Kettlebell Summer Leg Workout – REVISITED!

by Marianne  - January 30, 2011

Hi everyone,

After several comments about how much my technique and strength have improved, and a couple of requests to revisit an old workout, I decided today is the day for that challenge.

So, I was watching a few of my older videos and reading my old posts and I have to laugh at:

  1. My lack of personality :/ I was so dur LOL
  2. My common complaint/excuse (which I still do) – “I’m just off night duty” LOL – OK OK we all get it Marianne, you work night duty! Please tell me off if I continue this really annoying habit.
  3. I say “am” a LOT!!

The reason I chose the Kettlebell Summer Leg Workout from May 7th 2010, is that I am using a 16kg Kettlebell (which was really heavy for me back then) and I think the exercises and my technique improvements will be very obvious. The other reason is that bar 2 or 3 exercises, I have tutorials for the exercises and the exercise are all set reps, so beginners can have a go. I have offered further suggestions at the bottom of the page for beginners.

Before I get questions about it, no I do not have a tutorial for the Kettlebell Snatch yet.Β  To be totally honest, it is for a good reason. I still find it a really hard exercise to do correctly and, to teach, especially over the Internet. I think there is a line which the Internet cannot cross and some corrections NEED to be made in person. So for this exercise, I am still thinking about the tutorial. So have patience for this one πŸ™‚

In my search for a workout to redo, I also considered my Ultimate 500 rep Kettlebell Workout, which I will be revisiting at some point as I am so curious to see if I can beat that time πŸ™‚ But I was wondering if you have any requests? Is there a workout that you love so much, you want to see me brutalised again? If so, leave me a wee comment and I will decide if I dare to try it again πŸ˜€

Back in May, this workout took me 45 minutes 32 seconds to complete. There are 2 rounds of 10 exercises with set reps. Where I have given a range of reps in the old version, today I went for the higher number of reps throughout.

The video below is a re-mix and I am sorry for the poor quality, but the raw file for the older version had been compressed and I couldn’t restore it. But, you can visit the original post on the link above for the better quality if you like. I do think the video still shows a good comparison though:

Based on the reps I set, this workout was designed for strength/endurance back in May as I was using a heavier weight for me. Doing this today felt more like endurance and a little cardio, so that shows a big improvement in my strength! However there was an annoying downside, my Kettlebell Snatch technique STILL sucks! Not as much as it did, but since I honestly don’t like that exercise, I never do it – hense the poor improvement πŸ™ But everything else is much much better.

Using my Gymboss Interval Timer as a stopwatch I timed the 2 rounds of the following 10 exercises and set reps:

  1. 2-Handed KB Swing x 30 reps
  2. KB Goblet Squat x 15 reps
  3. Single Arm KB Row (right & left) x 15 reps
  4. KB Sumo Goblet Squat x 15 reps (same as Goblet Squat only wide stance)
  5. KB Snatch (right & left) x 8 – 10 reps
  6. KB Stiff-leg Deadlift x 15 reps
  7. KB Single-leg Deadlift (right & left) x 15 reps
  8. KB Vertical Swing x 15 reps
  9. KB Reverse Lunges (right & left) x 15 reps
  10. KB Push Press (right & left) x 8 reps

This time around it took me 29 minutes 52 seconds to complete.Β  I can’t say it wasn’t a difficult workout, but it was A LOT easier than before. Not only that, but the improvement in my technique is so obvious. But I set out on a journey, and a journey I am on πŸ™‚

Give this workout a try, if you haven’t already or, try and beat your old time. Let me know how you get on?


You can still get a great work by:

  • Performing the Swings for 30 seconds rather than reps
  • Replacing the Kettlebell Snatch with Alternating or Two-handed Swings x 30 seconds
  • Replacing the Kettlebell Stiff-leg Deadlifts with Kettlebell Figure of 8 x 30 seconds (total)
  • Either replace the Kettlebell Reverse lunges with Body Weight Reverse Lunges, or hold the KB in a goblet and complete Alternating Reverse Lunges for 20 reps (total). If the Reverse Lunge is to difficult, then use this space to practice your swings x 30 seconds.
  • Use this chance to be creative and think of a good exercise you can do to replace one you cannot do YET

Anyone should be able to try this workout in some way or another, and don’t worry about replacing exercises. I would rather hear that you have substituted an exercise you’re not happy doing yet, that hear you risked injury just to compete with me.Β  Remember we want to remain active – no one should be sitting in the sidelines with an injury.



