BlackJack Body Blast – 21 minute Workout

Hello All,

Today’s workout is not complicated, but it was still tough! Granted I was just off work when I did this, but I still think I made the most of the effort intervals.

The Workout

The workout is 21 minutes of body weight interval training. There are 3 rounds of 7 exercises. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 20 seconds recovery and 40 seconds effort. The exercises and my reps are as follows:

  1. Burpees without push ups (20,22,19)
  2. Plank Climber (alternating leading arm) (21,19,17)
  3. Squat Tap Tap (20,21,18)
  4. Reptile Push Ups (19,18,15)
  5. Side Squats (right) (26,24,23)
  6. Side Squats (left) (24,24,23)
  7. Mountain Climbers (69,64,60)

I really enjoyed this workout and I ended up covered in sweat which always makes me feel better (because I feel I have really pushed myself).

I have been neglecting my cardio this last 2 weeks and I think it’s starting to show, to this incoming week I plan to up my game with all my training again!  In addition to that I also plan to clean up my diet too.  Every so often I go through a phase of treating myself too much and then I start feeling bad about it and then change things for the better – so that’s my goal for this week, or in fact this month 🙂

I will be back very soon with a new workout, enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  • September 5, 2010

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