Walkin’ the Walk with Kettlebells

by Marianne  - May 15, 2015

This week I made sure I didn’t go to the gym on the same day I filmed a workout… instead, I filmed only enough to show what the workout would look like as I couldn’t quite perform it like I wanted.  It’s quite amazing how some days you are perfectly fine and on other days you feel too much pain and restriction to move “well enough”.

I can’t perform Deadlifts from the floor at the minute (only from platforms), but I didn’t remember that would apply even to my Kbs as they are relatively light compared to the Barbell. However, they are closer to the ground and therefore require a greater range of movement… a range that is not doable for me right now.

It’s easy to get disheartened when things that used to be taken for granted (like single leg exercises and full range squats and DLs) are too difficult.  But, had I not gone through the extremes of physical challenges I did for the majority of last year, I think I’d struggle to see any “up-side” to this. In reality this is a very minor blip on the radar and I am WAY better off than I was. The amount of material I collected for real growth is pretty impressive … maybe I should quit with the theory and go all out on the practice of it haha!! Full-on application of WIZZDOM!  But, truth be told, there are some moments that I see myself and think “what has happened to me?!” as I fill with panic that I’m not what I used to be (funny how we create these arbitrary standards for ourselves) and this somehow reflects on who I am. It can be hard to always successfully choose to remember how I am actually better off for the lessons I have learned.  Look, I am all too aware that I talk a good talk on my blog, but as I talked (lol) about last time on “Learning Again and Again“, it’s a daily action to let go of the self-obsession of trying to be something I am not, and instead focus on who I am and be grateful for even the smallest things in life. I just have to get myself out of my own way!

So if you too are struggling with dealing “what your body has become”, I completely understand and it is a miserable existence. But you have a choice, too. You can let it take over (which it wants to!) or you can observe its coming and going, remembering it only lingers when you entertain it. It’s very hard to just stop doing something by focusing on not doing it, I get that, but it is very easy to say to yourself “oh look, that thought has come by for a visit again. I’d rather it didn’t stay this time so I’ll just get on with things and it will pass on through”. I believe that we can focus on small steps toward being accepting and loving toward ourselves and others by deliberately speaking (out loud) things that are calm and things that are TRUE.

I need this lesson more than I care to admit sometimes but what I do know is I see how it is a trap. I’d much rather follow the still and quiet voice inside that draws me closer to setting deep *secure* roots, so I’m really walkin’ the walk and not just writing about what I want to be: Free from myself.  Ultimately, I think that’s who holds me captive. Something tells me I’m not the only one.


Anywho,  I guess I should tell you about this week’s workout 😀



The Workout

1. Sumo Deadlift: 3×8-12 or 3×5-7


2a. Hand-Release Push-Up: 3×8

2b. Cursty Drop Lunge: 3×8 (each side)


3a. Thruster: 3×8 (each side)

3b. Two-Handed Swing: 3×8-12

3c. Shoulder Tap Plank: 3×10-16 (total taps)


Hope you enjoy the workout, with or without modifications as suggested in the video.

~ M


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  1. I really appreciate your time and care when giving modifications for your workouts. I’ll be doing this one this afternoon. Thanks again 🙂

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