Wee Workout #3 + Blooper

by Marianne  - September 21, 2016

These are super short workouts that can be done at home. Just 3 exercises and you’re done!

Today’s workout was pretty tough to film. Not only did I have to redo the workout part after my camera cut out, but I then ended up in one of the most epic blooper spiels ever… essentially, I messed up and just let the camera roll until I got it right o_O

The Workout


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for (I think) 4 cycles of 20 seconds rest / 40 seconds effort or do 12 total cycles for greater intensity.

  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust
  2. Alternating Row
  3. Mountain Climber

And the Blooper 😐


Being consistent with the things we want is very challenging. For me, doing video used to be a way of life, but over the last 2 years, life, illness and many changes got in the way. Now that I’m in a healthier mindset again and am more settled, creating content consistently has become very important to me. Just like I’m sure starting exercise or a healthier habit might be important for you.

We can often feel like a failure or like “I must just be lazy” when, we claim something is important to us, yet we don’t follow-through. Let me reassure you: It’s not because you’re lazy!! Or, like I’ve often done “If I’m making a comeback, then I have to be even better than before”. This only creates a huge amount of pressure on me and, of course, I will fall short. But I have learned there are better ways to ensure success AND a feeling of accomplishment that keeps me taking one step after the next without feeling bad about myself.

There will be a way to get past or through what ever it is you’re struggling with, too.

I’d love to hear from you about what you’re dealing with right now. What are some of the things you’re struggling with? And what have you done that’s helped you? Either leave a comment below or reply to my welcome email when you sign up for my Museletter:


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The Fourth Wee Workout

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