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by Marianne  - May 9, 2010

Hi everyone,

So last night Andrew and I went to an Alzheimer’s Society Gala Ball in add of the Mont Blanc Climb next month. The target is £30,000.  The climbers are funding their own climb, so any money made last night went directly to the charity. Andrew contributed personal training sessions in the auction and we all entered into the ballot. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything 🙁 All the same, the evening was a success, raising the total fund to approx £20,000 – which is a great achievement.

This money will go directly to helping individuals and families living with this terrible illness in Northern Ireland, and will also fund much needed research into finding a cure!

As promised I am back today with a new workout. I thought I would keep things simple due to the effects of my night out LOL!

The Workout

So there are 6 exercises, 3 rounds, making this a short 18 min workout. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds MAX effort.

The 6 exercises are:

  1. 2-Handed KB Swings
  2. Alternating Forward Lunges with Double KB Shoulder Presses
  3. Alternating KB Swings
  4. KB Curtsy (right)
  5. KB Curtsy (left)
  6. Double KB High Pulls

I did the shoulder presses and high pulls with my 8kg KBs, because I didn’t have two 12kg KB home with me. I am actually quite glad I didn’t, or I would have forced myself to use them. This workout was harder than I expected, probably due to the wine last night – or because the hairspray was running into my eyes when I was sweating LOL … mental note – never do a workout with an up-style 😉

I hope you will try this workout – I’m sure you will all do great at it.

See you next time



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  1. Thanks for your reply Marianne, I really appreciate it.

    The Kworx dvds are broken down into 6 week segments so the workouts are slightly different each week, but I think over time as you say, my body will adapt so I will definitely being using your routines. My trouble in the past has been overtraining and ending up injured and back at square one, so I’ll keep workouts to 30minutes.

    Thanks for the advice – how amazing is the WWW great advice from the other side of the world!!!!

    Lynda 🙂

  2. Hi Marianne

    Just wondered what you think of the Kettleworx program (demo on youtube – I’m not clever enough to link sorry) – consists of 20minute routines 3 times a week plus 2 extra 10 min dvd’s for alternate days. I’ve just started (before I found your site) and am using an 8kg and 12kg and wondered what you thought ie if hard enough. I have been a gym junkie for 20 years so am fairly fit just eat too much (working on that). How long do your workouts take and how many per week – from the site it looks like you are training and teaching a lot.

    Lynda 🙂

    1. Hey Lynda,

      I hear what you’re saying re: eating too much, it’s alway a work in progress for me too LOL.

      As for Kettleworx, I hadn’t seen it before, but I did a quick search there. I think the principle of working out 3 times per week and mixing reistance, cardio and core exercises (much like I do here), will provide you with a great training regime. The problem I have with it, is that they charge you for it. I understand that most people don’t really know what to do with a Kettlebell, but these highly advertised and marketed “products”, I think, take your money, but give you a relatively simple rountine to follow. As for difficulty, I think that like most fitness programmes, after a few week the routine loses its effectiveness as the body adapts. I like to change things up. I don’t know how Kettleworx gets around this problem. Do you buy a more advanced routine?

      Mostly, my workouts take from 15 minutes, to 30 minutes, and they generally consist of resistance and cardio (which is the beauty if KBs) and core exercises too AND, they are FREE. I try to do 3 workouts per week, one weight session in the gym and the odd KB class (which my fiancee takes). This would be a good week, but unfortunately due to work, I don’t do as much as I plan 🙁

      If Kettleworx is working for you, then continue it until you feel ready to mix things up. You can alway do some of my workouts too 🙂 I hope I’ve answered your questions ok.


  3. Marianne

    You are amazing. I’ve just discovered Kettlebells and I am hooked. I have 10kg to lose and am going to use your site to motivate me. You put together some great workouts. I have to wonder though if your neighbours peep over the fence lol.

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks for your comment, welcome to my wee blog 🙂 LOL, I’m sure they wonder what on earth I’m doing all the time swinging these metal balls around 😉 KBs are totally addictive, I agree!!

  4. This looks like a great go to workout! Thanks for sharing. I’m suffering with allergies right now in the middle of a new rotation. When I finish my current rotation maybe I’ll get back to more KB workouts!

    1. Hey Angela, sorry to gear your suffering, allergies are a nightmare! What do you mean when you say new rotation? Is this exercise rotation?


  5. on the lunges with forward lunge, and shoulder press, if i’m going to do one kettle bell instead of one, which hand should be holdingthe KB

    1. Hey Tempest.

      When you lunge, you want to press the same side. So if you’re lunging forward with your right leg, press your right arm. You can use the lunge to give you momentum 🙂 If this is too easy, then lunge down first with KB in a rack position and then pause the lunge and press. You will notice this is more difficult.

      When you have 2 KB it’s hard because your centre of gravity is higher and so you need more balance. But as you can see, most exercises can be adapted in some way. Hope this helps.

  6. From your newletter: “This workout was harder than I expected, probably due to the wine last night”


    It sounds like last night was an amazing event – what a great thing to do! I am sorry you didn’t win anything, but very glad the night was a success. 🙂

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