Full Body Strength and Conditioning Home Workout and a Confession!

by Marianne  - July 9, 2012

Hi all! Last week was great; I was off for a load of days, and I got to have a great birthday! I traveled to London to meet Rachel Guy, who is a friend of Girls Gone Strong. We had a great day of shopping, eating and a lot of talking and I am looking forward to hanging out with her again in September when we all go to Vegas πŸ™‚

Post dinner and wine!

Unfortunately, while I was away, I starting getting more pain in my hip that really was a great hindrance and we were unable to shoot any training videos; I could barely walk about, never mind do any training πŸ™ After I got home I had some physio and decided to resume training on Friday (today’s workout). When I started to practice the exercises for this workout, it became apparent that I would have great difficulty in completing the all the sets and reps I had originally planned. So, I just demonstrated the problematic exercises for the benefit of my dear audience πŸ™‚ I’m glad I still went ahead and did this workout, because I felt much better afterward – especially since, half way through the first section, my GGS apparel order arrived!!

Yay for GGS!

This seemed to boost my mood considerably, and I got a surge of strength from somewhere πŸ˜‰ Β I hope you enjoy the workout in spite of my pity party at the start!

The Workout

There are 2 sections in today’s workout; a strength section followed by an interval conditioning section.

Section 1 Complete either 3 sets of each exercise, or 3 rounds of all 4 exercises in a circuit-style. Β Choose a challenging weight and perform as many good reps as you can. Β Either increase the weight each set/round or try to match your reps. If you ever repeat this workout, then aim to beat your previous score.

  1. Rear Foot Elevated Bulgarian Squat (right and left) – you can use 1 or 2 KBs/DBs
  2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (right and left) – single or double KB/DB
  3. Staggered Push Ups (18, 16, 15)
  4. Pull Ups (7, 5, 5)

Section 2 Time to pick up the pace! Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 15/16 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort (feel free to increase or decrease the times to suit your fitness level). Complete 3 rounds of the following 5/6 exercises:

  1. Two-Handed KB Swing (24kg) (30, 30, 29)
  2. Burpee (17, 16, 17)
  3. Vertical Pull Burpee (20kg) (12, 11, 11)
  4. Dynamic Squat (33, 34, 31)
  5. Push Press (double 14kg for round 1, then single with 16kg for second and third rounds) (didn’t count)

This was a tough interval section! The double Push Presses were a killer, so I had to regress to single PP’s… but I didn’t quit – I adapted! Hope you all enjoy the slight change of style today and will let me know your feedback and score πŸ™‚ Cheers Marianne


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A Laugh a Day! Kettlebell and Body Weight Couplet Home Workout

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  1. I haven’t done rear foot elevated bulgarian squats for a long long time.. and now my thighs are feeling like jelly. good workout, still. thanks! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Marianne,

    I’m brand new to kettlebells and really enjoying your videos on the web. I am gaining knowledge and skill about it slowly and getting a little stronger every day.

    I purchased something for back pain that might help you with your hip. It is a self-care trigger point device. You might find it cheaper on Amazon, but here is a link to the inventors website: http://www.fenixstopspain.com/

    It has helped me a lot with back, neck, and shoulder pain, and I have used it on my hip, too.

    It comes with a video and a little booklet.

    If you have an injury, obviously you may want to see your doctor, but if it is not a tear or anything like that you may want to research this product.

    Take Care,
    Las Vegas, NV

    1. Thank you Sarah for this; very thoughtful of you. Luckily I am going to see a specialist next week who works on soft tissue trigger point release. I am hoping this will relieve this flare up. I’m glad this system is helping you πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Marianne,

    Just a friendly comment from someone that has worked with athletes and fitness enthusiasts with SIJ issues. The individuals I worked with that had SI joint issues improved and/or tolerated the stress of training better when loading the 1 KB/DB lower body movements with the opposite shoulder of the working hip. This puts an adduction torque on the working hip, forcing the body to activate the hip abductors much more. Why is this pertinent? The piriformis is an extremely important hip abductor and it also crosses the SI joint. If the piriformis is forced to do more work, this could further stabilize the SI joint.

    So when doing a single leg RDL, if the working hip is the right hip, the KB would be held in the left hand.

    Great website!

    Best Regards,
    Sean Lacey

  4. Hi again Marianne I just finished this workout with modifications and a few changes in the exercises so, here is my breakdown:
    section 1
    Rear Foot Elevated Bulgarian Squat (right and left) –2 rounds with 16kg and 1 with 12kg 5×3
    Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (right and left) – single 1 16kg L5,6,5 R 5,5,6
    russian twist 3×10
    reverse pull up 5×3 using yoga sling. that thing is evil

    Section 2 skip rope for 4:48 minutes non stop

    section 3
    Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) 14 (16kg)5, (16kg)14, 12kg 20
    Burpee (10, 8, 7)
    push up 15,10,13
    snatch L with 8kg 8,7,10
    snatch R 10,11,9

    I did not take too long of a break after the skipping, bad idea. I think using chalk and protection around the wrists is key when doing the snatches. I normally use the 12kg for those, but I was fried.


