How to Get Motivated to Exercise | What Drives Me To Train

by Marianne  - March 2, 2012

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been very motivated to train, which is doing me a world of good. Mostly though I have been training in the gym, or at classes where I benefit from one of the best driving forces I know … competition, or a need to prove people wrong.

Here is a little video of me talking about it. I really hope you will leave your opinions below to share all the little things we muster up to get us from “I can’t be bothered” to “Hell, yeah, I’m going to kick some butt” (or whatever variation of that LOL).

How do you get yourself to train, even when you don’t want to?



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Kettlebell of Belfast City | Titanic Quarter Workout

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  1. I find playing a song that reminds me of a ex produces a good workout but it hasn’t bin workin much lately , so I think I need a new one.

  2. I am pretty self motivated, but I do have those moments when I just want to sit around. This is around the time that this happens, so it is nice to see this article and all the wonderful comments. It’s nice to have a community like Myomy to get me off my bum.
    your strength and dedication is quite inspiring.

  3. marianne dips are puttin alot of strain on front shoulders rather dan on triceps .am i leaning too far forward on decent instead of going straight down ?????? getting very fustrated and am tending to shy away from them, i hate shying away 🙁 please help thanks

      1. using safetys on smith.what roughly should the distance be between them???????

        had an ab/dip station my bro has it now didnt think id ever get strong enough to dip on it, what changes a few months have made but have feeling u have hit nail on head

        thanks for reply marianne

        1. It’s actually an individual thing, but as close to one forearm plus hand, and then anywhere from your other fist two two extra fingers in size. Forearm+ hand and a bit, if that makes sense. Too close and it might annoy your elbows, too wide and it bothers your shoulders. Best to have a dip bar at a V if you can manage. If not, just see how the dip station feels 🙂

  4. My motivation has changed over time. I went to a marksmanship class in the autumn of 2008 and realized how out of shape I had let myself become. One of the instructors was my age and he was a martial arts expert and he could do these alternating cossack squats. So initially, I just wanted to get back into reasonable shape.

    That took about 18 months. Then I wanted more challenges, and I started looking for other venues, and around then I found you! I have strayed to other types of workouts, but I still come back to Kettleleblls because they are more exhilarating to use and they give great results in a modicum of time. Unlike other workouts, it seems that kettlebells just never get boring!

    Now that I’m in good shape, my goal is to keep it… and to get stronger. The path wasn’t easy at the time, but looking back, it seemed to fly by and all of it was worth it.

    My problem now is not that I need motivation, but that I need to take time off, esp right now as I have a cold coming on. Almost as soon as I finish a workout, I am thinking of the next one! And I know I must give myself time off.

    Well, this time my body told me so. We’re in the middle of moving, so I will be driving all day, and then moving stuff into storage and then driving back. I figure the moving of stuff will be a bit of a workout anyway, so I am trying to take it easy for now.

    So now, after 3 and half years, I can now do those unassisted cossack lunges! Many of the pains I had lived with for years have dissipated and my health is generally better than it has ever been.

    On a related subject.. when Marianne talked about how useless scales were, I have to agree. I gained about 7 lbs in the last 6 months, and I was thinking, “Oh horrors!” But my clothes still fit the same, so the weight was mostly muscle, which is fine by me.

    The other flip side of being in better shape is that I can ‘afford’ to splurge every now and then and eat ice cream, or some sweet treat and not worry. Its not a regular thing, as fried and carb rich foods don’t agree with me anyway.

    So while older people around me are deteriorating and getting fat, I am getting better! Now that’s the way to grow old. And I am sure that helps my general disposition too!

    ~ Gillian

  5. Marianne, you don’t just inspire women, but all of us. Retired military who still tries to stay motivated and benefits greatly from your ideas, workouts and motivation! Love that you don’t preach, love that you are not dogmatic, just present common sense good, usable stuff. And you lead by example. Rock on Marianne! You are the best.

