Adam’s Kick-Ass Kettlebell Challenge – Extreme Home Workouts!

by Marianne  - June 8, 2011

Hi everyone,

I am back today with another workout from the “Challenge ME” series and Adam’s workout was calling me. The last couple of days I have been training really hard and my butt, quads, shoulders and triceps are slightly sore from some extreme plyometrics and push ups – so I was a little slow to get started with this. Once I got warmed up though I was ok.

Me being me and a stickler for detail, I did modify this workout slightly compared to the original.Β  I changed the order of the exercises, I added a new exercise and I changed some of the reps and the time intervals for the Tabata.

This workout is great for building strength, improving form and conditioning. So if you are wanting to get in shape, get strong, lose fat, then this is a great workout to do.

The Breakdown

Complete 2 rounds of the following 8 exercises. Choose a challenging weight.Β  I used 14kg (white), 16kg (yellow) and 20kg (grey) today, and I found the 16kg very challenging in places! I can feel that I need a day off.

  1. KB Goblet Squat x 15 reps
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing x 30 reps
  3. KB Thruster (right) x 15 reps
  4. KB Thruster (left) x 15 reps
  5. KB Renegade Row x 16 – 20 reps
  6. KB Snatch (right) x 15 reps
  7. KB Snatch (left) x 15 reps
  8. Alternating Single-Leg Hip Thrusts x 30 reps


Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort. Complete 2 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

  1. Burpees (no push up)
  2. Dynamic Push Ups
  3. Side to Side Step Ups
  4. Mountain Climbers

GREAT WORKOUT ADAM! Thanks for your ideas – though I still hate the KB snatch, it totally psyches me out for some reason GRR!

Now I HAVE to mention my new Gymboss Interval Timer. I got the Gymboss MAX and I LOVE IT!!!! The clip on my original one has been broken for ages and I wanted a new one. Looked at getting a different colour, but was sold when I saw the easy navigation and all the great functions of the MAX. It is far superior to the old one. It does cost a bit more, but I think it’s worth it.

I am not one for trying to sell you anything, and I am an affiliate for Gymboss (so I could be bias) BUT, the old one was very annoying to set up, this one is so easy. If you are considering getting a Gymboss, then I would recommend the Gymboss MAX over the original. Plus the beep isn’t as loud and annoying.

Of course there are plenty of free applications for interval timers and stop watches for mobile phones, so there is no real need to buy one, so don’t feel you need a Gymboss just because I use one πŸ™‚

That’s nearly it for today… Adam wasn’t satisfied with setting this challenge for me, so he sent me this message on Facebook today:

“Marianne, I dug out you Spartan 300 from July last year. The only thing I changed was 20KG on the deadlift and 16KG for the remainder. The snatches I did your version from last week where the bell is place back on the floor (I find this allows for a really explosive lift). When I watched your video I noticed how much your swing has changed. Back then you had little tilt and snap going on. I did the 300 in 23 minutes. MY CHALLEGE TO YOU IS TO BEAT MY TIME AND TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR OWN PERFORMANCE IN THE LAST 11 MONTHS! Good luck, Adamski”

Who wants to join me in taking up this challenge. The snatches can be either variation, but I will be doing the dead snatch, coz I love it!

That’s it people, I will be posting my new attempt at Spartan 300 probably early next week (as I am working now for 3 nights), so we will see if I beat my old time and Adams πŸ˜€




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Beautiful Strength - Emma Challenged Me - Kettlebell Workout!

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  1. Wondering if I did the “Tabata” portion correctly.

    Each exercise is 20 sec immediately followed by 10 sec break? Go through it twice to complete a round?

    Burpees (no push up) – 20sec
    REST – 10 sec
    Dynamic Push Ups – 20sec
    REST – 10 sec
    Side to Side Step Ups – 20sec
    REST – 10 sec
    Mountain Climbers – 20sec
    REST – 10 sec
    REPEAT ONCE MORE to complete round.

  2. OK Adam, I completed my VO2Max workout with a 12KG bell for 50 sets of 7. With 15/15 rest work, that puts me at 350 total reps in 24:45, with # 301 at 21:15. Did this on wed 6/22. It was all I could do, and I had bruises afterwards, so my form degraded. Per this protocol, I am working up to 80 sets total, or 560 reps, with 15 seconds work/rest where I can put the bell down.

