Beautiful Badass Verses Myomytv | Kettlebell Couplet Workout

by Marianne  - April 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

Well, I arrived safely in Paducah, KY yesterday and so far I am loving it. Everything is so green here, so I like that. I love being in the country side so I am sure this trip will be great!

Today I persuaded Nia Shanks to join me in a quick workout. With me being exhausted and Nia still suffering DOMS from her Sunday leg workout, we struggled with this Killer Couplet Workout! Nia has promised to do another workout with me, as well as our gym-based training, so you can look forward to plenty more material from this trip!

Anyway, as I don’t have much time to type, here is the workout breakdown:

The Workout

Interval couplets are a killer! Β There are 4 couplets in total. After each couplet you can have a little extra recovery. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort and complete 3 rounds of each couplet.

Nia and I didn’t keep a record of our reps per exercise. And also, we used Nia’s home-made Sandbag for some of the exercises. It is 50lbs (22kg). Β It’s not the most interesting workout in terms of exercises, but my creativity was lacking due to my tiredness – so bear with me.

Couplet 1

  1. Alternating Reverse Lunges (Nia used 2 x 12kg, I used the Sandbag)
  2. Super Plank Climbers

Couplet 2

  1. Front Squats (Nia used 2 x 12kg, I used the 22kg)
  2. Kettlebell Swings (Nia used 16kg, I used 2 x 12kg)

Couplet 3

  1. Clean and Press (right) (used 16kg and 12kg)
  2. Clean and Press (left)

Couplet 4

  1. Row (I did alternating Bent Over Rows with 16kg, and Nia did TRX Inverted Rows)
  2. Burpees (we nearly died).

The we messed about at the end on the TRX trying to do dips LOL! It was fun, but I might have needed to rest a little more after my long journey. Tomorrow we plan to go to the gym to do Upper Body Strength training πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to do Bench Presses!

Hope you enjoyed the video and will try this workout.




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  1. I did this at the gym today, and man, it’s a great workout! Snippets of the video of you and Nia kept running though my mind and made me laugh. Thanks for this awesome workout!

  2. OMG I did this workout this morning and it was just what the doctor ordered;) IΒ΄ve been reading your blog for a while and I find it so inspiring. There are quite a few fitness-blogs here in Sweden that mention Myomy every now and then so I got qurious at first and then I got hooked;) Keep up the good work:)

  3. Hi Marianne,
    I noticed in this video that you go very low in your push up. From a yoga perspective your shoulders should not be lower than your elbows because it will strain everything around your shoulders over time causing injury. The fitness side wants you to go low. As I offer both, I am slightly stuck with this one. My own experience does make me stop at elbow level, but this is because I struggle with my own joints. This does not mean the next person does and has to do the same. What is your take on this matter? This is a question as I am looking for advice, NOT to criticise your low push up.
    Thank you for your time
    Mel (originally from Germany living in the UK now so pardon my French :))

    1. Mel, my view is that as long as there are no existing deficits in the shoulder, then I see no reason to stop before that level. In fact, I would argue, that since we are born with that range of movement, then we should actually try and build up to it. If it was bad for our shoulders not to do that range, then surely we wouldn’t be able to do it?? I would advise you to check your form. If the form is off and your elbows are flared, or your scapulae are not gliding properly, then that can very well be the cause of your issues. Dips, Bench Press, and even simply pushing yourself off the ground will all result in the shoulders being below the elbows. If you never get that stretch, then your chest will always be left weaker.

      My overall advice is that if it hurts, don’t do it. But you should always look into why it hurts.

      Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the question πŸ™‚

  4. Im watching you workout and doing some of them for 2 year now. this is the first time im posting in the site. i love your workout and your amazingly strong. i wish to get to your level one day, not to far away. i did this workout and really enjoy it. it was nice to see you both laugh like that.
    Can you please do some workout with emphasis on Abs?

    thank you
    have a wonderful day

    1. Hey Tali, Great to hear from you after 2 years – thank you for reading my blog for so long πŸ™‚

      Also very happy to hear of your progress. I actually have a few older workouts that focus more on abs, but that is something I can add in to a future workout – no problem.


  5. I fell in love with this workout, I tried it last week while the kids were sleeping.
    Today I will do it one more time!

