Another Day at the Gym | Training Video Highlights and Breakdown

Hey everyone,

Firstly I am sorry I did not have a new workout for you last week. I will have one this week I promise! 🙂 My training “schedule” from last week is yet to be posted, but I went to the gym this morning and busted out a pretty good session, even though I was feeling a bit tired. I have been slacking on my deadlifts and front squats, so I wanted to specifically cover those today and some glute bridges finishing with cardio.

Do you ever get days when everything just seems heavier LOL! I kept the reps lower today, but it made no difference to the weight I was able to lift. It was worth trying, but I guess I just wasn’t as fired up.  Anyway, here is my workout Breakdown:

The Workout

Conventional Deadlift

Warm Up Sets: 70kg x 8 reps x 2 sets

Work Sets:

  1. 80kg x 5 reps
  2. 85kg x 5 reps
  3. 90kg x 5 singles
  4. Stopped here as I want to deadlift again this week.

Front Squats – aka “new nemesis”

Warm-Up Set: 35kg x 8 reps

Work Sets (lower box than last time):

  1. 40kg x 6 reps
  2. 45kg x 6 reps
  3. 50kg x 5 reps (felt good)
  4. 55kg x 2 reps (still only 2 reps – grr!)

Glute Bridges – these were annoying me today, because the GGS T-Shirt is made of shiny material, I had no grip on the floor. When I pushed upwards, my shoulders slid back.) :/ So each rep seemed to be “off”.

No need for warm up set

Work Sets:

  1. 90kg x 12 reps
  2. 100kg x 8 reps (due to slipping)
  3. 100kg x 8 reps
  4. I’ll do these again later in the week and go heavier when I am wearing a different top.

Then I jumped on the Cross-Trainer for 20 mins steady-pace cardio and finished with 10 mins HIIT on the treadmill.  I did 1 min brisk walk (6.5km/ph at 5% incline), then sprints for 20 – 30 seconds (17.5km/ph at 5% incline).

Stretched, showered, ate 🙂

I felt good after this training session, even though I did not get any PRs.  I had a weighted Dip PR last week, which I hope to catch on video this week as I try to smash it and beat it. I will also be attempting my Chin-Ups AGAIN for number 10 … so wish me luck. I think I have been psyching myself out, so there’s no excuse this week!

That’s pretty much it for today.  Stay tuned …


  • March 13, 2012

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