Feel It! Kettlebell Interval Home Workout | Plus a Heart to Heart!

by Marianne  - March 21, 2012

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  • ​How to modify

  • Personal Spiel

​Kettlebell HIIT Workout: 18 minutes + 4 minute Body Weight Tabata

​This is an Intermediate Level single kettlebell interval workout, which is easily adapted for beginners (see next tab).

Personally I found it challenging enough, so I reckon even frequent Workoutees will really enjoy the intensity.  ​

Main Interval Section

Set your Gymboss Classic Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort (you may also try 20/40, 30/30) and complete 3 rounds (either continuous or separate) of the following 6 exercises.

NOTE: My reps per exercise are noted in brackets) and I used a 20kg Kettlebell throughout:

  1. Goblet Squat (19, 17, 16)
  2. Alternating Kettlebell Swing (didn't count reps)
  3. Vertical Pull/Burpee (12, 11.5, 11)
  4. Stand-Kneel-Stand (down using left leg, up using right) (14, 13, 13)
  5. Stand-Kneel-Stand (down using right leg, up using left) (14, 14, 12)
  6. Two Squat Jump Burpees (9, 9, 8 )


Tabata Twist (optional)

Reset your timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort and complete 4 rounds of the following 2 body weight exercises:

  1. Mountain Climbers (44, 41, 40)
  2. Side to Side Step Ups (21, 21, 18 )


The main reason for the Tabata was so I could include Mountain Climbers and make Raylene face her nemesis! haha! evil.

​In the Strong, Capable, Enough Facebook Group (called Fitness After "Life Happened", I was asking the question about what we do about our nemeses ... face them or run from them? You can join in regular discussions and fun polls on Facebook by ​joining the group/liking my page.

That's it really for today everyone. I hope you enjoy this workout and will leave me some feedback so I know if it was a "yay" or "nay" !




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  1. Hi Marianne,

    I was wondering if you can direct me to where I might find a step bench like the Reebok one you have. (I’m in the US.) All those I found online are too short, even with risers they’re 8 inches max and yours looks at least 12.
    It seems like an important accessory!
    Thanks if you have any input! I love your workouts!

    1. Hi Emily, I don’t know where to get such a thing in the USA, I am in Ireland 🙂 However, maybe some of my American readers can help you??

      You can still use a lower step, if you can’t find the Reebok Deck.

  2. I finally got over my yoga obsession for a bit, and have been spending more time at home. I do have to add that yoga is great for focusing on breathing and it is amazing for the core and to release tension from weight lifting and kettle bell workouts.

    I did this workout with some changes to suit my needs.
    I did everything according to your workout except no goblet squat, but a double kb squat (2, 8kg)
    I really don’t like the stand kneel stand exercise so I did walking lunges with 2 kb 12kg and 8kg (bum and hams are sore)
    and I added a double military press with 2 8kg kb.(total killer)

    I can normally squat heavier and press heavier, but these intervals tend to make me lose form, so I keep it lighter to keep my form.

    On the tabata I kept the mountain climbers (so fun) and did a jump over kettlebells.

    I was sweatin’: and they turned the water off in my apartment due to a leak so I was gross for a couple hours.

    Great workout!

  3. Great workout after a little hiatus from my kettlebell. The stand-kneel-stands are actually very challenging for me but I can feel my legs getting stronger because of them.

    P.S. The fact that you did the intro 11 times makes me love you even more! Stay quirky!

    1. Great to hear you are pushing on through and feeling your strength grow 🙂 That exercise is a killer … even for me after all this time!


  4. Hi Marianne-

    You’re such an inspiration, and being REAL is refreshing and wonderful. Thank you.

    I loved the workout- did it yesterday for reps: 21, 15, 9. That first set of 21 stand-kneel-stands (used 25 lb kb)was rough (in a good way, and I celebrated for the entire rest of the workout having completed thAt (nemesis?- nah just hard)set.

