Episode 5: Wee3 Workouts Rock

by Marianne  - October 4, 2016

Another Wee3 Workout to keep you on track with train in general or a specific goal. Today I chose 3 exercises that I felt provided a little more balance as a full body workout.

While I decided not to use my Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer, some of you may decide to set this up with intervals rather than set reps.


The Workout Breakdown:

Complete 3 rounds of the following with breaks as needed:

  1. Vertical Pull Burpee: 3×10 reps
  2. Inverted Row: 3×10 reps
  3. Hip Thrust: 3×20 reps

Modify or substitute as needed and remember, the point is not to do something that seems like too big a mountain to climb; the point is to accomplish consistency.

Before you go:



PS – If you buy a gymboss through text or banner links on my pages, I will earn a wee bit of money for that. I have been a gymboss affiliate since 2010 because I loved them then and I love them now. Especially because it one more thing I can operate that’s not on my phone.

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