  6. Not related to this post specifically — but a great day for Northern Ireland athletics — Rory wins and is at #1.

  7. What an amazing motivater and role model you are. I so appreciate the time you took to put together this video. You shared some amazing tips for those who may feel they are slacking or unmotivated. I know for me my motivation comes from seeing changes in strength with my own body. I love the feeling of being strong therefore I LISTEN always to my body. I have certainly cut back on my cardio but its my guilty pleasure too! I havebeen doing 1-2 days of HIIT and thats it!

    Keep doing what you are doing!! xox

  8. I find working out at home eliminates most of my excuses to getting off my butt. No trip to the gym, just head downstairs and get it done. I really can’t find an excuse to take a quick 20 minutes to workout. I also find your workout’s Marianne and others online (, ultimate sandbag, trx) are great to get me going. Though I have to admit that somedays I need so much external motivation that I spend a long time online before I actually get to working out. Ha Ha. Finally as I have gained strength, I want more. I want to find out just how strong I can get. I really wish I had been more consistent when I was younger (almost 47). I guess it’s not too late.

  9. What motivates me ha – fear of menopause lol. I love feeling strong and if I feel a bit slack I always just go to the gym and a miracle happens when I get there. I get motivated just walking in the door. The gym is my happy place :). I have gotten over my fear and intimidation of all the men in the weight room and figure I pay my membership just like they do!! Funnily enough they are not that scary and actually helpful. I think i had created them as monsters in my own mind. My hope is that one day there are as many women as men in the heavy area of Thanks for this blog Marianne I’m going to steal Kathy’s“So I guess you don’t want it THAT bad, huh?” love it!!

  10. My motivation is primarily my weight, but the necessity is my hormones. Like many others I find if I miss a training day I am extremely cranky that day. When I stop training completely I find myself tired all the time and generally in a bad mood. With three kids and going back to school full time I need as much energy as I can get.

    I’m proud to say I’ve been going consistently to the gym 2-3 times per week since November 23, 2011. This is the longest stretch of consistency at a gym I’ve ever had. I have to say a big part of that was finding the right time to go. I joined a 24 hour gym and get up at 4:30 am on training days. To be honest, I’m not sure HOW I manage other than I find it’s a necessity rather than an option…oh and an afternoon nap even if only for 20-30 minutes.
    One big source of motivation is knowing I’m not alone. When Nia Shanks came out with her Beautiful Badass program I knew I had to try it. That’s what led me to you and to the Girls Gone Strong. I can’t express how much motivation I pull from all of you!

    I’m still working on motivation with my eating. I’ve been doing better the last couple of weeks, but it’s the one thing I struggle with the most. I’m trying a new approach…I’m trying to change the way I look at food. I COULD have this but I’m choosing this smarter thing instead. I also have to keep reminding myself it’s going to take time.

    I have to say I like Kathy’s suggestion of trash talk and I’m def going to give that a try!

  11. Great video! Having others around to keep me honest is motivational for me. I love lifting and KBs. I go to a Muay Thai/MMA gym so every workout is tough and I love that.

    Everyone from coaches to participants are encouraging, motivating and very helpful.

    I love lifting with the guys cause they don’t treat me like I’m a “girl” or an old woman(I’m 52 btw) and that inspires me even more.

    1. Also, I use to have a goal of being x weight. Now, just being strong and watching my shape shift is extremely motivating.

  12. Motivation is something that I struggle with daily. I have never loved to exercise but finally, when I was training for my figure model competition I did start to enjoy it. Sadly, after the show I feel into the “on season/off season” mindset and I lost that feeling of enjoyment. Working hard to get it back lately but I am still doing something a few days a week. I am trying to really establish some concrete goals to help keep me motivated that are NOT aesthetic.

    – Be an example to my children. Show them being active is FUN and essential for a healthy, balanced life.

    – Practice what I preach! (sometimes it is easier to motivate others than myself)

    – When I train it helps me focus on eating healthy foods that nourish my body and support my training.