  5. Hey Marianne,

    Checked your website after some time ago since I don’t use my kettlebells except for some simple tricepswork… Unfortunately I see the beautifull girl is still in pain.. Since I commented on that some long time ago.. Yeah, I should not say anything about it to you because you are intelligent enough to make up your mind for the best.. But since I see all the comments above about telling you to keep pushing, etc. I (?) have to !!! I would like to say to you to stop and forget about pushing as somebody commented you should keep doing!!! All that work with 16 kg kettlebells is to much for health. Not to talk about kettlebells of 20 kg. Even for me I find 16 kg heavy and I’m a man 0f 1.89 m so don’t argue about 16/20 kg being heavy or not. It just is. I even had a neigbourman of 1.98 m and 105 kg who plays with big basket-balls(haha) he saw my kettlebells of 16 kg and wanted to liftit but could’t really lift it !! So, 16 kg is heavy for swinging. And swinging it and banging your hips with it, again and again… It’s to much for real simple health.

    Please forgive me for bringing the difficult message. Perhaps I’m completely wrong (I don’t think so). As I said you don’t need my comment. You feel it allready. ANd you’re brighter than me. “Girls gone strong”: That sentence could drive you and others to too much weight.. I’m sure. In my opion.
    But if you want te be strong and stronger… Pain is your companion perhaps..

    Go for the easy rides, runs, a push up an inverted row. As you’re are allready gifted with beauty without making any effort.

    I say : Girls don’t need to be strong. Just fit and capable.

    1. Thank you Gert for your concern. I know I will take it easier for a while, but I know for a fact that running will NOT help me πŸ™ Neither will biking as both will flare the SI joint more. You see, it is not the weight that is causing it, but muscle tightness that I have had for years and have been part of my life for over 7 years. Every year it flares up and I get more pain. Prolonged periods of sitting, inactivity or certain movements (even in the absence of additional weight) seem to make it worse.

      Obviously I cannot convert you anymore than you will convert me, so all I will end with is saying that strength is not just for men, and looking beautiful is not my life-long goal. God has given me other gifts which I wish to use more πŸ™‚

      Thank you.

      1. Okay, everybody knows best what works best or/and what doesn’t work for her/his own specific body-specifics. As sitting on a big chair gives you problems,.. not even a broad enough saddle will help you. Although it would be better than a racing or moutainbike-saddle with the sit-bones aside !

        My point is not that men should be strong and girls not.. Making being strong “a sport” of ever, forever trying to growing numbers and records is more my concern. Men and woman alike.

        But as you wrote. It’s not to change each other. It’s my concern for what I see in my fitness.. All the guys complaining while training about aches here and aches there.. Bursitus in the shoulders, etc.

        1. I get your point with all the “complaining”. The point is, that the ones who are active (so basically everyone you meet here) try to work around this pain or sooth it with exercise/buildung muscles to support the hips/knees…

          There are so many people arond me complaining about pain in their back, shoulders, hips… whatever… but they don’t do anything about it but to twiddle their thumbs. Sitting around and waiting for the pain to get better doesn’t work for them – obviously!

          So where’s the difference?

          And no, I’m not trying to change you as well – I am sure that won’t work. The same for the other way around πŸ˜‰

          1. I’m sorry squirrel, maybe my english is not good enough or I’m not bright enough to understand the meaning of your writing.

            My point is that wanting to become stronger and stronger and stronger is a trickie way. And the environent of a gym or fitness is breeding-ground for going for more and more… And for many people the way to injury every now and then!!! But, okay… that’s sport, but I don’t see fitness as a sport for competing !!! Not even competing with my own end of power..

            But I understand that Marianne’s troubles stem from a underlying physical problem not connected with sport. My point is that wanting to become stonger and stronger(girls gone strong) is putting strengthgoals on top of perhaps good exercises. That’s crossing a border.. for some people. I know it’s for me.

            It’s a good strength to know that the weight doesn’t need to go higher and higher.. The numbers !! Doing squats, deathlift and benchpresses…and all other strenght-exercises have a tendency in itself for going for the heavier and more reps… Ending… as so many friends in my gym in pain… soreness.. I don’t consider that as becoming or being fit !!! A restless mind Is the result..

            Take it easy.. Girls and boys be fit..

  6. I just did this this morning… couldn’t put eye liner on because my shoulders were shaking so bad! It was amazing! Thank you so much for posting these uber challenging work outs that don’t take 3 hours to complete!

