My 300 Rep Challenge Attempt :)

by Marianne  - August 24, 2010

Hi everyone,

Finally I feel like I am in the land of the living again after very little sleep and 2 night shifts that left me feeling drained! And, I finally completed my own challenge.

Our home improvements are going well so far, so once I get everything set up indoors I won’t have to rely on the weather being dry etc, so it should give me plenty more opportunities to film new workouts in the winter months.

I posted the “Kick Some Butt” workout challenge to you all on Sunday, so click on the link to see the full details of the workout (as there’s not point in repeating myself).

Out of everyone who responded to the challenge so far Becci had the best time of 17 minutes so well done you.

Using my Gymboss Interval Timer as a stopwatch, I intended to time both me AND Andrew doing this workout, but during his first exercise it started to pour with rain, and then he had to go to work – but he will be doing it – I’ll make him LOL 🙂

This is exactly why I am making a studio !

Here is my attempt:

My time was (drum roll)… 17 minutes 29 seconds!! Not too bad, but it could have been better. I was not impressed at how weak I was at the last exercise! But I enjoyed it all the same 🙂

I also want to apologise in advance for any strange editing you may see. I got myself a new camera, to enhance the picture quality indoors, and it’s slightly more complex than my handy Flip Ultra HD that I have been using until today. Just hope I can master all the additional settings, because I’ve been used to “on/off” until now LOL

Anyway, as always I am open to comments, feedback and of course your times etc. Becci, you are winning so far 😀

Talk to you all soon.



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  1. 21 min and 02 secs…. I actually almost died completing this. It is my first marianne workout…… and definitely not my last. You make this look soooo easy, that when I actually started I was knackered after the push ups and couldn’t believe it. But I pushed through 🙂

    I think I’m going to go through all your bodyweight workouts before I start with my kettlebells, because if this is anything to go by then I am not as fit as I thought, running doesnt prepare you for this ahahaha.


    1. Well done Tam!! Yeah, running is totally different, in terms of energy systems etc. This sort of workout will take a while to get used to. You are putting the muscles under tension while they are stretched wereas running doesn’t really do this. It is best to get good at the bodyweight exercise before adding additional weight. But I would recommend some KB rows and even swings to add in to your routine. Start with your 8kg and even do 3-5 rounds of: Bodyweight Squats x 20 reps, Single Arm Rows x 12 – 15 reps (each side), Burpees (with or without push ups) x 30 seconds and Two-Handed KB Swings x 30 seconds. Just to have a short full body workout.

      Have fun 😉

  2. i did this today in 20 mins and 39 seconds!!!!!good workout. If you ever have enough time ,maybe you can show us what you eat for a whole week…it gives a wider idea of your food intake!!! keep up the workout.. I also see a huge change in your body from older workouts! 🙂

    1. Great time Maria!!! Don’t be expecting my food diary to be the “ideal” everyone needs to follow to look a certain way, it’s not and, I know I eat far too much rubbish at times, but it will illustrate a more realistic diet and the mistakes that even I make. I do eat a lot of food in one sitting :/ But I will show you all my sins LOL

  3. Marianne:

    Very impressive after very little sleep and remodeling going on! One day we’ll try one of your workouts at the gym and let you know how we do. Gotta love those burpees with pushups at the end, eh? Who thought of doing that!

    I recommended your site to some friends.

    1. Thanks Phil, those burpee-like things at the end were my idea (don’t ask me why – seemed like a good idea at the time). I had intended on a jump-tuck rather than just a jump, but I had very little left in the tank by that stage lol. Sure notice a difference in strength after taking a few days off 🙁

      Oh and my sides are in bits today after those evil side bridges!

      Cheers for your comment

  4. Hey Marianne

    Here is my attempt at your challenge…

    It seems that I had a different take on some of the exercises…but that’s okay! Great job on the workout. It will be interesting to see if Andrew beats you or not!

    The crazy thing watching myself on video was seeing my form. The lunge kicks I was wobbling all over the place! I need to get %&&#$&^# together!

    Talk to you soon

    1. Hey Heather, nice to put a face to the name 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Don’t worry about the push ups, I didn’t even do what I intended to LOL.

      That’s a great wee set up you got their too.

      That workout was pretty tough, it seemed like a good idea at the time 😉


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