    A thought for you- I saw your weekly training stuff and you’ve been at it a LOT. Might be a little careful there- not sure if it was Poliquin or a T-nation (might have been a Brett Conteras) article I read recently that said overtraining can lead to fatigue, malaise, and not-wanting-to-work-out-feelings. It’s happened to me, that’s for sure. Just mention it here because it can compound life-stuff and make it worse. Now when I’m stressed about personal, work, or just life stuff, I make sure to back off the training a little and try to turn the focus back to breathing/stillness some… it does help.

    I completely love your site and your workouts. I don’t want you to get burned out and go away from this thing you have obvious talent with, and drive for. I could tell from the intro in the video here that you’re still not quite back all the way yet, and I felt such a great wave of compassion and understanding come over me. It was one thing to read it, but another to see. I understand completely and want to encourage you and let you know it endears you all the more to me and all of your fans that you can share some of this. I’m glad you’re on the upswing now!

    Thank you for sharing, girlie, it’s appreciated.

    In light,

  5. Another brilliant workout Marianne, loved it. Thank you so much.

    I have been feeling the same as you….I kinda of lost my way and was beginning to not enjoy my exercise which people couldn’t understand as I’ve been so passionate about it. I have been struggling to motivate myself in getting up and going out for my run (injuries haven’t helped). I think the dark nights etc didn’t help and now the sun is shining, like you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your workouts have certainly helped as this gives me variety in what I do. I do think I need to attend some classess as training on your own all the time isn’t always fun!!

    Looking forward to the next workout.

    Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  6. Hello Marianne,

    This is what I was waiting for to see !!!!!

    Once in a while, when I feel for it, have nothing to do behind the computer anymore at that time, that is more urgent(!!??)….it comes in my mind…. : That beautifull kettlebell-girl… And i tell you, it’s more that I find you such a special lovely nice kind young woman… Lets look at her site, since I have it in my favorites (to not forget)…. And Ohh A time ago I wrote to you about your perfect correct form in kettlebells-swings etc and HOW MUCH I like your beautifull strong round sport-butt/ass !!!

    But you know every time I see you working out once in a while. I think to myself !!!! How long…. is she going to stay on top of her toes…!!!! The blog-website on her tail.. Her eagerness to be strong and beautifull. When is enough, enough…. You know,… you don’t need to do anything to be beautifull and the most kind and girl to be looked for and desired for every man… !! Marianne, you just can do only 10 % of your efforts to be the most you can do… So don’t get fooled back into the drilling exercises with no end….

    Just eat to normal appetite.. Take a very simple lifting shedule… Look on Bodybyscience.net !!! Not to take all their thoughts for serious… But they tell you that you can do all your needed exercise in a 15 minutes a week workout.. That’s not what you should do… but just keep their thoughts in mind to counteract doing more than you need… Because for being a very nice and beautifull girl you don’t need anything more than ride a bike or take a good walk.

    But, if if you like to hit the weights… If someone can do it… it would be you because you have so good form. But I should say… Make it as simple as possible and do some sports with friends every once in a while !!!! two in one !!!



    1. Thank you Gert for you many compliments. However I would think it evident from my postings that THIS is my PASSION in life! It brings me so much fulfillment and purpose. Plus I am good at it 😀 I lift because I love to lift and I get such a sense of achievement from it. Why would I want to swap something I love (to be challenged) to ride a bike. There’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you love – but my training has changed my outlook. I guess with my down period it seems like I am not enjoying this as much, but this was not the root cause of my negative feelings – it was my interpretation of my thoughts.

      Anyway, I appreciate your concern 🙂

  7. Thanks for these wonderful workouts. I’m a 58 year old male marathon ( slow but sure) runner /cyclist and I was avoided doing the weight training that really needed. Your workouts have been a blessing. I started with the 500 rep workout ( substitute the ones that not in my flexibility range) and in 3 weeks x 3 times a week I feel the difference. By using just 3 kettles I can do this workout any place and anytime. What’s your opinion work out before/after a hour- 2 hour run? Also thank you for being so honest about going through a blue period . It happens to all of us but It’s better if you share with people. I was in the crapper myself just a month ago.