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Revisiting Smok'n Guns & Buns - Body Weight Workout

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  1. I have been studying these workouts. As I have said before I am an exercise newbie and I have been recovering from breast cancer treatments. I want to learn good form first but also want to do this from home. Do you think I can get all I need in this respect from watching your videos? Do you think I ought to take a few kettle all classes in real life to help enforce and build a knowledge of healthy form? Is there a book you might suggest? Or is it in doing that I will benefit most. I have also been studying Bret’s web site because you seem to really admire him. Studying, reading and intellectual knowledge seems to really help me, though jumping in does wonders too. Your thoughts?

    1. I think you can get a lot from my videos, but nothing beats seeking a good KB instructor to run over the basics. That would be my first preference. Alternatively, if you are an fairly experienced lifter/trainee, then you could consider using one of my Training Services? It’s something to consider if you want me to assess your form Online and give you pointers. I can also draw up a program for you. But this is all up to you.

      I am pretty sure there are great training guide books out there, but I mainly do my reading Online, so MAYBE, some of my other readers can help you out there. It would be a great Thread to start in the Forum. I’ll be in there tomorrow sifting through, so I might start that thread for you!

      I do admire Bret very much – he is so knowledgeable and a great person, so I do recommend his blog for strength and conditioning info.

      I say, do a mixture of everything that make your learning experience the most fun. We all need to learn more, so we may as well enjoy the ride, because there is never an end to learning – or there shouldn’t be πŸ™‚ Oh how much I have learned in just 1 year!

      What I respect about you is you desire to learn, and to learn things properly and well.

      Thank you for your questions.

  2. i just did this workout again, with (for the most part) my new 25 pound bell. amazing what a ten pound difference makes. Then when i pick up the 15 pound one, it feels so light ha ha. Anyway, the first round i did the two hand swing, 30 reps, but the second i wanted to train my left with the 25 , since its the one i can’t seem to do a snatch with on the 25 pounder, so i did ten on one side ten on right then the rest of 10 on the two handed swing. the snatches i stayed with the 15pounder now, and the verticle swing i did the first round with the heavy bell (25), second the (15) push presses had to be done with the 15. i was dripping with sweat. also to backtrack on a different workout . i did the barbell one yesterday, and was suprised i didn’t get sore like the firs time i did it. I have only done it one other time.. The only difference was i don’t think i used a bell at all and only did two rounds of that.. i think i might add another 10 pound plate to the bar next week. I only had 10 on each side, and i think since my bar is here at home, i want to say it’s only a 35 pound bar.

    Going to go look at your new workout now…. see if i can manage that one tomorrow.


  3. i just did this workout again, i thought i was going to be a hewoman and do three rounds, but i could only do the recommended two rounds. ha ha, i used a 15lb for most of the moves, i used 8 for the snatches. My abs feel it, not sure if thats from the vertical swings or not. I wish that i could figure out which moves seem to hit my abs first. I love it when i can feel it almost immediately.

  4. Gosh i haven’t been on here close to a year, and i must say you look amazing. i have been doing gym workouts, then i did insanity, the first 30 days, and now i’m doing some p90x, and i’m thinking about getting back into the kb’s again, i miss those. i messed up my shoulder so not sure how thats going to workout for me. i will have to use my light weight KB’s


    1. HEY!!!! How are you Tempest? Sorry to hear about your injury, just take it easy on the presses and rows and build back into it.

      It’s funny, I was looking through some older comments the other day and I was thinking about what happened to you. I am glad that you have been doing so many other things πŸ˜€

      Keep in touch

  5. Whilst you are getting the camera fixed i thought it would be a good idea to revisit some past work outs. This was a killer. I bumped up the weight. Not the sexiest of programmes, but really tough. Your name was used in close proximity to a number of key expletives during this half an hour of panting and fury, lol.

