Freeze Your Kettlebells Off – Conditioning Circuit

by Marianne  - January 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

On Friday (I think) it was a lovely clear day here and I planned an outdoor workout for a change. By the time I got my arse in gear and away from Facebook, it was starting to get dark and the sun never made it round to my back garden. But still I persevered and filmed this 18 minute Kettlebell Conditioning Circuit.

I missed the second half of round two on the film because I mustn’t have pressed the record button hard enough, so I only have footage from rounds 1 and 3.

The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 18 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort. Complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises.

The exercises are fairly straight-forward today, except number 4. This combo can only be done if your home or gym set-up allows it. If not, you can always leave the Pull-Up out and add it in as a bridging exercise between rounds. Or add a 7th exercise and do Bent Over Rows.

I only used one 20kg Kettlebell for this workout. My reps per exercise are in brackets.

  1. Goblet Squat (16, 15, 15)
  2. Contra-Lateral Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (left leg, right arm) (19, 18, 18) – not feeling as strong with my form in these today. Note the problems I had keeping the rear leg straight and still. Darn hip tightness!
  3. Same on right leg with weight in left hand (21, 20, 20)
  4. Burpee to Pull-Up (6.5, 5, 5) – how pathetic was my jumping LOL!
  5. Two-Handed KB Swing (33, 33, 32)
  6. Vertical Swing / Pull Burpee (13, 12, 11.5) – on fire with these 😀

And that’s that!

It may not have been a very creative design, but it got me off my butt and out in the very fresh air to exercise!

Oh and when I took my Vibrams off, all toes were accounted for 😉

I have two new workouts in the pipeline. One is a NEW beginner’s workout series and the other is a Booty-Making gem of a workout. For anyone wanting to build a strong, beautiful behind, then I show you just the thing to do it!

Stay tuned.



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  1. I’m new here, Marianne, and I just want to say that I’ve really been enjoying your workouts. I had to leave my gym a while back for financial reasons and I was missing strength workouts. I’d tried another site for a while, but it’s changed and also never really had enough of a focus on strength. I’m enjoying working out with you. Also, you’ve got a nice laid-back demeanor, which is pleasant. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thanks Tbone (cool name btw). Well, you will certainly build plenty of strength here, with the Conditioning thrown in too 🙂

      You are very welcome and thank you for commenting.


  2. Hi Marianne! Hope you are feeling well today. I’m having trouble with my form on the Vertical Swing / Pull Burpee. Do you have a tutorial for this exercise?


  3. I FINALLY got to do this workout today — Yay!
    1. Goblet squat 16 Kg 18, 13, 14
    2. SLRDL rt 16 Kg 15, 15, 14
    3. SLRDL Lt 16 KG 16, 14,14
    4. Burpee jumpt to pullup 7, 6.5, 7
    5. 2 handed swing 20 Kg 27, 26, 27
    6. Vertical pull to burpee 14 Kg. 9/5, 10, 11

    I am usually very good at the SLRDLs, but today I was really off balance and felt all twisted up. I liked the burpee jumps to pullups a LOT! The vertical pulls to burpees were really hard after the pullups and swings though.

    I like the idea of jumping to pullups — that is a way to do negatives and push for better numbers.

    It was a good thing this was only 18 minutes as I was working at my limit ion weights with just about every exercise.

    HR 2 sweat 1 face lt red — I was really breathing hard when this was over.

    Another Marianne Great! Oh, all this talk about a Hot Bun workout makes me worried. M is going to come up with something to make us beg for mercy! (In a good way b/c it will be good for us!)

    ~ Gillian

    1. We were both having wobbly days with the SLRDL 🙁 I blame the wind 😉 LOL!

      I am going to try the Burpee to Pull Ups on the higher beams to see if I can get a better jump at them! It’s a great wee exercise – I love it too! Makes you feel a bit more badass – which is clearly very important 😉

      Glad this one got you going, if it didn’t, think I’d have to give this all up!

  4. why in the heck are my shoulders killing me the day after this workout? i couldn’t do the pull ups, no bar, but my shoulders are in absolute pain today….