    1. Hey Nate. Thank you for your comment. My advice would be to do the KB workouts on different days to your runs. If you really want to do them on the same days, then choose a short one 🙂

  8. мое время 29 минут 3 раунда, с 16 и 10 кг гирей, плюс табата, знаю результат не очень, а какое удовольствие от тренировки… спасибо

  9. Just did this workout. Loved it. I thought my chair was going to break doing the side steps up (I need to invest in a bench or something) so I switched to jump rope. Great workout. Thank you!

  10. Hi Marianne

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    I just completed this workout with 8 POUNDS and it kicked my butt! I was reading your other comments about training consecutive days (I’ve always trained with weights and had that rest in between) and if I have the energy I am going to try another one of your workouts tomorrow.

    Thank you


  11. Hi Marianne,

    Perhaps coming through a long dismall winter takes its toll, as i know i have been struggling with maintaining my usual motivation and have recently felt like packing everything in. I’m glad to say that at the moment i seem to have come thru this and it is partly down to having this website to come to that has helped me through the doldrum!
    You are a great inspiration Marianne from a workout point of view but also because you allow us to see your vunerabilities and remind us that we are all human, with all the self-doubt and other hiccups that entails.
    I take my hat off to you for your candid attitude and your strength of character, and am grateful that you provide us all with this fantastic resource. I hope that you are seeing the light at the end of a small tunnel and that you continue to go from strength to strength, spring is on its way…a bit of sunshine always makes things look brighter!!!
    Great socks, great workout!!!:)

  12. Marianne – You’ve created a huge community around you, both online and offline, so we’ll always be here to help and give you support when necessary!

    But, I found it funny that after this statement:
    “Being online so much can create a disconnect with “real” life”..you’ve replied to about 40 comments on this post already 🙂

    Anyway, keep up the good work, but only do what inspires you and makes you happy. I think lifting will always be a part of it in some fashion for you, so take breaks whenever your body or mind tells you.

    1. Ironic isn’t it! That I feel less alone and inspired than ever because I shared my troubles online. Thank you Geoff, and everyone! Your responses have really touched me and I am so grateful for this community spirit!

      Big Cheers x

  13. When you’re a 40+ year old married father of 3, who wasted 20 years in IT, had a mid-life crisis, endeavoured to reverse all the physical damage of a sedentary lifestyle, jacked in his well paid job became a low paid PT, then finds stunning Irish girls on the web looking like you (even in dubious socks!!) benefiting others with not only her website contributions but also her daily job, then you’ll want to hide under a duvet in a remote cabin away from it all for the rest of your life….

    Seriously though, it is evident that you are an inspiration to many people out there, and I personally think from what i`ve seen, that you are an excellent role model for young ladies–I certainly hope my 2 year old daughter aspires to have your better qualities as opposed to the “quick-fix, immediate satisfaction, fame and fortune” lifestyles that seems to be the only path advertised to young women.

    Furthermore, when i have my own (many) moments of loss of direction, flailing about or sheer despondency, i always give silent thanks that i don’t live in Iraq, or feature on Embarrassing Bodies, or am a war victim, or am a black youth living on a council estate. It just gives me a little much needed perspective occasionally, as opposed to a damned good slap! 🙂

    Perhaps now that the weather has turned bright and sunny, and all the Smashing Blouses are starting to appear (that may not be something you’re too bothered about!), take comfort in the fact that you are adding value to the human condition, and that at least one knackered old man appreciates you!

    I`m off to hide my wife’s gun…

    1. Hi Dan. LOL at your “Embarrassing Bodies” comment 😉 true true! You are right about the perspective thing too. I guess, although troubles are relative to the individual, there is always going to be someone worse off, so best to count your blessings.

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I hope your wife doesn’t shoot you LOL

  14. Thank you Marianne and everyone who has posted comments.
    I have been feeling the same in the last few weeks, I keep pushing but it doesn’t excite me as it used to.
    That has been one of the reasons I started doing a lot of yoga in the past month, to clear my head and get centered. As you said, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, a little glimpse of it at least.
    Guess sometimes we need to re-charge the ol’ batteries.

