A Laugh a Day! Kettlebell and Body Weight Couplet Home Workout

by Marianne  - July 15, 2012

Hi everyone,

As many of you will know, about a month ago I came to a decision about my career as a nurse … as in, I decided I was going to apply for a career break to allow me more time to properly explore my Fitness projects.  After the initial excitement from all the amazing responses to my post “My Big Decision”, I realised that this transition won’t be immediate and I must have patience.  To act rashly, with emotional frustration, would likely see me in a worse position… so I must continue my nursing for a few more months to allow me to save money like a crazy person in order support myself once I leave.  I have had a few comments about why I am still talking about my work “if” I have left!  When the time is right, it will be right.  For now, I am learning how to delay my gratification (so to speak), and put up with a less desirable situation with the knowledge that it will allow me to be better prepared for when I do leave and can focus on more of what I love…  Now that I am 30, I must start showing some wisdom 😉

That being said, I will have an announcement in the next few days about a VERY exciting NEW project (yes another project), that I think you will LOVE!! 😀  In fact, quite a few exciting things will be coming to a head very soon … *mysterious music plays*

After nearly a whole week of rest from training (I did promise myself last week I would rest more) I was excited to have very little pain and nice enough weather to train outside on Friday.  This is what I did:

The Workout

I took my time through the following 3 couplets.  It was great actually …  just to enjoy focusing on the movements and my breathing (a little more than usual), and as I mentioned in the video … I foam rolled before the workout, which also helped a lot.

Foam rolling is something I see a lot of other trainers teach to their clients, and many of the GGS co-founders use this as part of their warm up and recovery … perhaps it was ignorance, a little “what do I need with that?” attitude; maybe even a little laziness on my part that caused me to resist implementing it sooner, but I am hearing more and more about the benefits of soft tissue therapy, trigger points, and self myofacial release … so I thought it was about time I quit being judgmental about it and JUST TRY IT.   So try it I have – and it does help!

Oh boy, do I have a lot to learn!

I was so glad to train again: Lately my diet has gone off the rails a little and I was feeling rather “squishy” that particular day, though I think it was more hormone-related … ah, the joys of estrogen :/


I was talking about the 3 couplets before I went off on a tangent about foam rolling and estrogen … basically, I set the reps lowish for most of the exercises (couplets 1 and 2) and did 3 rounds of each couplet. The intensity changes throughout the workout, ending on a high heart rate (couplet 3 has set times).  However, that doesn’t mean that each couplet doesn’t comes with its own challenge.  As you will see in the first couplet, the main challenge for me was keeping a hold on the Kettlebell LOL! 😉

Please feel free to increase or decrease the reps or time depending on your own ability. Even change the exercise, if you feel the one listed is too advanced.

Couplet 1

  1. Goblet Squat x 10 reps (20kg)
  2. Snatch (left then right) x 5 reps (started with 20kg and down-graded to 16kg after the mishap)

Couplet 2

  1. Pull Up x max reps (for me, on that day, this was 5 reps)
  2. Burpees x 10 reps

Couplet 3 – rest enough after the first exercise to allow a good fall in heart rate.

  1. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (more relaxed swing) x 1 min
  2. RKC Plank x max time (for me I managed 56 secs, 58 secs, 1min 9 secs) – this should be very challenging

For those who want to see my Kettlebell Snatch Mishap again … here is a video I posted on Facebook the other day! Can’t believe 2 people disliked this on YouTube!! Clearly they need to grow a sense of humour … someone even told me to start wearing straps LOL – silliness! Just laugh and like it 😛

Have a great day everyone! SEE YOU ALL soooon 😉 *this is a hint*

~ Marianne


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  1. Marianne,

    I hope you don’t mind me saying so but you have the nicest glutes I have ever seen! You should do a photo shoot to really show those off!

  2. I whipped through this in 20 min this am. Tough workout!! I used my 16kg for snatches and 20kg for swings. My hip drive also is too strong for the 16kg but I have been having issues with my grip attempting 20kg snatches, I can do them but after a couple rounds my palms start to tear up. I try to loosen my grip but then I feel like I will end up throwing the bell through my garage door! ha! It just seems like its a big jump from 16 to 20 for snatches.

  3. Hi Master.
    I have a question:
    I cant go so far like you with my 24 kg KB 🙁
    Do you think I should train more or iust train in a bigger living room? 😉
    LOL so nice to discover you have self irony!
    A real nice human being, even if you look like terminator when you train!
    Chris from Italy

  4. HAHAHA! I’m so glad you can laugh at yourself Marianne! It’s such a good quality to possess.

    I have a question for you regarding IF. Do you do a daily fast? If so, how do you work that with nursing? I have a highly physically demanding job and can’t always fast for 14+ hrs cause I just get plain tired and hungry, not to mention dizzy at times. I’m just curious if you have any tips or suggestions to make the mornings/evenings easier when I’m fasting.

