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by Marianne  - June 6, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am so glad to be back! What a long week in work, but I am now off on holiday for the next 9 days, so I will be dedicating more time to coming up with more new workouts.

I want to remind you that I do these workouts in conjunction with other kettlebell classes, and the odd weight session and cardio in the gym. Although I prefer these workouts, I like variety and a change of scenery too.

It is possible to look great by doing short, intensive workouts 5-6 days a week, but you need to be extremely strict with your diet to achieve this. For most of us (especially me) this is too big a sacrifice. No way could I survive on less food 🙂 But I am able to live with adapting the type of food I eat. Time will tell how I get on.

The Workout

It consists of 2 sections, one of 5 kettlebell exercises and the other of 5 bodyweight exercises. The 2 sections are then repeated.

This workout lasts 20 minutes and can be adapted to suit those who don’t have kettlebells, by performing the body weight section a total of 4 times. There is a great mix of resistance, cardio, explosive and core exercises in this workout that will not only burn fat, but will strengthen and stabilise the muscles, improving tone, co-ordination and balance.

I set my Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer for 20 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds MAX effort. The 20 seconds rest is just enough time to write down your reps and change position.

The exercises and my reps are :

Section 1 (Kettlebells)

  1. Double KB Reverse Lunges ( 14 – 11 )
  2. 2 Handed KB Swings ( 30 – 31 )
  3. KB Single-leg Deadlifts (right) ( 13 – 12 )
  4. KB Single-leg Deadlifts (left) ( 11 – 12 )
  5. Double KB Push Presses ( 12 – 12 )

Section 2 (Body Weight)

  1. Push Up into Alternate Side Bridges ( 10 – 9 )
  2. Dynamic Squats ( 26 – 24 )
  3. Pike Push Ups ( 9 – 7 )
  4. Power Jacks ( 12 – 11 )
  5. Plank Climbers ( 14 – 15 )

A quick note about the Pike Push ups.  I used my stability ball to advance the exercise, but if you don’t have a stability ball, or it’s too difficult, you can perform this exercise from the ground ( as I did in my Summer Body Blitz Workout ), or you can use a chair to elevate your position.

Let me know how you all did in comparison to me, and I will be back very soon with a new workout.


PS – If you buy a gymboss through text or banner links on my pages, I will earn a wee bit of money for that. I have been a gymboss affiliate since 2010 because I loved them then and I love them now. Especially because it one more thing I can operate that’s not on my phone.

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  1. Good day to you! I am just starting to look at incorporating bodyweight workouts into my rotations and love your site! I start after next week since I’m finishing up a rotation, then I’ll be incorporating these types of workouts in between my 10K training runs!

    I may be back asking more questions, but I’ll view the workout first and see if you answer them! I wouldn’t want to be redundant!

  2. Great! I will be looking forward to the new KB workout! I hope you don’t think I was dissing your bodyweight workouts at all. I just got some kettlebells recently and was searching on Youtube for techniques and came across your videos. I liked the way you demonstrated better than the dozens of others I watched….plus a lot of them were more “showy” than the grit I was looking for. I will definitely check out your bodyweight videos as well!

    1. Not at all Missy. I like to include a mixture because some viewers don’t have kettlebells, and I don’t want to leave anyone out 🙂 I did a brutal KB workout on Monday and also one today . Maybe you’ve already seen them.

      I am hoping to have another new workout up on Friday, so stay tuned. Let me know what you think of the new workouts 🙂

  3. Ok I finally did this workout, wasn’t too please with my performance on some of it, and then the video kept freezing up, even when i viewed it on youtube. so i didn’t do the pushup-with alternate side bridges, because i couldn’t see how to do them. ha ha
    here are my crappy #’s compared to yours.

    reverse lunges 11, 11
    2 handed swing 15,15 12 pounds
    single leg left, 7, 9
    single leg right 9,9
    dkb press 11, 11 8 pounds

    dynamic squats, 11, 12
    pike pushups 7, 6 ( these are hard for me
    power jacks, 20,20
    plank climbers 8 , 10 i love these, although they are tough.

    Your numbers are way higher than mine…….. put although i feel like i’m strong alot of this is still fairly new to me.

    Somehow i didn’t get my tabata timer set up correctly so i was done in ten minutes, i did all the exercises two times through, so not sure what i did wrong. I have never done that before. ha ha so since i screwed up, i just added some stuff and is as follows

    100 swings with 12# kb
    12# 23 SIDE TWIST
    12# 10 L CRUNCHES
    8# 10 WINDMILLS
    12# 20 SIDEBENDS
    12# EACH SIDE , 8 SNATCH.
    8 #

    1. Hi Ed, LOL – when I jumped up and clapped my hands together I was practically in the tree above. It didn’t show on camera, but little twigs and leaves were falling on me 😉 It would’ve been even funnier if I had squashed a bug though!

  4. silly me, i saw that after i posted. ha ha, oh well.
    also i wanted to ask you , do you know what’s up with
    mellisa, haven’t seen her post a new video in a while.
    over a week. hope she’s ok, saw she was having some shoulder issues

    1. Hey Tempest,

      I made a note at the bottom of the workout write-up which offers alternatives. A pike is simply that inverted “V” position, I used the stability ball to advance it. You can use a chair, stool, of just do it from the ground. 🙂

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