Core HIIT Workout

Hi everyone,

Today’s workout is focusing on cardio and core/abs. There are 3 rounds of 8 exercises again. The only different is, that I want to show alternative exercises or variations of the hyper-extension (for the lower back and hamstrings). It’s easy to do this exercise in the gym where they have the right apparatus, but at home it can be difficult to adapt exercises or have an alternative that will be equally beneficial.

The obvious variation of the hyper-extension is to do it on a Stability Ball as I demonstrated in my Strong Back and Core Workout, but today I improvised with my 2 benches, which may be a hit of miss for some. I have also previously demonstrated a barbell Good Morning, which can be used to exercise the lower back and hamstrings very effectively. My workout today has several ways to adapt this exercise, with a Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) or resistance band. Another great exercise, as seen in my workout today, is the superman/girl, either on a stability ball or even from the ground as I did in my Shoulder and Core Bodyweight Burn Workout.

The Workout

I think it should be clear today what the focus of each exercise is so I won’t be writing my KEY, as they are either a “core activating exercise”, “cardio” or “strength”. However I did record my reps per exercise as seen in brackets. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 24 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 effort. The exercises for today are:

  1. Bench Jump Overs (48,50,47)
  2. Elevated Plank Climber (alternating lead arm) (23,20,19)
  3. Dynamic Squats (39,36,35)
  4. Hanging Knee Raises (18,16,15)
  5. High Knees (62,58,52)
  6. Hanging Oblique Raises (19,16,15)
  7. Round 1 – Hyper-extension on bench (16), Round 2 – Good Mornings with KB and band (14), Round 3 – Super-girl on SB (14 or so)
  8. Press Up to Squat Thrusts (or half burpee) (22,20,17)

Great workout for fat burning, the sweat was lashing off me again.  I hope you all enjoy this workout and I will be sharing more soon 😀



  • September 26, 2010

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