    I was going to go for 200 reps in 10 min or less today, but I was still tired, so I quit at 80. For 100 reps I went non-stop with sets of 10, in about 4:45. For anything higher, I figured I would need to rest, but abiding by the ‘you cannot put the bell down at all’ rule, I held lockouts for about 10 seconds a couple of times for set of 80 I just did. I am going to have to work on that. Doing this non-stop is way different from doing it 15/15 as you can’t get any rest at all.

    I figure it will take me two to three more weeks to work up to 300 reps without putting the bell down.

    I love snatches: I think they truly are the most demanding single exercise (TGUs a close second, though they require more flexibility). Thanks for the challenge!

    ~ Gillian

  3. Ok I finally got around to doing this workout.
    1. KB Goblet Squat x 15 reps 12kg
    2. alt KB Swing x 30 reps using 16kg then 2 handed 20kg
    3. KB Thruster (right) x 15 reps 12kg
    4. KB Thruster (left) x 15 reps 12kg
    5. KB Renegade Row x 16 2 16kg reps
    6. KB Snatch (right) x 15 reps 8kg
    7. KB Snatch (left) x 15 reps 8kg
    8. Alternating Single-Leg Hip Thrusts x 30 reps

    and then I went to the local park and did a butt busting cardio skip rope extravaganza.
    1 minute of rest
    3 minutes of skipping in as many styles as I could handle
    I did 6 rounds total for a nice burn.
    thank you for the challenge Adam. I really needed something to get me back on track, this took care of it, I will probably be in some real pain tomorrow.
    I ate a big spinach salad for dinner and a small amount of buckwheat noodles with in great spirits!

  4. I had anothre bash at this today, pushing the weight up to 20’s other than the renegades. The base on the 20’s was rather small and I kept toppling over on the rows, I dropped it to a fatter-based pair of 16’s. I took my time and concentrated on technique. My strength is increasing quite quickly. I will have a bash at 24’s pretty soon.

    How about this for a variation on the renegades, my abs flinched at the sight of this exercise


    1. Hey Adam, good for you doing this again!!!

      That version looks tough, but her form isn’t great. They say the core stability is more important, then why use such heavy weight! She was not rowing with full range of movement. If she had just lowered the weight, she would have challenged her core just as much, is not more (rotary stability) and worked the row πŸ™ But good exercise.


  5. Hi Marianne,
    Loved this workout..thanks Adam. Nice day here in L.A. so I did this in the yard. I used 20kg, would have liked 24kg for swings and renegades, but 20’s the best I have at home. Still, great workout all around. I changed the tabata slightly throwing in slam ball for the dynamic pushups, and did the other hip raises, both feet on the ground? forget what they’re called..used a 16kg with this. for the 300 challenge, I’m in..even if my time is as crappy as for the 520 rep one that ws in the
    ..thanks again..

  6. I just did this and it was a great, albeit challenging way to finish a rough work week. Thanks to Adam for the routine. I used 18kg for most, but that turned out to be a tad heavy for the snatches where I only managed 8-9 reps :-(. Swings and Goblet Squats got the 24kg. Now I’m looking forward to some pizza!! πŸ˜€

  7. Hi Marianne, I find it very interesting to see your performance on the challenge of Spartan 300. It is a classic routine and a great test for anyone in love with the KB. Besides that, not made ​​for amateurs, is somewhat rude. I will be eager to see that soon bring us, as always will be something special and amazing, greetings.

  8. Dear Marianne,
    Have been visiting your website for a few months now after coming across you on you-tube. I’m relatively new to kettlebells and have been really impressed by your vids and equally impressed by your website. Consistently good advice, well explained and delivered, so inspiring….wish i’d discovered KB years ago. I’ve been trying to get onto the forum but am needing you to process my request…looking forward to joining. Like the latest vids..keep up the good work!!