  6. So I’ve done this workout several times now, I’m trying to work it into my routine at least once a week (sometimes it’s been two)because I’m really trying to strengthen my glutes and legs and I tell ya every time I’ve done this I’m shaking at the end. I’ve been using the 16 kg for the vertical swings now. This has to be the ultimate leg workout. If there is one that is tougher point me there cuz it’s a killer on my legs.

  7. Hi Marianne,

    I’m a personal trainer for Life Time Fitness, and have a Kettlebell instructor certification as well. Can I just say, I think you’re site is fantastic! I stumbled upon a youtube video, which led me to your site just about a week ago. I appreciate that you take the time to explain the movement patterns and emphasize the importance of proper form. Making sure our body is biomechanically working the way it is intended to is so incredibly important!

    I wanted to ask you, do the Kettlebells that you use all vary in weight, but have a consistent size? This German couple that I train mentioned to me about a 4 months ago that his father used to do Kettlebell compeititions a very long time ago back in Germany. They would catch and throw these bells up in the air (about the size that you are using) or to other members on there team and earn points. I’ve just recently learned of this. I work in the States so the KB’s they make here all vary in size depending on weight (the lighter the smaller.) I would rather have my clientele, and my KB classes work with a KB that will be consistent in size the entire time, but progress in weight. Do you have any information as to where I can order KB’s that are liks similar to yours?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for your lovely comment πŸ™‚

      The Kettlebells I use are called Pro-Grade, or Competition KBs. They are all the same dimentions, even as the weight changes, so your form never needs to change to compensate for a change in size and shape etc. It means, like you say, you can concentrate on moving up the weight once you have learned the technique. I have no idea where in the States you would buy these πŸ™ I get them from a UK company. I do have a lot of followers from the US though, so I would recommend maybe posting a Question on the forum, and I am sure they will help you out πŸ™‚ Actually, come to think of it, Melissa from got some pro-grades for xmas, so she would know. I can ask her for you.

      The pro-grade are great! πŸ˜€


      1. You can do a google search or a pricegrabber search for prograde kettlebells. I don’t have progrades, but I buy my bells from Performbetter as they always have a sale going on and I believe they do have progrades.

        ~ Gillian

    2. Hi Rachel, I live in Canada but order from the US as we have a place just across the boarder that we can ship to. I recently ordered prograde KB’s from performbetter and am waiting for them to arrive. The price was the lowest I could find and the shiping was reasonable as long as you ship via ground. I will let you know how the KB’s are once the arrive. I have also ordered from Bells of Steel in Canada(I think they ship to the US) The KB’s are great but they only had 16kg in stock so I had to go else where for lighter KB’s.
      When I visit my Sister in Arizona I go to the Life time fitness gym there, very nice gym!!
      Good Luck

  8. Great workout! I finished it in 26 minutes, not sure about seconds because I just ordered my Gymboss, don’t have it yet so I was using the clock on the computer. I didn’t take big breaks so that’s maybe why it was a little shorter. I used the 16kg for most of it, only switched for snatches, and the vertical swing(first time doing it) wasn’t sure how to really do it so I went down in weight. I’m really looking to improve on my leg strength, I love squats but they don’t love me, I feel like dying when I have double 12kgs even using the 16kg to do the goblet squats. I love your workouts though Marianne and I love your style! Keep um coming!

    1. Hi Aimee, GREAT time!! You rocked this one πŸ˜€

      I know you feel about the squats, I have to make myself do them. It does get easier, but some people just aren’t built to squat.

      Keep up the great work!