    1. Hey Roni, I fast every day from about 9 or 10pm until 2pm or so the next day. When I am in Work I tend to allow snacks up until midnight and then fast until I get up the next day (usually 4pm). Sometimes I just say I’ll not eat in work, which is better, because work is full of temptations. I do on occasion get extremely hungry and eat about 11am, but mostly I can deal with hunger pang by drinking tea, coffee and keeping busy. I have never had trouble with dizziness, but I have heard people talk of this. It tends to pass with practice 🙂

  5. Hey!

    Your flying kettlebell made me laugh. Im so waiting for the moment when I have that happen. Ha! Ive had alot of hip issues last year too, anterior tilt and I strained a few groin muscles which rotated my hip out of place since the muscles tightened up so much. Crazy! The foam rolling and using a lacrosse ball have been life savers! Seriously…all the tight muscles have let go finally, im finally back to normal but it took like months of dedicated rolling. I find it to be one of the best tools. Love it. I dont think I could train without rolling first.

    Great workout as always=)

  6. Ive been doing your WOD’s for about for about 6 months and im in a slump i feel like crap and im discouraged i look the same as always BOOOOO!

    1. Well, have you been progressing the weights? Keeping a check on your diet? Changing the other activity you do? We all hit plateaus, usually every 2 months – so you have to keep changing it up; maybe the intervals, the reps, the order of the exercises, tempo. The best thing you can do is start using heavier weights, evaluate your diet and be honest about the effort you are putting in. If all these things check out, then assess your stress levels, sleep pattern and recovery time. Doing too much or being too stressed will hamper your results.

      Hope this helps you out of your slump. We all get them, and they do pass – don’t give up!

  7. Good thing no one was anywhere near that KB when it got tossed. that would really hurt.
    I think you should go lighter on the snatch,that really helped me with form and also the ability to endure long cycles.
    I will try this when I finish healing and resting from sailing all day.

    Cheers and keep ’em coming

    1. Hey Mickela,

      I was using the 20kg, because 16kg is too light for my hip drive!! It flies up too quickly LOL! However the 20kg wasn’t feeling as good on fri. It’s been a good 8 weeks since I did any snatches, so maybe that’s why. I’m not sure I’m that interested in longer cycles of these. I just like to do 10 reps at the most. It really is my least favorite KB exercise, and I only do it so that those who do like snatches can see them in my workouts. That is my confession! Give me a barbell snatch any day 😉

      Hope you have better luck with the snatches than me 🙂

      1. you have some serious hip drive for sure. ha ha.
        I like the snatch and long cycle. I guess we all have our preferences. You would not catch me doing those kneel stand kneel thingys you do once in a while. 🙂

    2. You only dropped it once?? Boy you are good I only do my arm swings outside. I love the 500 rep workout. It really sells itself. I have people every week ask me about it. I point them to your web site and give you full credit. I’m training a 12 year old boy first time this week. Do you think that is too young to do a modified version?

  8. Marianne, I loved seeing your blooper, thanks for leaving it in there and highlighting it with an extra video. Just after visiting your site I went to Bret’s site and he is working on his grip with Ironman hand grips!

  9. Hi Marianne,

    That is a powerful work out – as usual!

    I notice you do very low squats. Do you ever worry about your knees? I’ve always been taught to stop at the knee line.

    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy watching your work outs!

    1. Hey Alice, provided you have the ability to squat low (as in, you have the strength, hip mobility and your pelvis and low back don’t excessively “tuck” under), then it is actually much better for your knees to squat below parallel. The reason is that this promotes a balance between the posterior and anterior muscles around the knees. If we only squat to parallel then mostly the anterior part of the leg gets more work and the hamstrings and glutes stay weak … This will risk the knee becoming more unstable over time.

      That said, a deep squat is not something every beginner should do. Like all exercises there is a need for progression. The box squat is a great way to slowly and safely increase depth. Using body weight first and then adding weight, once a good range of movement has been achieved is the safest way to ensure good squatting.

      The depth of a squat should be limited by the lower back and pelvis “under tuck”. It’s not the knees people should worry about when squatting low … It’s their back.

      Hope this helps :))

  10. Hi Marianne,
    Firstly thanks for your website and all your videos
    I have only been following you for a few months & I
    really appreciate your info & videos.
    Can you explain the rkc plank in detail…Ive looked at a few youtube clips
    but they all vary so much with their techniques
    …Bret Contreras explains it well I think?!
    Thanks Marianne

    1. Ellie, the main point of doing RKC plank over a normal one is that it gives you way more bang for your buck. It teaches you to use your whole body to maximise tension, and therefore strength (as per the RKC), through the body. The way I am doing it, with my legs parted and knees bent a bit, is so that I can Maximise further the posterior tilt on the pelvis. I REALLY feel this in my abs and glutes, and these are the areas I want to work on. I think The video where Bret shows Kellie Davis demonstrating the exercise is a great tutorial. When I was in Phoenix, Bret added the bent knees to help advance it further. If you try to do the version with your legs straight, you get way less abdominal contraction than you do with the knees bent. Same goes for the glutes. The only thing is that the way I do it looks a bit weird :/ Like I have a really bad hunch-back LOL, but I feel so much benefit to my low back, so I don’t care about the momentary kyphosis.

      I hope this makes sense. I will try and dig out some other info 🙂

  11. Me and the kids thought it was hilarious! We kept watching it over and over just to look at the look on your face! lol

      1. Thanks I was wondering I’m gonna try it. Damn my sentence looks poor. Should have been where is…lol anyway keep up the good work

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