Buns, Guns and ABdomination by Rog Law Fitness | Workout Video

by Marianne  - August 15, 2012

Hey everyone,

Today I have another guest workout for you! Roger Lawson has fast become a great friend in the last couple of months and I know you will all instantly fall in love with his energy, enthusiasm and humour! He is also one of the most generous and selfless people I know, so give him a very warm welcome here!

Actually, a few weeks back I set Rog a challenge as part of his “I Must Break You” Series – to complete my Super Variety Kettlebell Workout that I posted here at the end of June. Rog’s attempt can be seen here. It should be noted that they did it totally backward and had intervals of 15 secs effort and 45 rest, instead of the other way around (cheaters! haha). In October, Rog is visiting Ireland for a week and will hanging out with me here in Belfast. So justice will be served, I have challenged him to a rematch … and he graciously accepted! Well, he can hardly come to the myomytv studio and NOT do a workout for you all 😉

Now, I will hand over to Rog and I’ll let him introduce today’s workout: AND CHECK OUT MY STUPID ATTEMPT TO BE COOL AT THE END! LOL – Rog dared me to say swagger … and it flopped 🙁

The Workout (Rated: Advanced)

A1) Explosive Glute Bridge (thrust so hard that the bar leaves your hips) – 1 x 5
A2) Glute Bridge Booty Pump (lockout, drop an inch or two, lock out, repeat) – 1 x 20
A3) Standing Band Hip Thrust – 1 x 30

B1) Rack Assisted 1 Arm Chin Up (the higher your arm on the rack, the more help you’ll get when you pull) – 1 x 3-5 each arm
B2) Eccentric Focused Chin Ups (minimum 5 seconds lowering on each rep; explode up)- 1 x 5-10
B3) Explosive Chin Ups (minimize the lowering; explode up) – 1 x 5-10

C1) Band Glute Rotations – 1 to 2 x 10 each cheek
C2) Push Up Lean/Push Up/Push Back Combo – 2 x 1/3/3
(1 push up lean each arm, 3 push ups & 3 push backs – repeat 2x for one set)

D) Deadlift + Pendlay Row Combo – 2 x 10/5
10 reps on the deadlift, and 5 reps on the row – choosing a heavy enough weight for the row to be a challenge. Return the bar to the floor with each rep.

E1) Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollout – 2 x 8-10
E2) 1 ½ Dumbbell Hammer Curl – 2 x 8-10

F1) Dragon Flag (straight legs = harder; bent knees = easier) – 2 x 3-5
Go down only as far as you can keep a neutral spine – KEEP YOUR BUTT SQUEEZED!
F2) Tire Slams (slam as if you were trying to break the world in half) – 2 x 5

Cheers all,

~ Rog

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Whether you do the whole workout, take ideas from it, or just watch (Rog’s glutes) in amazement you will be entertained!!

It’s refreshing to watch such great energy and form all in one place.

Thanks Rog 😀

See you all soon!


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  1. If I saw you working out at my local gym, I’d be the annoying person going can I workout with you? that work does like like an awful lot of work.

    1. I’ve never had anyone ask to workout with me, so you’d definitely be more than welcome!

      If you’re ever in Massachusetts, please take me up on that offer.

  2. Hi Rog,

    this is really an amazing workout and you will be another great addition to the list of interesting trainers whom I have discovered thanks to Marianne.


  3. It is funny that Rog is a cheater when he tries other peoples’ programs, but he nails the tire on the head with his own fitness creations. Rog seems to be a great good goofball. Love the reverse crunch slow release bit.

    1. Thanks, Melly! I know that I’m gonna be paying for it when I go visit Marianne, so I’m gonna start getting my conditioning ready now so that I don’t literally die on camera – that’d be kinda awkward…

    2. I can’t wait to see the rigorous routine Marianne puts you through. Perhaps a little HIIT with 50 seconds on and 2 seconds off. I would love to see that sped up on video!

  4. Hey Rog,
    I love your glute work and watching your glutes work!! Nicely developed quads too.
    I learned something new to add and share with friends.