  9. Hi Marianne (and fellow visitors to the the site!),
    I’m rather slow off the mark in posting on this workout. I did it yesterday evening after a long, emotionally draining day (more like week, to be honest!) Bad mood, raging female hormones, general feeling of yuck, etc. I really wasn’t feeling a workout but mustered up enough enthusiasm to get myself to the gym. And I’m so glad I did! Excellent workout as always, Marianne. It transformed my attitude completely and I left the gym a different girl (well, sort of.. I still left as Ruth but a happy Ruth :P) I stopped my gymboss stopwatch at 30 mins 55 sec; with using a 16kg throughout (except for snatches and push presses, I still think I’ll break my arm with 16kg for those) I was very pleased with my efforts πŸ™‚
    Lastly, but certainly not leastly – Well done Marianne for your achievements in the past 8-9 months. You were still amazing back then, but you have made obvious strides both physically and functionally. Round of applause! I’m so glad you’re here to pioneer and capture the power of kettlebells and efficient, dedicated training πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Ruth, you are must be so motivated to even go to the gym, even though you felt like crap – kuddos to you!

      You should be very proud of your time!

      Have you tried any push presses or snatches with the 16kg?


    2. Ruth, that is awesome! !6Kg is still pretty heavy for me, and I wimp out on some things that I probably could handle. I know what you mean about thinking you’re going to hit yourself with that heavy weight! You must have pretty strong Traps to do theVertical swing (aka upright row) with the 16!

      New and improved Ruth… I like that!

      ~ Gillian

      1. Thanks both!
        I found the 16kg Vertical Swings really tough to be truthful, but I suppose perservance and practice is the key.
        I haven’t tried push presses or snatches using 16kg; more than likely being overly cautious, however I do tend to suffer with stiffness in my elbows after a serious injury in my early teens. Though maybe I should give it a go??

        1. If you can manage them with the 12kg, and you can do everything else with the 16kg, I reckon there’s no harm in giving it a try πŸ™‚ It may feel hard at the start, but with your perserverance, you’ll get there.


  10. I did this one after 4 days off (family visit) and LOVED it! I mostly use a 14 kg and an 18 kg for swings and stiff leg dead lifts. My gym does not have a 16kg! I dropped way down for snatches–12kg–because as I straighten my arm the kettlebell smacks my wrist. Is this a lack of control?

    On a side note, I finally got a gym boss and love how I can be so much more focused not staring up at the clock. It really pushes me! The only downside is that the beep is so loud, even on low. I tried it on vibrate but couldn’t feel it enough. Good thing most of the people at my gym wear headphones. I hope the beeping doesn’t penetrate through! πŸ™‚

    1. Sarah, that snatch is a hard one to teach. It involves allowing the bell to travel around the arm while “punching” through the handle, so the bell doesn’t come over the top of the hand and bang the wrist. You may be leaving the “punch” too late, so the kb never slows down unti your arm is straight and it has no choice but to smack off the wrist.

      That’s the only thing I can think of, but what you describe.

      Wear your gymboss with pride LOL, just think of all the noise those weight-lifting men make in the gym, I’m sure a little beep won’t be too intrusive. OR, Maybe you could get people to join in? πŸ˜‰

    2. Hi Sarah, that has happened with me too but when I tried the 16kg it didn’t at all. I think the extra weight actually helped. For me anyway its definitely what Marianne pointed out, not punching through soon enough.

      1. Oh boy, I had a hard time believing that with swings, but I persisted and it is almost true — they’re not easier with a heavier weight, but you are forced to focus on form more. I think it will be a while before I trust that much weight above my head for snatches and presses!

        The (secret service) ‘Snatch Test’ for women is supposed to be 100 reps in 5 min or 200 reps in 10 min of snatches with 16Kg (24 Kg for men) — that just seems impossible right now!

        Incredible job!!!

        ~ Gillian

          1. I recently have worked this into my routine because its such great cardio. I did the 200 in 8:30 the last time. Once you feel comfortable with it you could actually come to really love it!

    3. Hi Sarah, I know what you mean worrying about the beep from the gymboss in the gym! I mostly workout at home so don’t think about it but when I travel I bring my gymboss with me and use it in the gym. Im always worried that im disrupting other people with the beep and like you I can never feel the vibrate. I think for the most part people are just doing their own thing and wont even notice the beep and if they do will more likely be curious about your (awesome) workout routine then be bothered by the beeping. I agree with Marianne, wear your gymboss with pride! Happy training!