    – Get strong! Up my deadlifts (and perfect my form)

    – Do REAL unassisted chins and eventually pullups

    – Do 50 consecutive pushups

    – Ultimately my goal is to have my training be a part of my life, that enhances it, but not have my life revolve around it 🙂


  13. Marianne,

    First of all your workouts have been a huge motivator for me. I started using a kettlebell, based on your workouts. So thank you!
    Anyway, I am also someone who needs to prove to myself and others when at the gym so I do feel I push myself harder when there.
    I do have my own workout room at home, which I think that is a motivator in itself because everything is there waiting for me. I do alot of circuit and interval type training so I use the Gym boss timer and put on some Pandora radio and the time goes by some fast and I can focus on a couple of body parts and do 12 circuits repeated twice and I get a great workout. I like that better than counting the reps. Not to sound vain, but I find if you have a part of your body that you see a change in or are proud of (like our abs or shoulders) make sure you see that part of your body when working out in a mirror it will motivate you and remind you that with hard work you can improve your physique and that your commitment pays off. Thanks again, Marianne, for our honesty and motivational tips to help us all stay on track!!

  14. Hey Marianne, I must say that recently discovering you all over at Girls Gone Strong has been A HUGE motivator for me this week. I’ve had a rather tough couple of weeks at work where I’ve been working back late and just not getting myself out to my usual training sessions at the gym. It’s horrible to feel yourself get into that downward cycle.
    Thankfully I haven’t been totally slack as I’ve been out running on the weekends and completing some training at home using my trusty kettlebell, swiss ball and dumbbells. I’m focused again to get back into it next week, time to get that work/life balance right again!

    So how do I keep motivated?
    1. Set Goals
    As well as training goals where I’m looking to beat my personal bests I also have other goals I use as motivators. Mine include: feeling good in a bikini on our upcoming Summer Holiday in June (I know very cliche, but mine’s not about getting skinny, but getting lean with a six pack!), completing the 3 peak challenge in 24 hours (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mt Snowdon) and running my first half marathon race.
    2. Keep it varied with new challenges
    This is where Tribesports ( comes into play. On the site I sign up to complete different challenges each week like “50 push up a day for 7 days”, “3 minute plank for 7 days” or “Run 5km in less than 25 minutes”. The great thing about the site is the fantastic encouragement you get from fellow members and the ability to share your training woes and get some advice when you need it. That’s where I also found Girls Gone Strong via a comment from one of the members!
    3. Weekly timetable
    When I’ve got a few challenges to complete I like to mark them down on a timetable which I can cross off each day (there’s something rather satisfying about crossing a daily task off the list!). It’s also a great way to get inspired to do a little bit extra, seeing the reps and exercises written down I often find myself filling gaps by completing another set of squats!
    4. Be a role model
    You referred to this in your video and it’s so true. From being seen training at the gym, out running, cycling or even in conversation with other people you never know who you might be able to inspire.
    5. Proving people wrong
    Raised eyebrows and other passing comments of doubt are a great motivator for me. Being vegan I especially get quite a few surprised comments from people who don’t think I would be getting enough protein in my diet to be able to train. That’s another reason why building my muscle definition is so important to me, to show people in a physical form that being vegan doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy or weak!

    I’m really looking forward to reading more about your experiences and watching your videos, thanks for providing such a great inspiration!

    And also thanks to both you and the girls at GGS i’m now looking forward to incorporating alot more weight training into my routine, just wish I had more people like you down at the gym!

    Cheeta x

  15. Well actually I haven’t been very motivated this week, and ultimately I think any kind of motivation boils down to internal motivation, I’m seldom motivated externally, except for situations where people think I can’t do something, then yeah, like you, I want to go out there and prove them wrong. Most of the time I’m just motivated because I want to look good, I want to feel good, and I remember this saying “You’ll regret not working out, but you will never regret working out.”

