Overcoming Negativity and Letting Positivity Grow

Hi everyone,

I did a short video on how I try to get the best of my negativity.  It has really helped me focus on actually improving things about myself. I was (and sometimes still am) quite harsh on myself and I can often let small set-backs get the better of me for a while. I have started reading a book by Joyce Meyer Battlefield of the Mind which has really opened my eyes to how much your thoughts impact on how your life turns out.

Anyway, I got thinking about how I can face so many physical challenges and reach my goals in the weights room (even after set-backs), yet emotionally and psychologically, my inner strength has some catching up to do. I started to imagine that all my stresses and negative thoughts etc as opportunities to prove myself, rather than evidence of failure.

I hope you will comment below and share your own personal techniques in overcoming negativity, either from your own thoughts, or by the hand of others 🙂



  • March 7, 2012

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