Kettlebell Summer Leg Workout

by Marianne  - May 7, 2010

Hi everyone,

The other day my Shoulder and Core Bodyweight Burn really challenged my front deltoids, chest and core.

Today, I’m targeting mainly my legs, with some middle and rear deltoid work along with a back exercise. I decided to increase the Kettlebell weight to 16kg, which will be challenging especially for the overhead exercises. As I have previously used two 12kg at the same time for many of the other exercises, the challenge was more a mental one for using the 16kg. All the same, this was a tough workout… So much for leaving some steam for tonight’s class 😉

So, the workout today is mainly for strength and toning, with a little cardio here and there to elevate the heart rate and give the sweat glands a workout too. There are 10 exercises in total and two rounds. It is quite a long workout with a good variety of exercises so you shouldn’t get bored.

The Workout

I set my Gymboss Interval Timer to the stopwatch setting for a change to record my time. It took me 45 mins and 32 seconds to complete this workout. I didn’t think it would take as long, but I think it was because I rested for longer without the interval timer and used a heavier Kettlebell.

The exercises and reps are as follows:

  1. 2-Handed KB Swing x 30 reps
  2. KB Goblet Squat x 15 reps
  3. Single Arm KB Row (right & left) x 15 reps
  4. KB Sumo Goblet Squat x 15 reps
  5. KB Snatch (right & left) x 8 – 10 reps
  6. KB Stiff-leg Deadlift x 15 reps
  7. KB Single-leg Deadlift (right & left) x 15 reps
  8. KB Vertical Swing x 15 reps
  9. KB Reverse Lunges (right & left) x 15 reps
  10. KB Push Press (right & left) x 8 reps

As this is quite a long workout, with a lot of exercises, so it’s your choice if you add any more cardio on to the end.

When doing the exercises I was watching my technique in the mirror and I noticed that my snatches, while some were good, I found it hard to control the “dismount”.  I’m trying to make it less like a swing, but it’s hard enough :/

Anyway, I hope you will give the workout a go. Adapt it as necessary and let me know how you get on – and if you have any suggestions?

I hope to be back on Sunday, but I have a charity Gala Ball to attend for the Alzheimer’s Society (can’t wait to get all dressed up), so I’m sure the wine will be flowing. So if I’m not too hung-over I’ll see you Sunday 🙂 Not that I plan to get tipsy of course … but this is the Irish we’re talking about here LOL



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  2. Hey there, my inspiration. I did the summer Leg workout yesterday, dated May 7th. I loved it, and i did it outside in my tiny backyard, while it was probably 85 degrees out, so needless to say i was working hard. I had started out sunbathing, (just in shorts) then thought heck i need to get my workout in, so i came in got my KB and got to it. Think i will be doing it that way more often, than way i’m still getting some sun, and getting my workout in. I still can’t get the push presses, and its so agravating, in addition to this workout i did 50 swings a little earlier in the day and 50 deadlifts, which i’m going to have to get a heavier KB for that, or use both of what i have because it’s getting to easy. Have a great holiday weekend.

    1. Great stuff Tempest, keep it up! I would definitely recommend investing in a heavier KB. Enjoy you weekend too. I’m unfortunately working all weekend 🙁 But I guess the hospitals carry on regardless.

  3. Hey Marianne
    I didn’t get chosen for the DVD but I am really okay with it. It was a really brutal tryout and my arms were actually shaking afterwards. There were a bunch of people that came that he had certified as kettlebell trainers so I am not feeling bad at all.

    Still have to try this one…may need a rest day first!

    Tempest, I actually downloaded the Lauren Brooks DVD’s as I really needed pointers on how to actually do the moves.

  4. awesome! can you tell a big difference with a 16kg? And a competition style bell at that. They tend to be a little more awkward to control. I always use Dragon Door smaller black bells, therefore, much respect to you! Have a great week!

  5. To Heather:

    Hey how do you like that Lauren Brooks, do you have any of her videos or do you just find her on youtube, like i do?

  6. Wow
    I am so impressed that you did all of that with the 16 and are going to a KB class later that day! I will try this on next week!

    I went to a free Kettlebell seminar two weeks ago because so far I have been using videos to learn kettlebells (Lauren Brooks) and I wanted to make sure that I was doing it right. The instructor was actually putting on the sessions as a way to find people to be in a kettlebell workout video. So i went to his next class and I made it the the finals. So that is this Sunday. I really don’t think that I will make it but I am flattered that he asked me to come out!

    Have a great time at the Ball and do be Irish!

    Cheers Heather

    1. So you could be famous? 🙂 Good stuff, it must be reassuring to know you’re good enough for a video, so your technique must be spot on. Good luck with that tomorrow, let me know if you get chosen.

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