    I find it a lot easier to get motivated to go to the gym and lift weights because I love lifting heavy and clanging it down, but I can’t get motivated to do HIIT at all. The only kind of cardio I ever like is anything dance-y, but it’s hard for me to go to classes outside because of the timings.

  16. Hi Marianne,
    I love your videos.

    I’ve been sitting on my ass for more than a year, so I’m totally new to body weight training.

    Being new to fitness, I often get stuck thinking, “What’s the point? I’m not getting anywhere”.
    But then this little quote also motivates me: “You’ve got to Burn to Shine.”

    I’ve had to learn to be patient and keep going!

    Your videos motivate me as well. I visit your site whenever I need inspiration. 🙂

  17. What does it for me? I want to live a long healthy life. I have seen what life can bring if you dont and I dont want any part of it. The job I retired from sucked 20 yrs out of me, well I want to live as many as I can and ad healthy as I can. Dont want to limit what I can do in life. So staying healthy and eating well is a great start.

  18. I actually just blogged about one of my motivators…surrounding myself with like minded people. It has helped me tremendously to have a strong support system, both in day to day life and in my online life. Reading blogs about how others are working out and such is great motivation as is emailing friends about where we are in our workouts and such.

  19. Out if almost all the reasons listed, these would apply to me most. I get up and go the gym because :

    – I get the feeling that I have done something good for myself and my body

    – I get the endorphins high! Weights will never let you down on that one, I’m always happier when I leave the
    Gym, nothing else in life gives you that guarantee

    – I enjoy being a bad ass and making some guys embarrassed ( I’m usually the only girl in the weights area)

    – I can see the progress – feeling stronger, Lifting heavier and looking better

    – Marianne as a person and her fantastic work outs – they prove anything is possible… A massive thank you for guidance and inspiration

    And if I’m sluggish about going to the gym, I just stop thinking and I start getting dressed, then it’s too late and I’m on the bus. It’s about planning one thing at a time, not thinking about the whole effort that has to be made.

    So that’s me and my motivation. Good luck to those unmotivated…yet :))

  20. My motivations have changed a great deal over the years. When I was younger I just used to enjoy doing active things and working out – weight loss was an added bonus and I got down to a nice size 12. I was always a large size 12 so used to wear 14’s to feel comfortable. I honestly never thought I could be much smaller and almost just assumed that was MY size.
    I went through a few years of just doing random things, short runs, gym work but not really understanding and so not gaining much benefit but still enjoying it.
    When I returned from travelling in 2007 at the age of 25 I started doing local boot camps and decided to take a gym instructor course so I started to get a bit more understanding. Then in 2008 after overcoming a knee injury I started running again and progressed to do my first 10km run in August and 1st 10 mile run in October. I was also doing my boot camps and had got down to a nicely toned size 10/12 which amazed me! I started dating a PT and he got me into doing weights the year after (after I had completed another 10 mile run very fast) and so I cut back on cardio and worked on my weights which amazed me. I loved how it got my heart rate going and kinda got me giddy! It was great.
    At the same time I had started to train as a nurse but after 3 months I realised that this was not the job for me….. I left my course and as there were no jobs at that time I decided to take a full time course in Personal Training to gain more knowledge and so I didn’t just sit around doing nothing.
    I LOVED this course and gained so much knowledge. Now I feel that I am a very motivated person 1. like you I do not want to go back to who I was, 2. I feel guilty if I don’t, 3. it always makes me feel good and a more recent 4. all these strong girls on GGS or here etc have inspired me to train more in kettlebells and weight lifting!
    Anyway, long story so will leave it there. I want to be the best I can be and so should everyone else.