    I love the photograph for this post. I would totally hang that on my wall for encouragement. It really is a piece of art.
    Thank you so much for having this site, it truly is a place to get inspired.

    1. I am also glad to read these comments … knowing we are not alone is a huge part of it. Yoga is still something I need to do! I’m glad it’s helping you 🙂 xo

  15. Marianne, I think you look great here!! I have exactly the same love hate relationship with my legs as you so I totally understand!!
    I started my strength training with deadlifts in the gym on Tuesday night and I’ve done my back in 🙁 its a terrible pain and i’m not sure how i did it. it was during deadlifts so i’m having to blame my form?! will pay closer attention next time – i just lack patience and jump straight into things without warming up and taking my time. Lesson learned as i can hardly walk now!!
    I was reading Charles Poliquins website the other day and thought of you when I read that working on your overhead press can help you break through plateaus and improve chin ups!! had to mention it as i know this is one of your nemesis and thought the info might help!! 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m sorry to hear you hurt yourself! But I guess it helps in teaching you to definitely always warm up and build up to the big lifts. It’s about getting your muscles fired, but more about getting your nervous system fired up for heavy compound lifts. Hopefully it’s just a muscle pull 😐 Are you feeling better today?

      Oh and I read that article by Poliquins and for the last week or two I have added the OH Press with that hope 🙂 Thank you for letting me know about it. Come on 10th chinup!

  16. Hi Marianne, thanks for another great workout! I’m struggling a bit with my form on KB swings could you suggest an alternative exercise i could do instead until my form gets better?

    ps glad your feeling better

    1. Of course Kelly. If you want the cardiovascular benefits that the swing offers, you could do squat jumps, lunge jumps, high knee skipping. If you want to work the same muscles as the KB swing, you could do single-leg RDLs or glute bridges/hip thrusts, but these won’t get the heart rate up as high. Hope this helps 🙂

  17. *whew*
    That was some workout! I love/hate those stand-kneel-stand exercises! They kill me more than the tabata! Thanks again for the great workout!

    Surrey, BC Canada

  18. Hi Marianne,
    I am a fellow Irish woman from Dublin, living in L.A. I am 40 (eugh) and a mother of two. Back before I was married I played water polo for years with my great friend Shane Nicoletti. Since having my kids, I stopped playing polo and got caught up with motherhood as many do. Shane turned me and my husband on to kettlebells last year. We were doing it a bit, until I was searching for workouts and I found you! I love your website and all of your workouts. I have started to get serious about working out and get back in shape.
    You have really given me the push to get going. Thank you so much. I just did this workout with a 12kg and my legs are burning! A good burn. Keep it up, love your website,
    Slan, Julie

    1. Hey Julie, thank you for commenting! I might be in LA in September for a holiday, and I can’t wait because it looks beautiful! I am really pleased you are doing so well and you’re getting serious about your training again!

      Keep in touch 🙂

  19. MK- This really made my day! I look forward to doing this Friday morning. Like I said before it is the personal touch that makes your blog so inspiring. You are a wonderful person and thank you as always for all you do. Cheers!

      1. Dang, that was killer and quick which was nice. Here are my numbers, but try not to laugh too hard at the regression. After about a two minute recovery: (42,29,22(WTH),25). My breathing was crazy fast, but what kept failing me was my quads. It was like they were yelling “STOP”. LOL. This will be a very nice go to. Anyhow, thanks as always! Cheers!

  20. Marianne, we all go thru times in our lives when we question the purpose of our existence. We are given challenges in order to grow and learn. The road often gets bumpy and when we struggle to get over those bumps, we see our true self as we crest over and slide down the other side. We gather our friends and family for strength and get thru the times that seem to last forever. But in reality, it’s just a fraction of time. You have now slid down the other side of the bump, realizing the issues that had you trapped. The light is shining over here and as you come towards it, we are all here to assist in any way we can. It’s nice to see that you are back in the groove and continuing your journey. You inspire so many of us, let us inspire you and help those bumps get smoothed out.
    Be safe my friend
    ~ Dana~