  11. Thank you Marianne, I thought the swing is not the best substitute for exactly the same reason, so high pull tonight and if I will finish it in less than 30 min and have something left I will add Tabata swings for cardio. Feeling good today after a week of exercising out of guilt rather than internal drive and motivation.

  12. Marianne
    you said your snatch technique sucks but if my will ever suck as yours I would be happy. Your improvement is just incredible and you look much more confident and, I hope you don’t mind me saying, hotter. I’m afraid of doing snatches with kb because don’t know how to do them properly so I don’t injure myself and 16 kg might be to heavy to learn. Is one arm swing ok substitute?

    1. Hey Jussa,
      Firstly, thank you (blush) πŸ™‚

      As a decent sub for the snatch I would either do the High Pull, or the clean. The snatch is an upward movement, so a swing will have the KB travelling horizonally rather than vertically. But if it’s just for cardio’s sake, then any swing or the high pull is grand. But the high pull is a progression exercise for the snatch, so it may help your KB snatch in the long run.


  13. This was tough and there was quite a lot of muscle verses mind debate!! But I’m pleased that I did it with mostly with my 16kg πŸ™‚

    Made two changes, for the push press I used the 12kg and for the reverse lunges I held the 16kg with both hands (I felt a little too wobbly holding it in just one).

    But I’m so delighted I did the snatches with the 16kg, first time trying it with the 16. Its crazy how quickly your body adapts. When I got the 16kg in late December I found it pretty tough just swinging it. All in all, I managed to complete the two rounds in 32:57 mins. Definitely looking forward to doing this one again πŸ™‚

        1. A battle is good! And you won πŸ™‚ Now, as I told Gillian, once you’ve started seriously using the 16kg, like you now have, there’s no going back! I expect to see future reports of workouts with you 16kg. At least start with it and then downgrade once you’re fatigued. I’m turning into a tyrant now ha ha

          1. hehe brilliant! I think thats what we all need! Yeah I’d feel like it was cheating to use the 12kg. Definitely going to work on upper body strength with the 16kg.

            Do you mind me asking if you log all your workouts somewhere, like write them down or do you use a website to track them? Or is a case that for all you KB work you put it up here and for other resistance you have a separate log? I have gotten pretty obsessed with “training plans” but now I’ve gone a bit polar opposite and I’m just deciding what to do the next day depending on how I feel. But I think it might be a good idea to log what I’m doing for motivation.

          2. How weird, I just emailed you LOL!

            To be honest the only log I have of my workouts is on this site. I just do what I feel like. This approach has pros and cons, but I just make a plan on my calander to do a workout, tutorial, gym and/or class – depending on work etc. Lately I’ve been so busy on here that the thought of spending the time going to the gym is off-putting. So I have only been doing my workouts at home and the odd KB class with Andrew.

            Making an plan on the day you go to train may help keep you focused but, say you go to the gym to do a series of planned exercises and you can’t get on anything! This will just knock everything, including your motivation off. Keep any plans flexible, so you can adapt it if necessary, as we get thrown unknown set-backs and challenges. This is what Andrew was telling me yesterday – he was doing a PT session and none of the squat stations were free, he just grabbed a bosu and a set of dumbbells and found a quiet area in a studio to do something else instead of the planned workout.

            It all depends how you work really. Some people need plans, others don’t.


  14. Thanks, Marianne… I do appreciate your input. But, what do I do in the interim of not having 35# or 40# weights to workout with?? As I said before, obtaining a kettlebell is on my wish list. Maybe in 3 months or so I’ll be able to buy some. I understand what your saying about changing my routine, but what do I do now? OFF TOPIC: It’s getting down to 25 degrees F. tomorrow and maybe even SNOW!! It snowed ten years ago in the town we just moved into,but I haven’t played in the snow since the early 80’s back in my old home town. Ya’ll probably think this funny,but it’s very unusual for us. LOL.