  21. What drives me to train:
    -stress relief (it’s my “me time”)
    -wanting to improve my performance (I want to deadlift 2-3X my bodyweight like all of you Girls Gone Strong and do more than 5 pull ups!)
    -grow old gracefully (although being this active over the age of 40 isn’t easy as my body is starting to fall apart…the physiotherapist is my BFF ha ha!)
    -yes, I like to raise the eyebrows of the “bros” at the gym by hauling around dumbbells and weight plates equal to my own body weight 🙂 I’ve been compared to a squirrel (apparently a small but strong animal) heh heh!

    And, thanks to you and your videos, I really enjoy working out/training and feeling fit and healthy!

    Surrey, BC Canada

    1. Haha! I like the squirrel comment “small but mighty” hehe. Cute!

      Love the “grow old gracefully” I am with you there. I know I am not old, but the feeling of getting older can do strange things to people LOL. I will be 30 in a few months and many of my friends panic about this number; I am celebrating it, because 30 is feeling more and more like it could be the start of the best time of my life. I believe we should all have this outlook; that the best is yet to come because it makes you feel so empowered to keep working at everything. I wish I had said this in the video, because I want to see more women take up strength training in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s +, because you are never too old to be a Girl Gone Strong 🙂

      FYI, my mum has FINALLY started a strength training home program I designed for her and she is already feeling the results after only 1 week! I hope she reads all these comments.

      Oh and Wendy, I respect your deadlift goal, because I have yet to pull x2 BW LOL. I am probably the only GGS who hasn’t 🙁 I got near to it once, but numbers change like waves sometimes. Keep us all updated on your progress … I am excited for you 😀

      1. There is an older woman I see regularly at the gym – she must be around 70 years old. She and I have exchanged words about the importance of lifting weights and how it helps one as one gets older. She and I would be the only two women in the free weights area while the younger women are on the cardio machines or doing their ab exercises.

        As for my deadlift goal, I was hoping to reach 2x bodyweight by now, but I pulled by right latissimus dorsi and had to stop while my physiotherapist worked on it. I am currently pulling 1.5x bodyweight, so 2x BW will happen…summer? end of the year? I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  22. I was not very motivated this past year after a major surgury took away all of my progress and the 20 lbs that I had lost prior to the surgery. I won’t go into the excuses, because we all know what they are. But the two things that I have done to get myself back on track are these:
    1. I have joined the Functional Cross Training group at my gym. Since I have to sign up for a spot, (there are a limited number of participants)I am more likely to show up as a form of accountability and committment for the leader if not for myself.
    2. I used to have the goal of ** lbs. But now I have changed my thinking because just a number is not very motivating. So my goal is to begin strength training again as I did in my 30’s (I am currently 53) to feel great and have my clarity back. And there is ALWAYS more you can do and up your goals when you use strength!

    Thank you Marianne, you and the Girls Gone Strong have helped me find my direction (again!) and are helping to keep me focused!

    1. This is a great plan! I like what you are doing and well done for getting back on track with your goals 🙂 What I like is that you took away the lbs, so now you can stay focused on what you can do.


  23. Two main things have kept me going recently. One I am tired of feeling like shite all the time. I usually tolerate my chunkiness, but as of this last year I have been feeling lethargic and gross. Frankly, enough is enough! The other big motivator has been GGS. All the blogs, workouts, tips inspire me so much to be a better me. Especially you and Nia. Your workouts get me pumped and make me want to train. Because you make your blogs more personal I feel more obligated to try harder to push myself. Unlike those commercial videos where you feel there is no connection so no biggie if you want to slack off. Thanks as always Marianne!

    1. Thank you Raylene. GGS is a huge motivator for me too. Oh and I am soo glad that you can relate to us and feel part of something. But I am sorry that you feel so lethargic. Does your training help with this? Nia and I are working together on a project right now that will combine what Beautiful Badass and Myomytv do best 😀

      1. Thanks for replying (exactly what I was talking about). Yes, the training has helped a 100 fold. (For example) I have been giving myself one morning off a week and though I know it is good for my body I always feel a little less energetic those days. Anyhow, can’t wait to see what you and Nia come up with (very excited). Cheers!