  21. So timely!!!! Been struggling with the same exact things this past month or so . gonna go check out Bret’s articles…so glad you posted today. Helps to know others are in the same boat bailing water too 🙂

  22. Hello Marianne,
    Wow Girl you look STUPENDOUS !!! I luv , luv ,luv the socks.
    I haven’t posted any comments as of late but , I do check in from time to time.
    Your just getting better and better. You look tighter. Keep it up. Your quads are fab. You make those
    kneel to stands look so easy. When you step up you can see the strength in them.
    Marianne, sometimes we get a little flustered , but take a step back and
    come back stronger and refreshed. You have so many workouts here to choose
    from. So what if you take some time off. We all need it. Just take it. No matter what , your followers will always
    come back for more. It’s that element of surprise, what is she gonna do next? So, take that break . It’s important that you do. If YOU don’t take care if you, no one else will. I’m glad it’s behind you . On another note, the socks are so, so, so cool .

    1. Helloooo Minnie! Thank you for commenting, it’s great to hear from you 🙂

      I do feel much more refreshed now and more like myself again. Thank you for being so understanding.

      Oh, and I am going to add to my sock collection … might even get my logo on them lol

  23. Marianne, thanks for the great workout (I’ll be doing it in the morning!) and thanks for being so candid. What I like best about your blog, as compared with some others, is that I feel like it’s so easy to relate to you. Fitness is a major part of who you are and is a major part of your life, but you also have a job and life outside of the fitness realm (though certainly related). You have also talked about your personal medical challenges, which I think also makes you unique in the fitness “industry” and makes you seem more likely an average Jane (and I mean this in the best possible way). When I see your posts, I feel like “if Marianne could do this, I can do this!” and “if Marianne fit in a workout before her shift, I can fit in a workout this morning.” But it’s also great to see that sometimes you get overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged, etc. It shows that you’re human and I think it really helps those of us who aren’t fitness pros, who are balancing work, education, families, and full-time jobs with a healthy lifestyle and progressive fitness goals. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough spot, but I appreciate that you’ve shared some of your struggle with us. You really do touch our lives. Thank you!

    Two closing thoughts:
    1. Your legs DO look amazing. I will keep at those 1.5 squats and aim to have legs like yours!

    2. When I am feeling in a rut, I find that music helps. Here’s one of my favorite get-rid-of-the-funk (at least temporarily) songs, “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJKythlXAIY or an alternate video for the same song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w

    It’s a great motivational song lyrically and also just super fun to jam to for a few minutes.


  24. I’m so glad you didn’t give up! I love your posts and workouts… I do them, or my version of them, often and find you very inspiring. I get into lulls like that sometimes, too. Sometimes it helps to just power through and sometimes I take mini-breaks and that helps. I’m glad you’re feeling better, thank you for keeping going! <3

    1. Thanks Ruth. Sometimes I can power through and never lose momentum, but it was different this time, so a mini-break from everything was needed. Thank you for your kind words.

  25. Ah Sweetie, we’ve all been there and will be there again! In fact I just went through (and blogged also) about a similar time. Maybe it is the time of year, through in some hormones and a crazy schedule and it just makes a huge mess for a while.

    I am happy that you are finding your way back. Just know that you are not alone! Now go write in that gratitude journal 😉


  26. Definitely a Yay! Thanks for the great post about your down times. I have my share of down times and it helps to know other people do to and what they do to push through it.

    1. Thanks Ellen! After reading Bret’s 2nd post on Happiness, I started watching a bunch of videos on stress by Dr Paul Taylor (who is also from Belfast btw) and this one really struck a chord.

  27. Courage and peace to you as you press on past the stuff life is throwing at you. It is amazing to me the way social media has both the power to connect and disconnect us. I think we all need to take a break now and then to rediscover life away from these screens!

    It’s hard to find focus/hope in the middle of a storm but it sounds like you’ve rediscovered it. I lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s disease nine months ago, and most days my focus and motivation is off. Yeah I feel lost. But little by little I’m finding peace in my life and exercise, especially kettlebell work is helping me press on. I’m running a couple marathons this year in memory of Dad, and training for them has given me a place to focus that is positive, and meaningful even when everything else seems amiss.

