Kettlebell Fat Blaster Workout

by Marianne  - August 28, 2010

Hello all,

I’m back with my Kettlebells – my arm is much better.  I’m just off 3 night shifts this morning and I just couldn’t wait another day to try out my new “studio”. I am so pleased with the new camera, matting, and a few other bit and bobs that will be included soon.  The videos can now go ahead regardless of weather, or if Andrew is at home or work.  I’m going to be a workout factory LOL!

Today I just wanted to do a Kettlebell only workout, because it seems like forever since I last did one.  I had hoped to complete the EKI Challenge, but I don’t think my arm will be up to it. Although I may attempt it tomorrow – we’ll see 🙂

The Workout

The workout today is as follows:

Section 1 (2 rounds of the following 5 exercises)

  1. Two-Handed KB Swing x 50 reps
  2. KB Reverse Lunge (right then left) x 20 reps (with 12kg in first round) x 15 reps (with 16kg in round 2)
  3. KB Vertical Swing x 20 reps (with 12kg in round1) x 15 reps (with 16kg in round 2)
  4. Double KB Front Squats x 15 reps (and 2x12kg round 1) x 10 reps (with 2x16kg in round 2).
  5. KB Renegade Row x 16 reps (2x12kg round 1) x 12 reps (2x16kg round 2)

My time as per my Interval Timer this section took me 13 mins 31 secs.

Section 2 (3 rounds of the following)

  1. KB Windmill (right then left) x 5 reps
  2. KB Clean and Press (right and left) x 5 reps
  3. KB Snatch (right and left) x 5 reps

This section took me about 11 minutes. Total workout time = 24 mins 01 sec.

This was a good full body workout, mixing cardio, resistance, core and technique all rolled int0 25 minutes of your life. I really enjoyed this because I knew I was building strength as well as burning fat!

Now I am going to have a cup of tea and curl up on the sofa for a wee doze.  Let me know if you tried this workout and what you thought.

Talk to you all soon.



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  1. Hi Marianne,
    Just finished this workout, my time 26:01. Whew! as always I loved it but……… I couldn’t do the renegade rows. My head said okay do it but my arms wouldn’t move. Can’t figure out whats the problem. Technique,strength? So I did one arm rows instead.I’m able to do those effortlessly. I know part of the problem is the weight of my kettlebells (12kg). I’ve ordered 8kg and am expecting them any day now. So I’ll practice more with those. Well Marianne despite the minor setback I loved the workout. Thanks again. Enjoy your day ! 🙂
    Minnie V.

    1. The renegades are tricky to get the hang of, so don’t be discouraged. Just be sure your 8’s have a wide enough base so you don’t go over on your wrist 🙂 Wouldn’t want any unfortunate injuries.

      I’m glad you still enjoyed the workout 😀


  2. Blimey I am soaked LOL!

    Just did this with my 16kg and it was tough! I have settled on ‘Ballistic Row’ followed by ‘single arm planks’ as my adaption for renegade row.

    Have you tried ‘Ballistic Row’ before? I think it’s my new favourite exercise. I found it on that website I told you about. Here’s the demo vid for anyone not sure about it

    Oh and Marmalade is growing up fast isn’t she!


  3. OMG – thanks Marianne that was a killer I am dripping :0. Down 5 kg too. Keep them coming. I am keeping up so much better now.

  4. Hi Marianne,
    Great workout!!!! I still haven’t bought the kettlebells but…
    I improvised with dumbells (25lbs.) as best as I could. What a workout. I’m so happy I finished it. Time was good. I was out of breath and very happy about it. Worked up a good sweat. Since you told me about the handles of the kettlebells I’m shopping around for the right ones. (and the class) I’m doing the IF Sunday through Friday,and take a break on the weekend. So far so good.
    Glad that you are feeling good in that your wrist is better. I watched some of your earlier videos and can see the change in you.
    You look fantastic.
    Thank you for all your help. (Andrew as well)
    In NYS 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I hope you have some luck with the Kettlebell shopping.

      Thanks for the compliment too. I feel a little bloated this week though, must be all the cheesecake 🙁 Probably going a little over-board – will have to start being good again – eek


  5. Hi Marianne

    I am still soo new to Kettlebells but I wanted to challenge myself with this workout. Had to get it done before my girls woke up from their naps!
    I used my 8kg and my 12 kg bell
    Round 1 time was 11:35 and round 2 was 8:42
    I did the entire workout no rest just enough rest to reset the timer before the second round. I am smoked!! Love your site and all your workouts. I have been sharing your site with all my fitness friends!

  6. Hi Marianne,

    Another great workout! My total time was 28 min and 8 sec. I had to use a variety of different weights. Here is what I used:
    1. Two-Handed KB Swing 10kg
    2. KB Reverse Lunge 12kg
    3. KB Vertical Swing 8kg (first round I did these but found that my back did not like them so on the second round I did Alternating swings)
    4. KB Front Squats 12kg (I don’t have any kettlebells that are the same weight)
    5. KB Renegade Row 8kg

    The second half of the workout I used my 15lbs Kettlebell.

    1. Glad you liked it Wendy, good time too.

      Obviously I am not there to see you do it but, sometimes people tend to lean forward and curl their backs over during the Vertical swing, rather than sitting back into a sumo squat position, with head up and arms straight. This may not be what caused the back issues here, just a guess. Even if you don’t post it anywhere, you should film yourself doing exercises and check out your form. It is very helpful. I have been shocked by my technique sometimes when watching things back.

      The Alt swing was a good sub, because it elevated the heart rate too. Oh and it doesn’t matter if your KBs are different weights, rack the 12kg and the 8kg together anyway, then swap them round during the second round. BTW What did you do for the renegade rows?

      Cheers for comment

    2. Thanks for the tips Marianne. I think that is exactly what I am doing wrong on the vertical swings. I will have to try the suggestion for the Front squats. For the renegade rows I used a step that I have that I can adjust the height and had it at 6 inch under one hand in plank position and did 16 on oneside with the Kettlebell then switched sides.

      1. No worries Wendy, hope it helps. Nice work with the Renegade rows btw, that’s just what I would do if I only had one KB 🙂 You’re becoming a Kettlebella in your own right now 😀

  7. Studio looks great! Killer workout – I’ve never seen the Vertical Swing before – now I can add it to my own routine!

    1. Thanks Missy!

      The vertical swing is a great cardio exercise, but it is also great for legs (as the acceleration comes from them), the shoulders (middle and rear), traps and upper back. It burns with the 16kg tho LOL

      Glad you like the rountine 🙂

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