Kicking Butt – Extreme Glute and Full Body Workout

by Marianne  - September 25, 2010

Hi all,

As promised I am back with a brand NEW workout that will literally kick your butt into shape!  I have recently bought a few pieces of equipment for my studio which I can use to advance certain exercises or even create some new ones.

Recently I was asked by an avid myomytv follower, Bianca, how to adapt the barbell glute raise, as seen in my Work That Bootie (gym-based) video, to something that can be done at home. Now, I realise I have an advantage as I have a step and a bench but you can do this exercise from the floor, as seen in my Killer Leg Workout, or even with a stability ball (which I will try and include in a future video). By using the step and the bench, this adds to the range of movement, therefore increasing the difficulty of the exercise. If you perform it slowly from the ground and really squeeze your butt at the top, you will still get a really effective BURN. I have also done the same exercise using body weight only in my Sexy Sweat Fest Workout, which also burns like crazy! So don’t be put off by my equipment 🙂

The other exercise that really will tighten your glutes is the Bulgarian Squat. Again today I have advanced the exercise by including my step and bench to increase the depth of the squat, therefore activating more of the glute, adding the weight, adds to the burn 🙂 Once again, do not fret if you do not have this equipment as I have previously done this exercise with a chair in Burn Baby Burn and this was very difficult. Recently I have also done a body weight version using my stability ball to advance it in Stability Ball Workout . Sorry about all the links, I just want to show those of you who are new to the site, are beginners, or don’t own any weights or Kettlebells, that all is not lost and nearly any exercise can be adapted to your needs or abilities.

The Workout

Moving on now to today’s super workout, during which I was drenched in sweat. There are 3 rounds of 8 exercises. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 24 cycles of 25 seconds (recovery / reposition period) and 45 seconds effort. You will see why the rest period is longer, if you watch the video above. The first exercise was changed from the second round, as the original version was too easy for me, so I spiced it up a little more. Notice the other new KB exercise (as recommended by Steve xx) the KB Ballistic Row. This exercise needs some umph behind it to get that explosive pull, which works your rear delts, biceps, core, forearm, grip and even your legs (which burn from the static hold), so a great exercise Steve!

As another request, I have included a letter to signify what type of exercise each is. The Key is this:

  • Cardio – c
  • Strength – s
  • Resistance (which shows exercise good for toning and sculpting) – r
  • Core Activation Exercise – cae

Other letters may be added in the future 🙂

The 8 exercises are (and my reps per exercise):

  1. KB Vertical Swing into Squat Thrust (c, r, s & cae) – 16, 13, 12
  2. KB Ballistic Row (r,s,c & cae) – 22, 19, 18
  3. KB Bulgarian Squat (right) (r,s,cae) – 13, 11, 12
  4. KB Bulgarian Squat (left) (r,s,cae) – 13, 12, 10
  5. Elevated Push Up (s,cae) – 17, 15, 14
  6. KB Single-Leg Glute Raise (right) (r,s) – 14, 12, 10
  7. KB Single-Leg Glute Raise (left) (r,s) – 15, 12, 11
  8. KB Alternating Swing (c, r, cae) – 29, 27, 28

I hope you enjoyed today’s workout and post. Please give this workout a try if you can, you will really feel your butt burn 😉 I will be back tomorrow with another NEW workout.




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  1. Hi Marianne,

    could you please let me know how tall your Reebok deck was when you were doing the single-leg glute raise (I know that the deck can have two different heights and I would need to know which one you have used as I am trying to adapt the excercise with the equipment that I have at home).

    Thanks 🙂


    1. Bianca, the deck was folded down for that move. Though I’m not sure on height, but it must be about 15-20 cm. But as long as you are raised up enough so your butt doesn’t hit the floor on the way down, the exercises will still be as effective. Just so you get the full range of movement.

      Hope this answers your question 🙂


  2. What makes an certain exercise a “strength exercise” and another exercise a “resistance exercise” when you are working both for 45seconds? Surely pure strength components should really last less than 8-9 seconds to be working the atp-pc (alactic) pathway? Otherwise you will be working the anaerobic glycolysis system?

    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for your comment.

      I realise there is a lot of science behind exercise, but what I do is interpret the functional benefits of exercise minus the jargon.

      A push up is a compound strength exercise, it has elements of resistance to it, but none are added. If a person cannot perform a push up (for example) it’s because they are not strong enough. Basing this on the ability to do 1 single full rep, doing a push up is more a strength exercise. Just as a pull up is. Time is irrelevent – it may take one person 45 seconds to do one rep 😉 . All the other exercises mentioned are “both” as, there is an overlap. I guess technically a push up can be seen as both also.


  3. Hi Marianne,
    All I’m going to write is your abdominal muscles are fantastic !
    I see the beginnings of a six pack. Keep it up, and thanks for all your help.

  4. Hi Marianne,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve commented. I’m still with you , I go on your website everyday. Always looking for a workout. I did the 180/360 this morning . Whew , was in a puddle of sweat. The IF is working very well. So happy with my results thus far. Thanks again. Looking forward to more kettlebell workouts.
    Minnie V.

  5. Woohoo! How privileged do I feel after getting a mention 🙂

    I was felling all tired and lethargic until I read that, then just went for it and now I feel great!

    Not done glute raises before and they were quite a bit harder than I thought they’d be. Had to do them from the floor but held for 3 seconds with each rep to make them harder.

    Oh I checked out the earlier workout with floor glute raised from January and you can see how much stronger and more muscular you have got since then 🙂


    1. Glad you feel better after that Steve, those are hard enough from the floor too, especially if you were using your 16!

      Thanks for the compliment, sometimes I don’t notice any difference, except in my strength. Guess when you see yourself all the time you can’t notice these changes.

      Enjoy your night

  6. Hi Marianne, thanks! This really looks like a fantastic workout for the glutes and I can’t wait to try especially those single-leg glute raises!
    Also those Bulgarian squats look so intense: I usually do them with one foot on the sofa (poor sofa) and the other one on the ground. But maybe in the future I’ll get myself a deck and a bench too: by the way, if I am not being too nosey, can I ask you where you got your bench from? Did you buy it online? If not, don’t worry about answering, as I don’t live in Belfast as you know. 🙂

    Thanks for everything, also to Andrew. And please, if you ever have time, could you also show us some home variations for the hyperextensions too?

    Have a lovely evening.


    1. Thanks Bianca. I actually got the bench on ebay, but they only post within the UK 🙁 It was only £65 so I’m sure you can get one for much the same within Europe. Or you could just get a Step and use a kitchen chair instead of the bench?

      Tomorrow’s workout will be including a variation for the hyper-extension, so you can tune back in for it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy your Saturday night 😀 This is eating out and X-Factor night for us. So I’ll be fulll of salt and water tomorrow – bye bye abs for a couple of days 😉


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