Jump Rope Cardio Challenge

Hi everyone,
This is a very basic workout, but it can burn some serious calories.  The aim is to do as many rounds of 4 types of skipping in 15 mins.  Skipping can burn as many calories as running, but I think it’s more fun.  There are many tricks you can learn to give yourself a challenge and they just look cool.

Right before I started this workout I was trying the criss-cross for the first time.  During my practice I managed to literally whip my own ass lol, then my arm several times, then my ear!  I tried this move for the first couple of rounds in the workout, but soon had to give up and do jacks instead. I wasn’t getting a good enough run to keep my heart rate elevated due to all the stopping and starting.

Hope you like the end clip? You see, Andrew is usually way too good at everything – except skipping lol – ha haa I found his weakness!   When you’re trying skipping at first, it can be very frustrating, but keep a cool head and stay focused, it will become easier soon enough.



The workout

Here is one round:

  1. 25 reps Feet Together Single Jumps
  2. 25 reps Alternating Feet Single Jumps (fast pace)
  3. 25 reps High Knees (faster again)
  4. 25 reps Jump Rope Jacks (or if you want Criss-cross)

I completed 13 3/4 rounds in 15 mins, that’s 1,375 reps, not bad. I will add skipping in to my training from time to time for variety, plus it gives your calves a hell of a workout!

Let me know how you get on


  • January 30, 2010

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