped me. I realize you have had this on and off for a while, and probably have a plethera of exercises to help…hope it starts to clear up!
    Have a great day!!! Michele

  10. I can’t believe your sister is working with that awful video, hopefully she’ll come around after she reads all the comments here.

    I think this demonstration is nice for beginners,and for those who are trying to hone in on their form with the kettlebells.

    For me the old format works, it really gets the competitive side of me fired up.
    I really need to get a rest all the boat prep and barely any sleep is catching up to me.

  11. Hi Marianne,
    This type of format is fine with me, then again I just like all your workouts. Makes no difference to me how you show them. I might have seen JM’s video but am not sure. I must check them out to see how bad they are. We have to save your sister . Lol ! I’ve viewed a lot on the Internet but…… Your video’s were the ONLY ones I came back to everyday. It’s so addictive. I love the forum and this blog.

    Ps- hope it’s just a spasm.

    1. Aw thanks Minnie 🙂 You are so kind. I hope you are doing well?

      I had a look there on YouTube, but I can’t find that JM vid. But if you find it, you will cringe cringe cringe. Think back last year, both me and Melissa had commented on the video warning people NOT to follower her form, it was THAT bad!

      Anywho, I am glad you come back to myomy videos 😛

  12. Hello, is a excellent video for a beginner is very instructive.
    But as you say, there are many perspectives in search of a workout or exercise,
    The exercise and instruction depends on capability individual needs.
    I think an advanced option involves a growing number of videos targeted to specific needs.
    But you must be sure that your work is exceptionally very good, I thousand times prefer a Marianne before Jillian … luck.

    1. Thanks Manual. Focusing on beginners for this style of video will be the most beneficial definitely. I can still offer the odd progression, but still within a beginner’s relm. This simplifies the whole concept and will keep people like my sister happy and motivated, which is what it’s all about.

      Even though I only did 6 mins of this, I was totally sweating, guess I didn’t really get a rest in between LOL

  13. Hi Marianne,

    You did a great job with the video. It is nice to be reminded of how to perform each exercise. However, I still prefer your old format better mainly because I like just watching the video and having less talking. I feel if I need a recap of how to do an exercise I can always refer to your tutorial section. I just enjoyed the flow of the old format and with this format I got a bit confused as to what the more intermediate to advanced exercisers should be using for time. For instance, did you use the 30/30 even though you are in the advanced category? So, if I were to do this workout I would change the times to say 45 sec work with 15 sec rest for each exercise?


    1. Thanks Lori, I agree with this about the advanced version, so it may be best to focus on one level for one vid. And, I will still be doing the old style, as I prefer not to talk as I work out LOL, but I do think this will tick an extra box for some people, and really help beginners get started.

      I aprreciated your feedback. Nice to hear from you too 🙂


  14. Marianne — I’m not a beginner, but still think this format is helpful. I like to do a more basic workout from time-to-time and really focus on form to emphasize good habits, correct bad ones, or try to increase the range of motion in some movements.

    More importantly, please please don’t let your sister do the Jillian Michael’s kettlebell DVD — it’s soooo bad!

    1. No way Tom – I won’t let her. But I think it was one of her other ones. Her form is ok, but she chooses her over me – humph! LOL

      Glad you enjoyed this format. I think I will try and do one a week like this. And I will do better the next time.


  15. Marianne,

    This was a great style as the watcher you feel more engaged with the workout and more connected with you as well. I know this kind of filming and working out might be more difficult but it was definitely better to watch. And I love seeing good form, and hey the talking and working out will only get better with practice. My two cents loved this new style.

    1. And you never know, one day you might see a myomytv DVD 😉 haha

      Thanks for the feedback Cindy, I enjoyed this style. Less editing needed 😀

  16. MARIANNE!!! That was so good, I can’t believe that you were able to explain everything throughout the entire workout and give form pointers without needing to edit anything in or out, I am so impressed 😀

    Your sister has no excuse now :O)

    I am so sorry about your hip, that is no fun 🙁 I hope it isn’t arthritis, but you are such a warrior for demoing this workout anyways. I hope you get some rest now!

    1. Thanks Melissa 🙂 It was hard to talk and exercise at the same time LOL, and my breathing got a bit dodgy near the end 😀 But I think it is useful and my sister says she will try it. I asked her to leave a comment when she has.

      I really hope this isn’t my arthritis and only a muscle spasm, I will be attacking it with the tennis ball later :/

      Thanks for commenting


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