Girls – Get Lifting! Extreme Kettlebell Strong Woman Workout

Hi everyone,

Firstly, can I say I am amazed at the response I have had from my last post, it just shows that a forum would be a great asset to this site. I really hope to be able to get the design process started soon. In the meantime I hope you will all remain as vocal, as I need constant feedback from you all to know where to take things and where best to focus my time (as it is scarce).

Tomorrow I will need to pack up my studio for the move on Monday, so I needed to do this workout in between shifts, so I am sorry if I seem like a Zombie in the video – the truth is I was LOL! But all the same, for some mad reason I decided I needed to do a major strength workout! Guess I’ve been looking at the 20kg and 24kg Kettlebells, wanting to “throw” them about at last – but it was TOUGH!!

I am on a mission to get girls and ladies, who don’t lift heavy, to push the boundaries and reap the many benefits of strength training. Not only will it favour your body composition long term, it will help with bone density, stability, everyday tasks, stamina and even your assertiveness and determination in other areas of life.  You will become more focused and positive when you realise you are a LOT stronger than you think!

HOWEVER – please note, this is generally the case if you have no contraindicating factors. As a result, if you are new to exercise, strength training or do have a medical condition (especially high blood pressure), then please seek advice from your doctor (if need be) or a trained fitness professional who can be there to guide your technique.  This is only my advice as I don’t want anyone to get injured here.  I plan (in the future) to provide tutorial videos for certain exercises and provide you with teaching points and adaptations etc. But this requires even more time which I am lacking right now. It may be a slow process, but I will try and do one tutorial video per week 🙂

Now onto today’s workout. Because it is strength training the weights are higher and the reps lower.  Rests between exercises can be longer, so this is NOT interval training. I really stepped up my game today with the weights, because sometimes I do play it safe. But, because I did reduce the reps so much I could really focus on max strength! The front squats and push presses were a killer!

I did 2 rounds of the following 10 exercise. The numbers out of the brackets are the set reps I had aimed for, in the brackets are the reps I did:

  1. KB Sumo Burpee into Vertical Swing (24kg) with diagonal Knee Tucks x 10 reps (10,10)
  2. KB Reverse Lunge (right) with 20kg x 10 reps (10,10)
  3. KB Reverse Lunge (left) with 20kg x 10 reps (10,10)
  4. Double KB (2x20kg) Push Press (round one) x 5 reps (4 then 2 extra after a short break as I nearly fell over with one – so had to “redo” one rep lol ) Second Round – Single KB Push Press x 5 reps each side, managed full reps.
  5. Single Arm KB Row (20kg) (right) x 10 reps (10,10)
  6. Single Arm KB Row (20kg) (left) x 10 reps (10,10)
  7. Double KB (2x20kg) Front Squat x 5 reps (4,4)
  8. KB Windmill (16kg) (right) x 5 reps (5,5)
  9. KB Windmill (16kg) (left) x 5 reps (5,5)
  10. Two-Handed KB Swing (24kg) x 20 reps (20,20)

Guys, this was one tough workout! I was going to time it with my Gymboss Interval Timer as a stopwatch, but Andrew had nicked it on me, grr, so I used my phone to time it. I completed this workout in just under 30 minutes. I didn’t want to give up half way through the second round.

Then I went and died! LOL – Only joking, I got a great sense of achievement after this one, Loved it! Even if I did only manage 4 reps for the front Squats 🙁

I really must rush off now, as my mind is going blank and I run the risk of a waffle attack! OH NO IT’S STARTING ALREADY!

Hopefully my new studio and Internet connection will be up and running by Tuesday, so I will aim to post my new workout then.

Please continue to leave your comments and questions and I will reply asap (as always 🙂 )


  • November 14, 2010

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