  5. The always awesome Rog Law at his ultimately beastly best!!!! 😉 I absolutely love the trapbar deadlift!!!! And you will be happy to know that I love them even more than burpees…LOL!!! Actually set a 20 lb trapbar PR for multiple reps yesterday over my 165lb 1 rep max of 6 weeks ago…. 😉 New goal 205!!!

  6. ok on the amazing glute band hip thrust, i can see you have the band attached to the squat track or weight rack, but what are you holding in front of you , i don’t think i have a bar in front of any of my squat racks. you don’t happen to have a side view do you? otherwise love love all these. amazing.

    what weight so to speak are the bands, they look pretty thick.

    1. Hey Tempest,

      It would be pretty hard to do without holding onto something in front of you, but I’ll try and get another video soon on how to do this exercise without something to grip – deal?

      1. Um, yes,I can attest to this personally. I almost became a human sling shot…you definitely WANT something – or someone- to hold onto …preferably Rog 😉

  7. Awesome workout, Rog! Remember when we were doing those standing band hip thrusts and that sucker almost shot me across the room like a slingshot??? I loved those things, but boy, did they burn!

    Ok, once the shoulder is healed, I am ALL OVER those Tire Slams with you!

    Looking good, sweetie 😉

    1. HAHAHA yes I do! I definitely would’ve caught you mid air because that’s just what friends are supposed to do. You know you have a yearly pass to Glute Kingdom, so come on by whenever you’re ready – I have some new things to show you too.

  8. Another awesome trainer to add to my ‘stalker’ list alongside Marianne & Bret…….I think I may have just fallen a little bit in love with you whilst watching you perform chin ups!

    And the standing band hip thrust……hoooowweeee mother!

    Sexification in full effect =)

    1. And I may have fallen in love with you due to your use of the word “whilst” – well played! Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad to be mentioned alongside 2 other trainers that I respect the hell out of.

  9. Interesting combo, with some comments (take em or leave em).

    Like the chins, deadlift, rows, pushups and ab-wheel. Great compound exercises. Roger definitely has chin-up strength.

    The trap bar dealift should be completed from the lower position (to mimic the Olympic bar…or just use an Olympic bar). The upper position just makes the exercise easier (who goes to the gym for easy exercises?).

    Pendlay rows should be an explosive movement, from the floor, and the bar should touch the lower ribs/stomach (please try to reference/demonstrate exercises correctly – there’s a Utube video from Pendlay describing the row – not everyone is gonna research the correct form). What’s shown is a trap bar bent-over row.

    The trap-dead/pendlay superset with the same weight isn’t gonna challenge people on the deadlift portion. The row is generally a weak exercise for many people. Who can row what they normally deadlift?

    Will Roger explain why he chose these exercises, the sets/reps, how many days/week, how long it should take, rest between exercises? Basically, what was the ultimate goal? Thanks.

    1. Hey Cap (hopefully your name means Captain America, but I could only be so lucky),

      Thanks for the feedback.

      1) I have a history of low back pain, so I prefer to use the trap bar vs doing an olympic deadlift. I’d also leave the bar height preference up to the individual – if it’s too easy they can just add more weight to make up for the slightly higher bar position. Not a very big deal.

      2) As you can see from the video, the bar is still being explosively pulled from the floor on each rep. Because the trap bar is being used, it’ll be impossible to touch the bar to your stomach, so I prefer to use the rear part of the bar touching your hamstrings/glutes as a sign that you rowed high enough.

      3)I wanted to introduce higher rep deadlifts into the workout, so this was way of doing that. People can feel free to bump the load up on the deadlift and reduce the weight for the rowing portion.

      4)The goal of this workout was to show people some different variations on a few exercises while having some fun along the way. This workout could be a stand alone one or broken down into pieces with the various exercises being incorporated into other workouts.

      Rest is variable for sure – I recommend resting as long as one needs to in order to get it done and no more.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Interesting, thinking of what I call a ‘lateral wood chop’ as a glute exercise. I usually introduce it as an ab move, I’ll have to see what I’ve been missing.
    And I like the standing band glute bridge – we used to have to do those when I worked for the escort agency. Man, it was ’35 with a Jumpstretch Black or yer out!’ Harsh people….

    1. Honestly it’s a bit of both, but with a lot more glute focus because of the staggered stance. I might have to look into working for this escort agency you speak of…

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