  24. I find motivation by wanting to be a strong woman inside and out (My hubs will say I’m just strong-willed lol). And of course your workouts and honesty help motivate me as well! Thanks for all you do!

  25. What keeps me motivates is the fact that I know training keeps me Happy! I find that if I slack off for days at a time, I can easily slip into a depressive slump. Feel gloomy, moody and eat horribly. I also start to ache and feel stiff.

    As long as I stay active, I feel great! That is enough to keep me motivated. I also have a slight heart condition MVP/PVCs and I also found that training at least 4 days a week seems to keep it under control for some reason. If I slack off, the heart palps get worse. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but i’m sticking with it.

    Another one of my motivations is to set a good example for my kids. I try my hardest to instill in them the importance of being healthy and fit. I’m hoping my dedication and determination pays off. (they’re 13 & 14 now and think their mama is coo-coo..but hopefully one day it’ll sink in. lol)

    OK, I have to confess, I want to look GOOD in a bikini this
    summer (turning 40 next month ya know!) and be able to show off some newly aquired muscle definition. So that is part of my motivation too. But who doesn’t want to look good right?!

    I like Kathy’s idea. I’m going to have to ask myself that question the next time I feel the lazies coming on and see how well it works!

  26. So many motivations…
    – watching yours and other fitness videos on youtube
    – finding something that is a challenge and working towards it like say being able to do 100 pushups or trying to reduce my time for something like 100 burpees
    – seeing weight reduce or strength/muscle increase (I recall a young gym-freak lad being quite shocked when he asked to check out my “guns”!)
    – being around others working out – especially as a benchmark
    – (being very honest!) a little showing off (okay I said it!)
    – working out in a mixed environment is much more fun I think

    Best tips:-
    – if possible, have a regular pattern for working out e.g. regular days
    – try to avoid the excuse of “I don’t feel like it today” – get down to the gym anyway and you will often be surprised by how you feel when you’re actually there
    – do some classes (spinning, whatever) – it can be more fun with others
    – mix up your training, try something different, keep your body guessing
    – if you’re at the gym and your body really is having an off day, just do 20 minutes!
    – enjoy the feeling of being fit(ter)and healthier
    – remember its good for you!

  27. Well my motivation had deff been weight loss.
    I was a 39 year old male 5’9″ and 290 lbs eek!
    I’m currently 180 lbs and love to train! A couple
    of reasons, one not wanting to go back to my old
    habits and weight. And two the endorphin rush
    I get from training has been a huge anti depressant
    I also really enjoy the gym for the atmosphere even
    carrying my person kettlebells there to do my workouts
    Just seems like I work harder in the gym.

  28. I tend to push myself harder and do more work at a gym- for the same reasons you gave 🙂 I occasionally do home workouts but i can tell that I tend to give up faster and earlier. I guess if I was making a video of myself at home (like you do for your wrkout videos) I wouldnt slack off. When I am getting ready to go to the gym, i usually put on some great music to pump myself up as well. I admit that when Im working out at the gym, I HAVE to have my ipod on. I cant workout without music.

    Lately though, I have become addicted to trying new workouts, so I am looking forward each day to the gym to try something new out. I know it won’t always be that way, because there are times when I get bored or in a slump. I did your Full Body KB Couplet wrkout the other day and my arms are STILL sore from the suitcase ddlft burpee. Great wrkout!

