Ultimate 500 Rep Kettlebell Workout

by Marianne  - February 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

I felt like giving myself a real challenge today, and I did!!  I was so energetic to start with, then half way through I wondered why I was inflicting myself with so much agony lol, but I motored on and completed the workout in 35 min 20sec.

This workout is very dynamic ,by incorporating endurance, cardio, resistance and core, it hits a lot of areas HARD!  As I’ve mentioned before this type of training is the most efficient because you increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, coordination and stamina all in a short space of time (if the intensity is consistent) and, it’s great for fat burning!  I’m not saying don’t go to the gym and run on the treadmill but, if that’s the only exercise you do, then adding this type of training into the mix will definitely improve your overall strength and conditioning, along with the bonus of looking fitter too.  Likewise, if you only lift weights, your body could really benefit from adding in some kettlebell, or even body weight training.

Our bodies are very smart and they adapt very quickly to what we do on a regular basis.  Changing your training around or adding in new challenges will “kick start” your metabolism, your body’s ability to gain more muscle and, burn fat.  Never mind the mental stimulation it brings to try something new and exciting.

The workout

10 exercises and 50 reps per exercise.  Equipment needed – a kettlebell of your choice, I used a 12kg  kettlebell for all but one exercise, for that one I used an 8kg kettlebell.  There are many places to get good kettlebells, we bought ours from a great company based in England called Wolverson Fitness.  They sell a variety of kettlebells including competition grade, check them out for really good prices.

  1. 50 Kettlebell Swings
  2. 50 Kettlebell Seated High Rotations
  3. 50 Kettlebell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts
  4. 50 Kettlebell High Pulls (25 each side)
  5. 50 Kettlebell Cleans (25 each side)
  6. 50 Kettlebell Leg Raises
  7. 50 Kettlebell Single-arm Rows (25 each side)
  8. 50 Kettlebell Single-leg Deadlifts (25 each side)
  9. 50 Kettlebell Snatches (25 each side)
  10. 50 Kettlebell Alternating Swings

Good luck! lol

Let me know how you get on with this challenge.  I’ll see you soon.



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  1. Hi Marianne, I just did this workout and enjoyed it very much! I used my alpha strong sandball for the kettlebell, it currently weighs about 20 lbs. for the one ab exercise I used an 8 lb medicine ball. It took me 31:18 to finish.

    I have been thinking of picking up a couple of kettlebells, haven’t figured out what size to get yet. My sandball is adjustable up to 30 lbs but you can’t adjust it during the workout. Do you have recommendations? This weight wasn’t too bad for the one arm cleans and pulls, but light for deadlifts and two handed swings, and rather challenging for the snatches.

    Anyway, thank you so much for the workout!

    1. Hi Tee_w,

      Thank you for your comment; great job with this killer workout!

      For your question, I would recommend reviewing this article I wrote as a guide to folk buying their first KB. Although you have been using a sandball, I would still advise you to consider starting at perhaps 12kg and maybe even an 8kg. It won’t be long until you progress to 16kg, but I have to air on the site of caution with KBs, because they are different to other tools and technique is everything. For deadlifting, most females would be fine with 20kg, but form is so important.

      I hope this information is of help and that you have a great time training with your new KBs, once you get them. If possible, try before you buy!


  2. Hi Marianne,
    Did this workout today and loved it!!!!!! Again improvising but getting it done none the less. I was totally out of breath.
    I really like this kind of workout,hits the cardio and weight at the same time. I’m addicted!!!!!!! Keep em coming!!
    Thanks again.
    Minnie V.
    in NYS 🙂

  3. Just did this as my last 12kg KB only workout, picking my 16kg up tomorrow (it was easier to have it delivered to my parents 🙂 ).

    Did it in 28mins 45secs and i added 25 chest presses each side to. I think the Men’s Health Spartacus Workout was the toughest so far, so you better come up with an even meaner one now 🙂 !

    Getting my new 16kg means all the old workouts will be new workouts again 🙂


  4. I did this workout again, however i used just my 8 # kb, because tomorrow i will be doing a very intense bootcamp outside , and its alot of suicide stuff and arms, do i don’t want to over do it.

  5. wow, this is the first time i have ever completed this workout, all 500 reps, and actually on the cleans, i think i might have done 10 or 20 more, i lost track, because i was going back and forth between cleans and snatches, because i wanted to do all the snatches with my 15# KB, and i knew to complete 25 cleans, i had to use the 8#. but i made it through, and i was sweating like crazy. love this workout.

  6. Hey i just did this workout, i haven’t done it in about a month.
    I have to break it down some, i do a round of all moves 25 reps, then do a second round of the other 25. However, I did my workout outside, so i didn’t do the reverse crunch because i didn’t want to lay in the grass ha ha, plus the ground isn’t the most level, so i did what i call side bends. 50 reps
    and the only other change i made is i’m trying to work on my snatches, so on the cleans i only did 45 @side, and then for the rest i did 20 snatches @ side. I really know i’m going to love these snatches once i master them.

  7. I tried this workout and didn’t quite make it, I only did 20 reps, but I did do two sets of it. I gotta say I am covered in sweat when I am done. Thanks for this workout. Just got my Gym Boss so I am going to try one of your KB interval workouts.

    1. Hi Frank, Welcome to my site. It’s a tough workout, i was struggling too. But I have to say that the interval timer makes all the difference to my workouts. Hope you will try other workouts too 🙂

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