    1. Nothing wrong with wanting to play in the snow πŸ˜€ It’s fun! I wanted to build a snowman this year, but then grown-up stuff got in the way πŸ™ BORING ZZZ! So I say go and play in the snow Texas Cindy !!

      Now, back to the weights. What weight do you use mostly? I would say, until you get your KB, use the heaviest one you have. You say you have 25lb weights? What do you use them for?. Cut the reps, slow the tempo down for set reps, then increase the intensity of the rest of your workout, say with bodyweight and swings. I would recommend my 50/50 workout style, because it has a resistance sections of set reps, then HIIT bodyweight training. Push to your max and you really shouldn’t need to do any longer than 30 – 45 minutes, as long as you’re training hard and your diet is not excessive.


      1. I use my weights for shoulder presses, arm rows, bicep curls, tricep lifts,front rows, and the front double handed swing. Thanks for your help. I will do the 50/50 w.o.,tonight. The weather reports now say it is going down to 20F. degrees instead of 25! YIPEEEE!!

  15. If I were to request one to revisit (a few months down the road), I thought the “Battle of the Sexes” was a killer!

    Thanks for all the tutorials – love all the info! πŸ˜€

  16. Wow thats a serious time improvement! All your hard work has really paid off. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to doing this in the morning !!

  17. Marianne — I don’t think your snatch technique is as bad as you think. Just from observing the video, I would say the main thing to think about is driving your elbow higher. Think of Andrew standing behind your shoulder and you’re trying to elbow him right in the kisser — just kidding :-). I learned the snatch by doing a progression from a high-pull and I think that is/was a helpful way to learn/improve the technique. I’m not an instructor or anything, but just my observation. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Tom. It didn’t look as bad as I thought it would, but I know what you’re saying. I will try to motivate myself to practice the snatch :/ Practice elbowing Andrew he he!!

  18. nice workout Marianne, I see a lot of improvements since last May.
    I hope you do revisit more of your old workouts, it’s always nice to compare, and to see all the improvements you are making.
    It is a nice lesson in perseverance.

    I might just give this one a try. I would like to start working on the snatch.

    Be well

  19. I really wanted to do this workout this morning, instead of doing things in order or doing some of my other planned stuff… for some reason I though it would be really short and intense (like it would have been with only one round!) So half an hour later, I slumped on the ground with my red face to do my cool down stretches.

    I guess ’cause I underestimated the time, I overestimated my endurance and went up in most of my weights

    1. 2 handed swings 16 kg x 30
    2. Goblet Squat 16 Kg x 15 (higher wt.)
    3. Single Arm Row 16 Kg x 15 (really hard)
    4. Sumo Squat 16 Kg x 15, 2nd round 14+12 Kg x 15 (the first round was too light!)
    5. Snatch 10 Kg x 15 each side first round! x10 2nd round (higher wt)
    6. Stiff legged Deadlift 2x30Lb Dbs x 15
    7. SLDL 16 Kg x 15 each side (higher wt)
    8. Vertical Swing 14Kg x 15 (higher wt)
    9. Rev Lunges 12 Kg x 15 each side (higher wt.)
    10. Push Press 12 Kg x 8 each side (weak side getting better)

    I really slowed down on the snatches, but only later realized that I had done too many reps! That lost me a minute for sure. Even with that, my time was 28:50! Like I said was expecting to work for about half that long! So I really surprised myself. I haven’t done snatches in a long time and never more than 15 lbs, so the fact that I could even do 15 reps with the 10Kg was a surprise. I guess my body didn’t realize what my mind had planned. Pavel says something like, “your mind gives up long before your body does,” so I guess that happened!

    Oh, I did measure biceps–they’re still 11 inches, so they haven’t changed in at least a year. But then my wrists are tiny at 5.75 right and 5.25 left (left side is obviously weaker — I mixed that up in an earlier post).

    I am so glad I did this today –its dull outside and snow is in the forecast, and I am still a warm heap! Now I can go tackle my day of paying bills and paste-up that I have been putting off.