    I do have a question- my lower back cannot seem to handle heavy deadlifts or heavy kb swings. I have critiqued my form over and over but still have pain the next day. Im thinking I should accept it and move on and just be happy I can do so many other exercises. Any input about that? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hey Chanin, do you perform much glute activation drills and hip mobility exercises? This might help your problem. That, and lowering the weight will help.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      1. Marianne, I am going to work on my glutes a bit more and see if that helps. I do have a bad back from gymnastics years ago, so I am just going to be careful. I may just have to settle for doing light ddlfts. Thanks for your videos and advice 🙂

        1. chanin, i too HAD this problem, and like u i watched form till blue in face

          i have stong glutes and do alot of hip work but still couldnt figure out wat was wrong and was suffering lower back pain (i have issues here also with discs)was v unhappy with lack of progress in increasing weight. on looking at a blog i discovered, i was pullin up the weight firstly with my back AND THEN ACTIVATING HIPS/GLUTES. so to the eye the form was correct but not so(one would hardly notice . i now repeat “all hips” when driving up , and make a conscious effort not to pull the weight with my lower back and its working i didnt realise i was doing it its falling into place for me finally 🙂

      2. Gidday Marianne
        Very interested in your latest comments on motivation. I think it depends on the type of personality you have and wether you use weights as a supplament or as your main form of exersise. Weight loss was not a big enough reason for me to start being active again in my early forties. So I really enjoyed running when I was young so away I went. Two things motivated me at that time. One was chasing PBs and if you put your hard earned cashinto an entry fee then if all else failed it was what I fell back on,it was like a commitment and you better see it through (there would be trouble from my better half otherwise!!)As Iv’e continued along my journey(now 59) I have completed 16 Ironman Triathlons 35 Marathons and 6 Ultra’s. I consider all this to be a journey with alot of ups and downs. I do have days like you when I couldn’t be bothered.My motivation has changed and adding weights as a supplament has opened up a world of new info,techniques results so always try and find something new something to add. I read the book Born to Run which I found fascinating and now for the last 12 months I have been running barefoot. Again new interest, researchand the realisation that I have become an experiment of one. Trying new and different things always on the lookout. Thats how I found your website because I was interested in KBs. My personality helps me abit too as I always want to improve there is always something you can do to be better. You know and along the way without realising it I lost weight and I am happy with that. So get into something you like. Keep weight issues in the back of your mind, if you become a regular at whatever you choose weight will take care of itself. People are always looking for “the secret”. The secret is enjoy what you do and do it consistantly and it never hurts to be competative along the way.
        Cheers from Australia Gerard Santamaria

  29. I recently joined crossfit and find it a fantastic motivator. All I have to do us turn up and everything falls into place! Training in that group environment really pushes me to better any previous workouts and PBs which all have to be meticulously recorded. It also a great motivation to beat others too. And it does feel GREAT when I can front squat more than some of the men!! ( not very fit men, but men nonetheless!!). All in all it has really focused me, and when I see good changes in my body, it motivates me even more 🙂

  30. The following motivates me:

    •Marianne’s video’s
    •Muscle & Fitness Magazine
    •Cold weather (good for sweating & warming up)
    •Summer is coming (want to look good at the pool/beach)
    •Want to surprise my neighbors
    •Bodybuilding video’s on YouTube
    •Habit (get up & work out the same time of the day—everyday)
    •Goal of seeing how far my body will transform with all of this work
    •My Mother constantly saying “can you sustain this pace?”
    •Stress relief

  31. Whenever I don’t feel like working out, I trash talk myself a bit like– “So I guess you don’t want it THAT bad, huh?” I picture my goal, and that’s usually enough for me to get going. Just that one question: “How bad do you want it?” is enough to challenge me to prove myself wrong. When you realize that you are the only thing standing between you and your goal, that helps too LOL.

  32. What an apt video! I’ve been “off” training for a while until last week and now I have my motivation back I don’t want to let it go.

    I must admit my motivation is 50% appearance based (friend’s birthday end of the month and want to wear a nice dress) and 50% fitness based (I’ve just started running and I’ve loved seeing my distance and time improve).

    Like you, I don’t like people to think I can’t do something so as soon as people start doubting me, it spurs me on to get out and run/get to the gym. I used to like to look good for others but since finding it was about how I felt, that massively changed my outlook on training at all.

    Love your blog and use it as inspiration. Keep up the good work as I can relate to what you are saying and it helps massively. x

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