    1. ha! Kellie I can’t believe you can put make up on after one of these workouts. I was sweating for like a half hour even after a cold shower.

  7. Marianne- first happy belated bday!!!! Sorry you are in pain, but you’d never know it. You look great. When can I get that tank top?!?!? I want one – now!

  8. Hi Marianne hope you start feeling better soon. I have been surviving a heat wave and finally got around to picking up my kettle bells yesterday.
    on the first part of this workout do you do as many sets or rounds to failure? I got a bit confused with that one. now that it is cooling down I will be getting outside again.

    Cheers and as always thank you

      1. that is what I did. I could have gone heavier with the deadlift, but I was recovering from push press mania the day before.

  9. I just love you! Thank you for being so very real!!! We NEED that – it is very hard to follow and respect trainers that seem like superwomen and it is discouraging to feel one can never attain to their superpowers!!! They are not real – and not fun to follow! You are still a superwoman to me, and I doubt I will ever be as strong as you, but I trust you because you have good and bad days, and you are teaching us it is okay to modify when we need to, to take care of ourselves and not push ourselves to an injury level where we may not be able to train for a LONG time! Thank you thank you! My SI has slightly been acting up – unfortunately with Bulgarian squats and dumbbell lunges (not with Barbell lunges though). I realize from you, it is okay to lower the resistance and try with the BEST form!!! I keep thinking I will lose strength if I don’t go heavier and harder all the time – I want to be strong, but I also want to be injury free! Learning MODERATION in everything, and that is important even for “Girls Gone Strong”! Hope we can hear more about moderation and caring for one’s body in addition to getting stronger, from other sources! People need to hear that message!
    As for your picture – WOW! Your shoulders look awesome! I finally mastered 4 chin ups, but now having pain in biceps tendon near my elbow! Oh well, gotta modify!
    Thanks and you are amazing!!!
    Sincerely – Michele πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you Michele. I really don’t feel worthy of your lovely compliments. I wish it wasn’t so special for someone to be real – it takes very little effort for me to share my journey with my readers. It would take more effort to pretend to be perfect, and I have no idea why anyone would go down that route when so much more can be accomplished by just being yourself. It’s a little Narcissistic to try to appear perfect and it only isolates you from the people you’re trying to impress. Much better to be able to relate to someone πŸ™‚ We all have our troubles, and we all have to overcome many barriers to bettering ourselves; not just in fitness, but in all areas of life too. Trying to hide your weaknesses from others is more stress than it’s worth, and eventually the true will find you out.

      I am glad that you are gaining ground in most of your training – sorry to hear of your set-back; but I know you’ll come back fighting πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for commenting today, it really does make me feel like I am helping … I hope that’s not my version of Narcissism!!! eeek!

  10. I just tried this one tonight! It was great! You made it look so effortless, even when you were in pain, you must be incredibly strong! I have never done most of these movements and am definitely feeling them already! I really liked trying the single leg strength movements. It was really challenging to not only use a heavy weight, but also to have to balance at the same time. I just need to buy a lighter kettlebell so I can actually do the push presses next time (I only have 35 pounders).

  11. Awesome workout once again!! Keep pushing and stay strong girlfriend!!! Love that top and I need to have it..like right now. Looks great on you and your back looks pretty awesome.THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO….YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED!

  12. Hi Marianne,

    the fact that you have built so much in these two years (your strength, your resistance, your flexibility, your form and – last but not least – your excellent blog) in spite of your hip problem is a demonstration of how talented, determined and brilliant you are.

    I am sorry you were in pain, but you looked very fit and lovely.


  13. I now know what it is like for you and your SI joint pain, as I have developed pain in my right SI joint as well. It has made my workouts in the last 1-2 weeks a struggle each time and has affected my deadlifts and squats also. πŸ™ I have seen a lot of my massage and physical therapists this week – my new BFFs πŸ™‚

    Ha ha, maybe I’ve developed the SI joint problem in sympathy with you; or, I want to be so much like you that I even developed all your aches and pains! πŸ™‚ Ah, the joys of getting old! πŸ˜›

    Have a great week!

    Surrey, BC Canada

  14. Can’t wait to try this one Marianne! Love how you never EVER give up, just modify πŸ™‚

    Thanks for another great workout! Can’t wait to get me some GGS goodies too!!!


  15. Oh man girl! I so hope you are feeling better. Pain is no fun. But its great to hear that you know how to call it and rest/train around injuries. Its an important skill to have and one I am still learning. Love the new workout. Bulgarian squats always kick my a$$ hard! Whew! But I love them. I like the interval section too. Its my favorite way to train, heavy sets in the beginning then end with some intervals. Im always looking for some cool ideas so thanks!

    And get better!!!! =)

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