    Thank you Marianne for such a great choice! Does that mean I have to stay at these higher weights now? Boy, this challenging yourself stuff is hard work!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Once you go up, you can’t go back πŸ˜€ It’s a pride thing now LOL. Use them for this type of workout, down-grade (sometimes) for endurance and you’ll soon be on the heavier weight all the time!


    2. Awesome work on the snatches!! Snatches and Turkish Get Up are two exercises that kinda terrify me lol. I’m always afraid the KB will slip and take out a wall or my head. Really awesome time getting this workout done!!

  20. You do take my breath away!!
    And kill off a couple of muscles!:) ok even kb reverse lunge is in my evil list!!!!
    Completed in 23:21, obviously i use lighter weights πŸ™
    12 kg for swings stiff legs deadlift and figure of 8(which substituted the snatch, i just wanted to kill of my legs for good), for the rest 8kg. There was a moment that i nearly gave up on the lounges, i did 5 per side till 20, then i did the push press and told myself, you have to complete it fair and square!so i did the last ten lounges, and something tells me that getting out of bed tomorrow morning will be fun!
    after a little rest i did just one round of jumping jacks tabata, cause i’m mad i guess!
    Now i’ll cook myself some chicken satay, i deserve a little reward lol
    Thank you

    1. oh bugger just realized i jumped of the exercises in the second round, the sweat must hve blinded me!
      i’ll have to repeat it another day,and pay more attention!!!!
      oh well still having my satay, i still sweated a lot!
      can’t wait to be able to do it with a 16 kg kb!!!i can imagine that will give me a big sense of achievement!
      Sorry for the mistake πŸ™

  21. Hi, Marianne….I don’t have KB’s,(as of yet–on my wish list)since i “was” a zuzana follower and she seldom used kb’s on her site. But, I do have and use 2-25# hand weights,if i position it correctly in my hand grip,I can do the swings like the kb. I can only do 20 reps of the single arm swings and 2 handed swing,but can up the reps to 40 for the arm rows. I do 2 hours of workouts no matter what, and depending how many exercises are in the routine, I can get about 6-8 rounds. Is this okay,too much or not enough? I feel when I do only 20 reps ,it’s not sufficient; although I’m kicking it for several rounds. And I love ur accent.

    1. Hi Texas Cindy, thank you for liking my accent, that always helps πŸ™‚

      It’s great that you can adapt these exercises for your hand-weights but, I noticed one or two wee things in what you said and I hope you don’t mind be offering some advice. If you want to build a strong, and well conditioned body, with great muscle tone, you need to up the weights and do far lower reps. You say if you only do 20 reps, it feels insufficient, but actually 20 reps is even too high for any resistance programme and it won’t do you any added benefit in the long run. If you increase the weight enough, so you can physically do no more than 12-15 reps, you should feel this is sufficient. 40 reps will not work deep into the muscle, and you will only “scratch the surface” of their potential ability, shape and density.

      The other thing I noticed was that you do 2 hours of workouts, no matter what!? To me, this is overtraining and you will hinder any ability your body will have to build new muscle and settle inflammation. You need to train heavier, more intensly, over less time and allow longer recovery to see the best changes.

      I used to spend hours in the gym, doing the same as you, low weights, high reps and way too long doing cardio or messing about. As soon as I lifted a heavy dumbbell and then a barbell, my body lapped it up and I trained for 40 minutes with heavy weights, 20 mins cardio (sometimes) and I looked and felt a million times better and stronger.

      Working out for significant changes to your conditioning will only happen by increasing the intensity enough. If you are able to workout for 2 hours every day, then your workouts are not intense enough. You will hit plateaus and see very little happen as your body will learn to conserve its energy and strength. If you hit it hard and heavy, you body NEEDS to adapt an change your composition to cope with the demand.

      I hope you don’t mind me offering this advice, but I hope it helps highlight that, it’s quality over quantity. Increase the weight and drop the reps to the 8 – 12 range for even better results. Then add in some HIIT cardio to increase the intensity, it really will change your body for the better.


