Upper Body and Core | And a treat!

by Marianne  - March 20, 2016

Hi all,

There have been a few exciting and daunting changes going on here in the last few weeks. I’ll be sharing more about it in a different blog post.

First I wish to announce the official opening of Myomytv’s first apparel shop. It’s only taken me 6 years to finally put my stamp on something and I really hope you will enjoy wearing my logo and training poetry 😉 Check them out below!

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You can visit the full shop ==> HERE.

Men’s T-shirts can be accessed by clicking on the women’s T-shirt.

The workout today is purely upper body and core. I had hip pain when I filmed this and I decided, rather than not move at all, I could still do upper body exercises. It turned out well that I launch my tops on the day I did an upper body workout 🙂 The workout is a full version (well, two of 3 rounds) with instructions throughout. Round 1 has more coaching than the final one, so those who need more direction can get what they need. Remember to warm up and cool down!

The workout

Complete 3 Rounds:

  1. Band Press: x 8-12 reps
  2. Single Arm Row: x 8-12 reps (each side)
  3. Diagonal Knee Tuck: x 16-24 total reps
  4. T Push-Up: x 8-12 reps
  5. Long Lever/RKC Plank: x near max
  6. Bench Dips: x 8-12 reps

You will see in the video some suggestions of how to modify/substitute or regress the exercises.

This was a tough workout for me as my upper body strength is much less than it used to be. But I always enjoyed training upper body, so maybe I can include more ideas as I sometimes have to leave my lower body training.

Happy shopping!


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  1. Hey Marianne,

    first of all: It’s good you’re back. I’ve always been a huge admirer of your workouts.
    The upper body workout you just posted is like an answer to my prayers. Good timing!
    Anyway, I wanted to leave my email for the “exclusive emails”, but there is no button to submit the adress. Am I making something wrong?

    It would be great if you could drop me a line.

    Thanks and take care

    1. Hi Nad,

      Thank you for asking. There is a box to enter your email address and then it will take you to a confirmation page for verification. You can find the email input box on the sign-up prompt right above this comment section or on the homepage.

      Let me know if you still have difficulties.


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