Birthday Kettlebell Bash | 30 Rep Challenge!

Hi all,

I have a moment to post this very “fun” (fun being a relative term), challenge for my 30th. I have no idea why I was so weak today – after the first exercise I wanted to a) faint, b) die and c) give up … but I did none of these things. Instead, I gave myself a firm talking to and got on with the rest of the challenge!

Anyway, on Friday I got a lovely surprise from a friend of mine who arrived up at my house with the gift seen below.

mmm Kettlebell Cake!

I had this sitting in my house all weekend until my actual birthday … this is what the cake looks like now:


Enough said! Never leave me alone with ANY food, if you want a share!

Now, the challenge:

I did one round of the following 6 exercises:

  1. Goblet Squats x 30 reps (24kg) – death nearly became me!
  2. Two-Handed Swing x 30 reps (24kg) – these were fine
  3. Burpees x 30 reps – cursed myself!
  4. Single Leg Hip Thrusts x 30 reps (EACH LEG) – enough said!
  5. Renegade Rows x 30 reps (total) (2x16kg) – so much harder than usual!
  6. Dynamic Squats x 30 reps – easy finisher 😀

I must have bee really dehydrated or something because I have never ever felt faint during a workout … so I might need more cake to help me out … low blood sugar an also cause these symptoms 😉 😉 😉

Hope you enjoyed the video!

I’ll be back soon with more from London.



  • July 2, 2012

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