      1. Wow, I did that back in my twenties: 6 mile run, an hour and a half in the gym (1000 decline crunches with a 45 lb plate on my chest) and then an hour of aerobic dancing. My legs looked good and tight, but that was it — I could do a pretty heavy bench press at the time (142 and I weighed 125 at the time). I wanted to compete, but my body just would not grow or get defined. This was pre-Tabata. I did 3 sets of 8-10 reps of most things, but long gaps between reps and sets.

        Now I know I wasted most of my time: I was training inefficiently and overtraining too. I moved on to a more fun sport — windsurfing, which built me up a lot better anyway! I had to limit myself with that, otherwise I would have done it all day every day — I only sailed 1 hour a day and never on weekends when it was crowded. Boy, was it fun! What a pity I had to grow up and quit being a beach bum!

        That gave me a strong back and I think that is why it was relatively easy for me to get back into working out now, 25 years later!

        Marianne knows what she is talking about — these days we know that you just don’t need to put in hours at the gym to get an effective workout.

        ~ Gillian

  22. Marrianne,
    Just out of curiosity, How do you find the time for working out and answering everyone’s reply? Do you ever sleep and if so how many hours? I’m sure you probably don’t work a normal 8 hour shift. Even though you are dead tired from work, you still do the workout. I am the same way. I do my workouts after work except on weekends. I do them in the morning those days. When I come home from work I have two choices, I can make a right in the living room where my recliner is or I can go left and go to the workout room. Some days ,it’s a tough decision, but 99% of the time I go to the workout room. The other 1% is when I think my body is telling my body to take a break from it today.

    1. Hi Jim, I don’t know where I get the time, Andrew says I am going to marry my laptop, not him LOL πŸ˜‰ I do 3 x 12 hour Night shifts per week, the rest of my time is spent filming workouts, going to classes, watching some TV, eating, sleeping a little and updating the site. I love answering questions and writing – keeping in touch with people, which is why I am doing the “ask the expert” at Fitnorama Ask. I just want to progress – so I need to enjoy what I do, which I do of course πŸ˜€

      Yeah I am sitting on the computer now in my dressing gown, with my cup of tea, doing my replies before bed (no workout today), need to get more of my 99% back to working out I think. But not today. Tomorrow is workout day.

      I hope you enjoyed this video blend πŸ™‚ I should’ve picked my very first workout “Quick Burn Kettlebell Workout” – I look totally different now. LOL I could hardly speak to the camera back then.


  23. Hi Marianne!

    Just to clarify, when you say “(right and left)”, you mean to do x reps on the right, followed immediately by x reps on the left? Just want to make sure before I do it, as I haven’t seen you list it that way before.


    P.S. Your workouts make me sleep really well at night, haha!

  24. Wow, you have really advanced, even though you looked great back then, the changes are really impressive and inspiring! Your arms are lots bigger — nice. You do also seem more comfortable!

    You apologized for your snatch technique, but you are still doing it with 16Kg — that is amazing!!!

    Someday I will find a KB certified gym and get some guidance (the nearest I know of is about 230 miles away), so in the mean time, all I have is the internet and DVDs. Art of Strength has a series on right now in which they show progressions to doing a proper snatch. This is the first link in the series Their approach is a little different from all the other youtube videos I have seen, as they suggest one starts with a light barbell for form!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Thanks Gillian, yeah my arms are quite a bit bigger, I remember asking Andrew to measure my flexed bicep back then and I think it was about 10inches, NOW they are 12 and 1/4 inches :/ eek!! That’ll be the dips and pull ups – He’s jealous I think πŸ˜‰ I actually noticed how much better my glutes (in a functional sense) are now, they look far more toned and “awake” now too.

      I will check this link out later, looks interesting.


  25. Hi Marianne:

    Thanks so much for this w/o. I love the fact that it is all kettlebells! I do enjoy the weight-bearing sets in your workouts and know we need them, but I love solid kettlebells for the whole routine. I am going to do this workout today. And I would love for you to do another 500 round routine as well, as your two previous ones, I love.
    Also, you crack me up regarding your critiquing yourself. We are all so hard on ourselves. You sound great in all your workouts and tutorials. Good job, because it shows the transition you have made in less than a year, which give us all inspiration!

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