  5. A burpee to a pullup? Goodness I think you are trying to kill us Marianne :).

    I might need a sub suggestion for that move.

    1. Sorry! LOL

      I made a suggestion on the post. Think I said to do normal burpees and then add some rows in the next interval. I always subs Pull Ups with a Row of fancy. Without the bar, or any other method of doing a vertical pull exercise, there is no direct sub. The best alternative is a horizontal Pull – ie a Row. If anyone has one of those Dip Station things that BodyRock use, then you can do a Seated Pull Up, which is better than nothing.

    1. Sam, It depends on where you’re starting from. A beginner will gain more muscle when performing these workouts than someone who has already been training. T

      I would recommend my Strength Workouts more for muscle growth, along with an appropriate diet or enough calories to support growth. If you can, then progress the weight you use when possible.

      You can do these workouts everyday, so long as you are still seeing progression. If your results are not happening, then you may need to re-assess things like you rest days, the amount of cardio you do, diet etc.

      Does that make sense?

  6. Can’t wait for that booty workout!!!! Need to get the booty right for the summer. I have never worn a bathing suit without covering my butt and I am 35 : ( ……Love your site…you are awesome!!

    1. That might be what hurt your shoulder too! :/

      Nice job with the DLs and Bridges though. Thank you again for the Head Band. I will give you a shout-out on my next post! 😀

  7. I love this workout! Perfect combo of exercises.
    And a Booty workout coming soon? I can’t wait. I have been trying to get to the gym more to work my legs in a way I can’t at home, and having a hard time. I tried deadlifting and it hurts my back A LOT. So I am doing something wrong or my back is just not made for deadlifting? I used to avoid it in the past because it did always hurt my back. I can’t seem to pick up the weight using my legs, instead use my lower back muscles. I am so frustrated.
    My 4 yr old is in preschool now 2 days a week, and my baby just turned one so I’ve been going to the gym, and want to make most of my time! ARGH.

    1. Maybe you are not pulling back with your upper body enough on the initial pull. I found I was not keeping the bar touching my shins and not keeping my chest up enough, so my lower back was compromised and it used to give me pain/strain too. Sometimes, Sumo-Style, or rack deadlifts will help. What helped me the most was Good-Mornings, glute bridges and studying my form. Now, the day after I deadlift I have bruises on my shins. I bruise easily, but this shows I was keeping the bar close.

      Would you have a long torso or long limbs? If you have a longer torso, your shoulders are more likely to be further in front of the bar when you start, which will immediately put more strain on your low back. Starting from a deeper “squat” position, with the hips lower might help. Or in Sumo-Style, start with the hips lower and allow the legs to play more of a role. My hip drive is stronger than my legs, and my limbs are longer, so I start with my hips higher – using more hamstring, glute and lower back. Julia, from GGS starts her deadlift from lower, but her body mechanics are totally different to mine – so that works for her.

      1. Thanks Marianne. This helps. I do not have a long torso, but super long legs – I have the hardest time finding pants to fit – they are always too short. 🙂 So the ground does seem far away when I am bending down to grab the bar.
        I am going to try racked deadlifts and see if I can work on form some more and get used to it to then make progress to lifing it off the floor. Great tip!

  8. Do you wear sox with the vibram shoes? I have running shoes that feel barefoot and they are not as comfortable when I wear sox.
    Looking good on this one. I would like to try this workout the deadlifts look like fun. Today is my heavy lifting day so I will have to wait a day or 2 to do this one.


    1. No, I have been meaning to get those socks. Because the Vibrams get a little sweaty too, plus my tooties are colder these days.

      Hope your heavy lifting day was a success 🙂

  9. Thanks for this one, I like it. Especially burpee to pull up, it’s one of my favourite exercises. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the Booty-Making gem workout! 🙂

  10. oh i love you , can’t wait to see the booty making gem of a workout. when will you post that.

    Let me know if you get that headband this week, i would hope Saturday at the latest.

    1. Hopefully today or tomorrow Tempest and everyone else (for the Booty-Making Gem). Some stuff has come up and I need to slow down. Butt 😉 it’ll still be a Gem – so worth the wait! 🙂

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