How to get a Real BOOTY!

Today I woke up in Munich and I am having a great time 😀 But there is always time to update you all on anything training-related.

In catching up with my Aunt here, my blog and fitness came up in conversation. Most people I know are curious about how it’s all going (the blog) and, they usually wish for some diet and training advice. One of the first things my Aunt commented on, was how firm my butt looks. She wanted to know how I did this and I happily showed her the Glute Bridge. While I know that this exercise is not the only factor involved in shaping my behind, I know that is has been one of the main ones, which I wrote about in my “The Glute Journey Tutorial“.  A combination of great exercises, performed correctly has transformed my body and my butt into living evidence that speaks for itself!

Let’s face it – Who could REALLY argue with me that the glute bridge does not work!?!

After only using Body Weight, the glute bridge became way too easy for me, so I have been going to the gym and adding a little weight to the bar… well actually a lot of weight to the bar. Yesterday I managed to get most of my Barbell Glute Bridges on video (thanks to Andrew, as he wanted his filmed as well, so we helped each other).

Below is me Bridging like there was no tomorrow! 😀

Remember to regress and progress properly to see the best results.

I hope to be back soon with a short but intense workout, but there are quite a few summer parties about in town, so I am planning a lot of socialising! It’s already looking like a lovely day here, so I’m off to get my morning coffee and relax.  Boy do I love being on holiday 😀

Talk to you all soon.


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  • July 1, 2011

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