    1. Hey Dayl, thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ I am glad that you are enjoying my site and hope you will join in over at the forum. Your account is now active πŸ˜€


  9. Wow! I am dying to try the Spartan one. Though, minus the swings & deadlifts, I’d use 12kg, not 16kg! The presses will be the hardest for me. Damn shoulders! You would think they’d be super strong from carrying kids all day. LOL. Maybe just over tired shoulders. πŸ™‚
    Marianne- can you see how cut you are now compared to last year when you did that workout?
    I am dying to be a superfit mom. Your site is getting me there. Tx!!!!! and tx Adam!

    1. Hey Gina, why minus the DL’s and Swings? The presses were so hard on this if I remember :/ so many! THEN pushups too! haha

      I don’t honestly know how I look more cut as I haven’t been trying to get leanner – maybe it’s just I’ve gained more muscle?? I don’t know, but I feel great and am happy with how I look – You will be a “Beautiful Badass” Superfit Mum πŸ˜€ Glad that I can do my small bit in helping you, but you are doing all the hard graft!

      Nia Shanks coined the Term Beautiful Badass and she is creating a site just for the celebration of BB’s all over the world! Nia has a website HERE at the min, but I can’t wait to see the new site. This girl is one STRONG lady!


      1. Oh – will check that site out for sure.

        I meant I can do the deadlifts and swings with a heavier weight – 16 and 20kg, but not the presses!

  10. Marianne you did great on the snatches.
    The spartan 300 challenge sounds great. I need to practice my snatches so this is really going to be a lot of fun. Between you guys and my trainer, I forsee much torture in the near future.

    Bianca it’s nice to see you commenting again, was wondering what had happened to you.

    Cheers to all


    1. Hi Mickela, thanks for worrying about me: too much work. That’s what it was.

      Nice to talk to you again.

      Bianca πŸ™‚

  11. I am up for the snatch challenge! I already managed 80 rounds of 15/15 work/rest with 10Kgs in sets of 7, which makes 560 reps in 40 minutes. (That was the VO2Max 15/15 protocol from Kenneth Jay’s Viking Warrior Conditioning.) I also managed 100 rounds with 10 Kg in about 4:45… but 300 rounds is a LOT more than 100!

    Just for fun… that’s 5720 pounds more work to do 300 rounds of 12 Kg vs 100 rounds of 10 Kg. (Try figuring out how many total pounds you push in a workout — its very revealing! Then add that up over a week for your poundage per week! Aim to increase this number each week.)

    I am doing 12 Kgs now, and I can’t go down in weight and still call it a challenge, so I’ll have work on 300 reps of 12 Kg. Today I did 20 rounds for a total of 140 reps in 10 minutes. If I can keep up that cadence I should be able to meet the challenge. I just have to build up to it and not get any more blisters!

    I want to do the workout you posted above, but I also want to do your Badass Beauty workout, so I have them in my queue of stuff to do ASAP!

    Thanks for lots more fun ideas!

    ~ Gillian

    1. You know, I never even thought if looking at it that way! Some total weight!

      Would love to have a “Challenge Me”, a “Class-Style” and a “Beautiful Badass” workout each week to do. Gillian, you have yet to set me a challenge πŸ˜› *please let it not have snatches* LOL!

      I’m gonna wish I never mentioned that haha!

      1. Dam right M, just to rub it in a little more – you were the one, just last week, extolling the the virtues of working on your weaknesses! I commit you to the “Beautiful-Badass Summer Snatch-Up”. Walk the walk – lol πŸ˜€

        1. Darn it! Is everything I say going to get thrown back in my face LOL!! πŸ˜› Like the title tho … But, there would be a big build up to me doing snatches with my 20kg and I’d come out and sound out a few mediocre reps with my 14kg – I’m tellin ya, there would be nothing beautiful or badass about that πŸ˜‰ haha! J/K, will give it go !

  12. Hi Marianne,

    I don’t understand why you keep saying that you hate the snatch: you are very good at it (and I personally love it).

    Very good work-out. And thanks for your reply in the other video.

    The Italian Inquisition is back (hopefully, work permitting).


    1. Hey Bianca, think it’s because it’s the most “judged” KB exercise, so the last thing I need is to have crappy form :-/ Guess I should just suck it up and practice it more haha!

      If I get time this weekend I will put together the progression Video.

      Glad you’re back πŸ˜€

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