Sexy Sweat Fest – Body Weight Interval Workout

by Marianne  - August 14, 2010

Hi everyone,

Felt like a bodyweight workout today to supplement my weight training in the gym this morning.  I came up with this workout to really challenge myself – and it did.  Wanted a tough workout, and I got one! Mind you, for some reason I was pushing myself really hard, it must be the sunshine!

The Workout

There are 6 exercises (in the first section), although 2 are divided in to right and left side, so for the purposes of setting your timer, count it as 8 exercises. I set my handy and, now battered, Gymboss Interval Timer for 16 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. I completed 2 rounds of the following 8 exercises:

  1. Low Jumping Jacks ( 35 – 33 )
  2. Plank Climbers (alternating lead arm) ( 22 – 21 )
  3. Body weight Curtsy (right) ( 25 – 23 )
  4. Body weight Curtsy (left) ( 24 – 23 )
  5. Burpee with “Power” push up to feet (hard to explain lol) ( 16 – 14 )
  6. Single Glute Raise from the heel (right) ( 24 – 21 )
  7. Single Glute Raise from heel  (left) ( 25 – 22 )
  8. Diagonal Knee Tucks ( 33 – 29 )

I then reset my Interval Timer for 8 cycles of10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort, that’s right, you guessed it -TABATA!  I did the following:

  1. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets
  2. Mountain Climbers x 2 sets
  3. Evil Jumps x 2 sets :/
  4. Mountain Climbers x 1 set
  5. Sumo Squat Jumps x 1 set

I then fell into a heap – but it was worth the pain – honest 😀

The potential for fat burning in this workout is very high, you must push yourself to the very limit of what you can do. Otherwise, it’s wasted energy.

Let me know what you made of this one, if anyone has a chance to try it.




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  1. i did this wo today, really loved it. i managed to do only 9 burpees during 45 sec work (and i was pushing myself really hard), and i am really amazed at your power to do 16! i love your workouts.

    1. Well done Lili. I think I have only managed that number a few times – I can get about 12 normally. Once I get a little rhythm going in my head, I seem to commit to them better 🙂

  2. Hi Marianne,
    Just want to share with you how I did this workout today. It really taxed me. I’ve begun the IF and recall where Andrew said to exercise during this time. I’m liking this and hope to see results as the time goes by. I also read your entry on estrogen dominance and am interested in Dim. I’m in post menopause and quite frankly never experienced anything really life changing other than an occasional private summer. One thing I did experience was the dreaded belly fat. I’ve thought of lipo but decided to wait it out and try ,try to bring that fat down on my own. I know we cant spot reduce so I’m not expecting anything spectacular. I’ve also accepted that we do age,although I’d like to dispel the fact that we do get slower as we age. (yes my running times are slower)Most importantly I’m still running and can lift weights . I recently had a bone density test and was told I have normal bone density with no osteopenia or osteoporosis. I attribute this to weight training since the age of thirty and good genes. So I’m ahead of the game. Thanks for listening.
    Minnie V. in N.Y.S.

    1. Hi Minnie V,

      I think, since you train (especially with weights), that you will see good results with IF. Just rememeber to get enough calories during the 8 hour feeding period.

      You’re right that belly fat is an unfortunate side effect of both age and especially menopause. Your issues now will come from a lack of natural estrogen. Although there are still the environmental estrogens lingering, which will need a little help to be metabolised, so DIM will help that for sure 🙂

      I am happy to hear that your bones are good, because there would be nothing worse that to have ostoeporosis. I hope my weight training now will off set any risk for that in my future. I guess that’s one of estrogens positve effects – it helps build stronger bones.

      Glad you enjoyed this workout and hope you will keep it up, you will start to see the stubborn fat disappear 😀


  3. Hi Marianne, I stumbled across your site yesterday and did the first part of the workout mentionned above as I did 36 min of rope skiping before..I skipped the Tabata part as I had enough 🙂
    I enjoyed the workout very much. I find your personal story very motivating, because of your physical condition. I will be trying one of your kettle bell workouts tomorrow and I will be checking your site on a regular basis. Thank you fr sharing your workouts with us!
    kind regards from antwerp, belgium
    (i found your comments about the weather very funny, because i have the same problem here)

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for your lovely comment, nice to hear from you 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed this workout, and hope you will try out others. The weather is always a problem here, especially for trying to film my workouts in between pesky rain showers LOL

      Enjoy the KB workout, which ever one you do 😀


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