Very Quick Workout | Body Weight Interval Training!

Hey everyone,

In the middle of trying to organise a series of Beginner Workouts, I got so frustrated with my apparent inability to KEEP IT SHORT, that I have decided to try again another day! I annoy myself so much sometimes when I talk on camera, because I am useless at being to-the-point and end up going on and on FOREVER!

Anyway, I was thinking I better post something to keep you going since I have been so distracted this week so far and too busy to blog properly. So, here is a Very Quick Body Weight Conditioning Workout you can try.

NOTE: You can substitute the Pull Ups with a Rowing exercise if you prefer.

If you are just wanting a very quick blast of a workout, then this will do it 🙂

The Workout

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 15 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 1 min effort. Complete 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises:

  1. Evil Jumps (13, 12, 12)
  2. Burpees (17, 15, 16) – knee was a bit sore!
  3. Pull Ups (I aimed for 1 rep every 10 seconds)  (6, 5, 5)
  4. Side to Side Step Ups (63, 62, 64) – totally speedy 😀
  5. Elevated Plank Climbers (24, 22, 21)

This workout would be great to add as a finisher to one of your strength routines, or on a day you just felt like getting sweaty!

I will be back soon with the Beginner’s series; I just need to make sure I cover all the bases and make it as informative as possible 🙂

Have fun with this one 😀



I’ll leave you with a picture I saw on Facebook that “cracked” me up 😉

Next time I help one of my elderly patients up and their whole body creeks, should I say “Don’t worry, I don’t think your old, you’re just a bit crispy” LOL??  I know my Granny on my mother’s side would have LOVED this humour!

She was very crispy!

  • January 25, 2012

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