    Thanks for all your workouts!

      1. No hate at all! πŸ™‚

        I only have a 8 kilo KB + not much time without two small kids, so with those bottlenecks it is important to get challanges. Good workouts solves that for me. An intertaining video is a big plus πŸ˜€

  6. I did this one today and by the time I hit the burpees I was almost wiped out. All I can say is if somebody heard me ,they must have thought I was a pretty religious woman :))).

  7. I did this workout yesterday.
    1 Alt reverse lunges with 16 pounds sandbag 34-36-38
    2 Super plank climbers with push ups 13-12-11
    1 Front squats 30-32-30 with Sandbag
    2 KB swing 38-37-37
    1 Clean and press R with 10KB 12-11-10
    2 clean and press L 12-11-10
    1 Inverted row 22-20-20
    2 Burpees 14-14-12
    Great Sweat!

  8. Such a fun workout and funny video :). Amazing how girls can’t stop chatting even when they’re working out hard :)))

  9. OMG! This is the first of your workouts I have done and I’d hate to see what you come up with when you’re not tired!

  10. hi marianne,

    You guys are awesome, reminds me of me and my sister when we work out together, Nia is crazy lol. Also good to see you acting silly as well πŸ™‚ Cant wiat to try out these work outs. Also thanx for posting Nia’s video on how to make your own sand bags, cant wait to try it. Remember I told you our gym had KB’s but removed them because not enough people were using them, soory still kind of upset about it!!! Anyway, very impress with your form on the double KB swing, I can barely keep up with one weight, yes I’ve been using plate with handles for my swings….hey gotta do what u gotta do to get it in right??? lol.

    Thanks again for sharing your videos while you’re away….looks like a lot of fun. Cant wait to see what yall come up w/next.

    Take care,


  11. Nice job ladies! 45/15 is a brutal work to rest interval to work with. And not to be a jerk, but your “TRX” is actually a split Jungle Gym from Lifeline. I work at the Monkey Bar Gym in Madison, Wi, so I know it well. The new Jungle Gym XT gets rid of those metal adjusters for some smooth plastic ones, so no more scratches while doing dips.
    Keep it up ladies, I always use all of the GGS crew as examples for the women in the classes I teach.

  12. That looks like so much fun! I too was laughing out loud. This will be my workout for today and i’ll think of you guys.. and will be using Nia’s mental technique to ‘block it out’..when i feel like giving in! Wish I could have been there too! It would be a blast to work out with you guys.. laughing.. being goofy.. What fun!

    It was just neat to see your workouts in this style/format. Like ‘Real TV’ almost. It was nice to see that you guys are human too and struggle near the end (like ME)!

    Looking forward to more videos.
    Have Fun guys!

    1. LOL! Every one of my workouts I want to die at some point during it, so yes, that is normal πŸ˜‰

      New video is on it’s way of our random gym training.

  13. The funniest bit was the disappearing dog, just as it was about to pee on the goal. Nice editing M – looks like you are going to have a blast.


  14. I love this one. you guys are a perfect team. and Nia is right.
    Love and hate. every time I do your workouts the same thing goes through my head.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures in Kentucky.

    I might do this after I recover from your last one.


    1. Thanks Mickela, Nia is one of the funniest people I know, so we will have plenty of fun while we train. I’ll try and get a bunch of fun photos and video.

      Enjoy the workout πŸ™‚

  15. You two are so funny!! I’ve never wished I lived in KY so bad:) So, I started my PT classes last Sat. and this coming Monday I’m taking my very first formal KB class!! I’m super excited:) Anyway, I hope you have a fun trip! I’ve been a slug for the past 2 days so I’m going to do your 16kg kb workout, only 2 maybe 3 rounds and then go for my run. Keep us updated on all the fun you are having:)

  16. Ha ha – looks like Nia could give you a run for your money when it comes to dancing Marianne πŸ™‚ A dance off might make a good warm-up before your next workout πŸ™‚

    Great to see you guys having such a good time. This workout looks fab, so will make sure I give it a go in the next few days.

    Enjoy your trip!

      1. I buy $6 bag of kitty liter (gravel), 18kg in a thick plastic bag. Great for walking up and down stairs between sets;)

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