Hard Core Body Burn

by Marianne  - September 3, 2010

Hello all,

Today’s workout is interval training which, as we know increases your metabolic rate at the time of the workout and during the following 12-24 hours.

In order to really challenge myself, I decided to do 2 sections. The first section lasts 8 minutes and it is made up of resistance exercises. I am using Kettlebells, but you can also use Dumbbells, or adapt the exercises slightly and do them with body weight only. The second section is 12 minutes long and is a mixture of cardio and abs, all using body weight. I have incorporated my pull up bar and stability disc into the workout to advance the exercises, but fret not, because you can do alternatives to these that will exercise the same muscles without needing the equipment.

The Workout

First I set my good old Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of two intervals – 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds effort. Then I completed 2 rounds of the following 4 exercises below (in brackets are my scores):

Section 1

  1. KB Squat Thrust Deadlifts (14,11) (first round 2x12kg, second round 2x 16kg)
  2. KB Close Push Ups (12,9)
  3. KB Goblet Squat into High Rotations (10,8)
  4. KB Renegade Rows (17, 14) (R1 – 2x12kg, R2 – 2x16kg)

I then reset my Timer for 12 cycles of the same interval times 20/40 and I completed 2 rounds of the six exercises below:

  1. Stability Disc Crunches (17,16)
  2. Mountain Climbers (57,55)
  3. Hanging Knee Raises (11,10)
  4. Dynamic Squats (28,25)
  5. Hanging Oblique Raises (13,11)
  6. Push Ups into Jump (now calling these Evil Burpees) (11,10)

A 20 minute full body workout that includes strength, core, abs and cardio. Your get an adequate rest period to enable you to fully utilise the effort interval without reaching failure too soon.  I REALLY enjoyed this workout because I am finally able to use my pull up bar and mix things up.

I hope you will give this a try and let me know if you found it a challenge too 🙂

Talk to you all soon.

Cheers for now



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  1. Hi Marianne I found your site by accident, I was actually following Bodyrock.tv, but the workouts stopped being challenging for me and there isn’t much consistency on that site anymore. I also like that you incorporate the kettle bells.
    I looked a bit in your workout archives and really found a lot of interesting new challenges. I will definitely come to visit more often.

    1. Hi Mickela, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m glad you like the look of my workouts, I hope you will find them as challenging as I do. Kettlebells are a great way to increase the intensity and the effectivness of any workout. But I am bias as I love resistance exercises.

      Anyway, enjoy your browsing and I hope I’ll hear from you again.


  2. Found your website recently and I find it really informative and focused on workouts. I was following BodyRockTv but the website has become more of a lifestyle site. I don’t care what kind clothing or make up she buys. Anyways thanks and keep those workouts coming.


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