    Thank you for sharing your love of Kettlebell work with us.

    Keep holding on to hope…it’s the only place purpose really lives.

    1. I’m sorry about your dad John. At least you are focusing on more positive outlets for your grief by supporting a cause that will help cure AD. I think it’s great 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts.

  28. Good to know that you are human ;-). Sometimes things get to be too much, that´s the way it is. Kudos on handling it great – by cutting down on stressors and just focus on the things you feel like, for the moment.

    The workout looks great, I´ll save it in my kettlebell-folder :-).

    Another thing that looks great – your legs! I want them! You look awsome, love your arms and shoulders too. And your tummy. And the butt. But right now I´m on a legs-crush and yours are right on top of my wish-list :-).

    I have two questions, if you have the time to answer.

    – Would you say that it´s ok to train with KBs on consecutive days? Your “supposed to” rest the muscles for 48 hrs when it comes to strength training (or so I´m told), but what would you recommend on your kind of workouts? Strength and cardio all wrapped up in one?

    – I´ve never tried burpees, afraid of them. But, will face my nemeses… I can´t do proper push ups so what would you recommend. Drop on the knees and do push up, then back to toes and jump forward or just throw myself on the ground on my tummy and get up whatever way I can, regardless of proper form… Am working on push ups but do to a shoulder injury I missed my goal to be able to do them by new years. Just picked up my push up-training again with a new goal, 10 weeks from now. Can´t hardly do deep once on my knees…

    I hope you feel less and less stressed and that you feel inspired as spring moves in. Keep up the awesome work, but put yourself first!

    1. Aw thank you for complimenting my legs! It’s funny, I have a love/hate relationship with them. In that light, I was happy with them … but in sunlight/down light … not so much haha! Oh it’s been a long journey to like my legs (especially my knees) LOL. But I think nearly every women can identify with that! I get leg crushes all the time with other people. For example my mum and sister have genetically lean sexy legs. I took after my dad’s side in body shape, so I ended up with a bubble butt and chunkier legs. When my sister and were younger, I envied her legs and she envied my abs and hips. Girls will be girls 😛

      Now, to answer your questions:

      1) Provided you feel recovered, yes it is fine to train with KBs, or anything, on consecutive days. With really heavy strength training, it’s more the nervous system that needs longer to recover, but if you mostly work in a moderately heavy range, then there’s no reason (except DOMS) that should stop you, if you wish to do it. Sometimes my shift pattern means I must train without a day off between strength days, and I respond well. Females TEND to cope with higher volume full body training. But if you find you feel drained, or your performance is suffering, then that would be a sign to reduce the intensity, volume or frequency of any type of training.

      2) RE: Burpees – I would advise you to keep the push ups and burpees separate until you have mastered push-ups. The purpose of the burpee is to increase the intensity of any workout. The addition of the push-up to the burpee is to advance the exercise and allow those who are at that level to intensify it enough. If you start trying to do a push up from your knees, or even performing one with poor form, this will a) interrupt the flow and intensity of the exercise and b) increase the risk of injury doing the push up in “rushed” conditions.
      Instead, just do the burpee without the push up. I call it a “Stage 2 Burpee”, as seen in my Tutorial for Burpees 🙂

      With regard to your Push-Up practice, I would recommend using a step and doing them off that, but from your toes. Practice full body tension with it, squeezing your glutes too, and let the shoulder blades glide together with elbows tucked in at 45 degrees. Flared elbows make it harder and higher risk. I am no longer great fan of push-ups from the knees because you never get to engage the whole body, and most people still bend at the hips, with their hands too far out in front. I hope you will reach your goal. Please let me know when you do 😀

  29. I love your socks! Also.. I notice sometimes you do your workouts shoeless and sometimes not… what makes you do it either way and do you notice a difference?

