Lighten the Load | “De-Load” Workout Routine

by Marianne  - March 29, 2013


Hi everyone,

After several weeks of lifting heavy, and a slight flare of my “SI Joint” issues, I thought it would be wise to taper back on the heavy lifting and do some lighter stuff and body weight exercises.  Since I have less than a month until I fly to the USA, I want my SIJ to be in tip top order before those long flights … no way do I want a repeat of last year!!

When we are wanting to reach certain fitness goals we often train without taking any break or any time to step back and just evaluate our progress. And this can sometimes impede our progress because we think we must keep going or we’ll lose it.  It is important to stick to a program, but you also must try to program breaks from time to time.

As someone who has learned just about everything the hard way, I can tell you, that taking a “de-load” week every month or two, may actually do you the world of good.  Since I decided to change things this week and go lighter, I feel amazing 🙂  

Now I better get on with the workout …


The Workout 


The workout is made up of 3 different superset couplets. Complete 3 rounds of each.

Superset 1:

1a) Lateral Lunge (I used 12kg): 3×8 reps

1b) Inverted Row: 3×8-12 reps


Superset 2:

2a) Single-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl: 3 x 12 reps

2b) Clapping Push-Ups: 3×8-12 reps (I did 10 each round)


Superset 3:

3a) Single-Arm KB Clean (I used 20kg): 3×15 reps

3b) Windmill (I used 14kg): 3×8 reps (start light and stay moderate)


Hope you all enjoy the workout. Let me know how you get on.





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  1. So sorry about the SIJ. I’ve had problems with it too for the last few years and finally found some yoga stretches that help with it but it can still be a nightmare. Hope the de-loading helps and the long flight doesn’t cause it to tighten up.

    Btw, I just started month two of GG and I love your workouts! Tough but fun. I’m digging the Kbs.

    Have a good one!

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  3. Hi, Marianne!
    You look very lean & toned up and the white wall emphasises it so much! Your legs – mmmm… a matter of jelous!;) But I’ll be there, not without your help too 🙂

  4. Hi Marianne
    Once again inspirational motivation. Always connect with positives vibes about life’s journey.
    My thoughts are I would like to develope defined legs and glutes. Seem to have reached a stage where I have stoped growing? Do I continue to go heavy weights or go light with higher reps?
    Look forward to you’re response.

    Many thanks

    1. It’s best to vary the weights and rep ranges in an program, because different muscles respond to different stimulus. But if you want more definition, then this is an issue of losing fat, which is usually a diet thing. The training will help signal for your body to keep the muscle but the energy balance must be right for fat loss.

  5. Hi Marianne,

    You’re looking a little tyred in that top photo 🙂

    Great work-out. Love the new mix. Windmills – fab.

    Great work all round


  6. Hi Mariannina,

    great workout and I totally agree with the “de-load” concept.

    I really think you should either wear lighter pants or you should buy a light, and very big, gym mat to place over the black floor. Your studio is very beautiful and wonderfully equipped, but for filming purposes I think you need more contrast between what you are wearing and the colours of the floor. 🙂


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