How to get a Real BOOTY!

by Marianne  - July 1, 2011

Today I woke up in Munich and I am having a great time 😀 But there is always time to update you all on anything training-related.

In catching up with my Aunt here, my blog and fitness came up in conversation. Most people I know are curious about how it’s all going (the blog) and, they usually wish for some diet and training advice. One of the first things my Aunt commented on, was how firm my butt looks. She wanted to know how I did this and I happily showed her the Glute Bridge. While I know that this exercise is not the only factor involved in shaping my behind, I know that is has been one of the main ones, which I wrote about in my “The Glute Journey Tutorial“.  A combination of great exercises, performed correctly has transformed my body and my butt into living evidence that speaks for itself!

Let’s face it – Who could REALLY argue with me that the glute bridge does not work!?!

After only using Body Weight, the glute bridge became way too easy for me, so I have been going to the gym and adding a little weight to the bar… well actually a lot of weight to the bar. Yesterday I managed to get most of my Barbell Glute Bridges on video (thanks to Andrew, as he wanted his filmed as well, so we helped each other).

Below is me Bridging like there was no tomorrow! 😀

Remember to regress and progress properly to see the best results.

I hope to be back soon with a short but intense workout, but there are quite a few summer parties about in town, so I am planning a lot of socialising! It’s already looking like a lovely day here, so I’m off to get my morning coffee and relax.  Boy do I love being on holiday 😀

Talk to you all soon.


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  1. OK I JUST WATCHED THIS, AND WOW, AMAZING, makes me want to go get my bar and butt my tiny little 5 lbs weights on there, I always hate trying to convert the kilograms to pounds,,, you are amazing. So is this all you do on that day for a workout. I wouldn’t be able to walk after this.

  2. You inspired me to add these into my leg day at the gym. I did 3 sets of 10 with 155Lbs the other day. Felt awesome!! working on my booty too!

  3. AWESOME video !!!

    Stumbled on your site and love it.
    Please activate my account with the same user name as here.

  4. First – Happy B-day Marianne!

    I am loving all the advice on the glute work. I have a ton of back issues – and it is most likely from weak glutes. (OK pregnancy did not help either).

    I have been practicing the glute bridge and since I do not work out at a gym, but at home, I can’t do weighted ones. SO I tried it with my shoulders elevated and it did hurt my low back.

    I did it with my shoulders on my couch not a bench, so maybe it was too high? I noticed that I could bridge all the way upwithout a problem, it was going down that hurt. I then just lowered 1/2 – 3/4 way down and that was better. Do you think I can progress this way until my glutes get stronger to go the full range of motion?

    1. Thanks Gina!

      I would imagine you could keep practicing the top range of the movement, as this is when full hip extension and hyper-extension occurs. But I would regress back to the Glute Bridge for a while longer and then try the hip thrust again in a week or two. On the way down you may just be letting the stability slip a bit and extending the back to try to reach the floor. Keep the pelvis “tucked” right until your butt touches the floor. This way you retain that stability through the pelvis, taking the tension off the back throughout the whole ROM.

      But remember regression is key. Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Seriously amazing Marianne! Wow…. literally buns of steel hehe! The stability and strength needed to lift that……. very cool!

  6. Oh girl, all I can say is WOW!!! I agree with Gillian: Marianne, you are incredible! 🙂

    I did some Glute Bridges (BW only) on Wednesday and still have DOMS 🙂 But will definitely try this variation next time I go to the gym.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS: have a great time in Munich! 🙂


    1. Thank you Ali 😀 Just in there from a party! Had to leave early because it got so cold! LIKE IRELAND 🙁 boo!! But having a little vino now in the house 😀

      I would recommend you progress the BW glute bridge to the BW hip thrust before you try adding the weight. As I advised in my tutorial 🙂

      Enjoy !

      1. Oh… sorry about the weather. Hope it will pick up soon.

        Yes, thanks for the adivce. I am actually planning to get back to the gym by end of summer. So I plan to practice a lot 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of weight you bridged! Nice going! This happens to be one of my favorite butt building exercises.

    I agree with the caption at the end of the video “A strong butt is a beautuful butt”! I love that!

    Have a great holiday.

    1. Cheers Mickela. No, we are not back together, but we are still on good terms. Plus he works in the gym I go to, so he can be my carmera man from time to time 😛

  8. OMG, you’re incredible! Twice body weight is awesome. Remind me to never get on your bad side! No wait, you made us do stand/knee/stand!

    I don’t think we realize how hard you work on this, since we don’t see all of your gym workouts… you have put in a lot of time and hard work and it shows!

    Congrats on the amazing numbers… all of them!

    ~ Gillian

    1. Thanks Gillian. From doing these weighted glute bridges, it seems I may have under-estimated my ability as I always thought my glutes were weaker! I have progressed well in this exercise. And I think most people could progress quickly, as the glutes get fired up.


  9. Hi Marianne

    Very impressive, I’ve never tried this variation before ( usually do it off a bench at the gym) would you say this has more impact than the single leg hip thrust?? I do a variation and love both but was wondering if you were to name the ‘best’ glute activating (and rounding!! lol) exercise, would this be it?

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂


    1. Hey, to properly and safely activate and strength the glutes you are best to start with Glute Bridges (using Body Weight only), then progress through several variations until you get to this one I do here, or even the single-leg variations. I’m not sure if you read my article “The Glute Journey“? But for more details on the how and why to regression/progression this exercise see my tutorial there.

      As for the BEST glute exercise for both activating and strengthening – THIS IS IT, yes 😀

      Thanks, the weekend has started off with rain 🙁 and I have been inside all day LOL, but heading out soon for food and wine 😛

    2. aww Marianne, crappy rain 🙁 wasn’t too bad here today! But you’ll be basking in the American sunshine soon enough.

      I do a lot of glute bridges and single leg thrusts and weighted bench hip thrusts too… so I think… I might be able to handle this one… might being the key word lol I’m just wanting my glutes to look like a shelf too, they used to lol! Though maybe not as definite shelf like as urs lol

      Here’s hoping u get some sunshine! 🙂

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