    1. Hey Mandy, I prefer training with as little between my feet and the floor as possible; it gives me better grip, better muscle activation and a better feel for what I am doing. However, there are days I just want to rock my UnderArmour trainers, especially as they match my GGS T-Shirt! LOL Much prefer training in Vibrams, socks, or barefoot.

  30. There must be something in the air with regard to feeling this way. I too am struggling (basically with work and my typical teenager kids..grr.. and the basic feeling of being disconnected from life, friends, family) I’ve been slipping away from my workout routine more and more and I know that is the worst thing for me. So hearing your struggles and how you are overcoming them.. one day at at time.. and words of wisdom from the others on your blog help bring things into perspective. I know for me it’s the time of the year and being cooped up (Cabin Fever) that adds to my issues. But luckily the days are getting longer and we’re being blessed with more of that beautiful Sunshine, so this will help.
    I’m glad to hear you are breaking away from your rut and facing the day anew. One day at a time! I like that idea. Thanks.
    Happier Days Ahead!

  31. Holy Hamstrings!!!!
    I just completed this routine two times through using the suggested reps and a 20lb kettlebell. I could have done 3 but wanted to save some energy for the Tabata Twist at the end. It took me 25 minutes, not bad for a first try at it!!!

    I was working out every day for 20 weeks, was down 28lbs then lost my gym buddies due to change of duty stations (USAF) and lost the fire to workout. I gained back about 1/2 of what I’d lost. So I can relate to how you are/were feeling.
    I’ve recently just bought a set of KB’s for at home so now I can do all of your amazing workouts in the comfort of my own home!!! I have the fire burning again and I am ready to shed these pounds and keep them off this time!!!
    Thank you Marianne for all you do on your blog!!! You are a huge encouragement to me. Without it I would have never come to know the love of doing kettlebell routines!

  32. Hi Marianne,

    Grand to hear that you’re feeling better and getting back on top of things. It’s odd, one can work and work and let everything build up without realising it, until suddenly it feels as if there’s an unshakable black cloud overhead. I was back exercising after 6 days out feeling absolutely rubbish and so March 15th’s 24 minute workout felt very tough indeed. Now I feel so much better.

    You’re right, things don’t get better overnight but as soon as one turns the corner that’s a massive step forward. At present I’m struggling with decisions about the direction my business needs to go, on top of things like lambing and the usual workload, so your free workouts are a brief escape for which I’m very grateful Thanks Marianne, you’re a true inspiration – I’m sure things will continue to improve for you. 🙂

    1. Cheers Niko. Sorry to hear that you’re having dilemmas too. Think uncertainty definitely carries a lot of stress sometimes, even when it’s potentially something great – just having to weigh everything up in the hope you make the right choice. Anyway, hope the lambing is going well … you should send in some pictures of the cute little lambs 🙂

  33. I think everyone has those times of being overly stressed out, taking everything too seriously and not taking the time to enjoy each day. We get in a rut or a pit and sometimes it is hard to climb out. Good for you that you are looking for the answers to why and how you got there 🙂 The cool thing about having these down times is that we are always learning. So even the down times have their purpose. Looking forward to doing this workout this week. Stay encouraged and thank you for your honesty and your great workouts 🙂

      1. Hey Marianne,

        good to vent now and again, i enjoy your website and refer to it often for training with KB’s. I have gone and am going through some struggles at the moment. I find training and sometimes looking at life on a less serious note can be a good thing Sometimes it’s the tunnel at the end of the light. I find your column quite motivating so give your self a rap and keep up the good work.

          1. Hey Marianne, different Shannon here, i love your workouts and your personality. Life is a struggle and even though you don’t need to explain yourself, it’s nice to vent. I am a male living on the coast of NSW, Australia. I thought moving here would solve everything, but my head came with me, wish i could have left it behind. I will continue to enjoy your work outs and your banter. I am collecting quite an array of kb’s so less time to deal with the crap in my head, which is a good thing.

          2. Hey Shannon, I guess that is something we all forget sometimes; that the problem is not the world itself, but perhaps our attitude to it. We have no choice to be where we are at any given moment, but we do have a choice in how we act.

            Hope things improve for you 🙂

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