Update and Training with Beautiful Badasses!

Howdy Y’aall,

What a crazy week I have had! I have so much to update you on that I don’t know where to begin. My trip to the USA was a huge success for many reasons. Not only did I get to meet “our” Melissa, I got to meet 5 other amazing beauties who are now all friends for life!

In order to fill you in on my whole trip here are some other things I loved about visiting the USA:

  • Deep Dish Pizza

  • Godiva Chocolate

  • An actual summer!
  • Hiking in Brown County Park, Nashville

  • My very first Sushi experience šŸ™‚ Sooo goood!!
  • And, this guy?!

After Chicago Melissa and I just chilled out the rest of the week, which was just what I needed.

Then, on Friday the 19th of August I travelled to Cincinnati with Julia and Matt Ladewski. Julia was competing in the Southern Powerlifting Federation PRO/AM Powerlifting meet on the Saturday. Check out her video below. This woman is one heck of a powerhouse!

On Friday I also got to meet Alli McKee, Jen Comas, Molly Galbraith, Sarah Martin and, last but not least, my Guinness drinkin’/accent obsessed/”Gard Damn” roommate Nia Shanks. We have seen some of these ladies perform some serious feats of strength and conditioning over that last few months, but what I was impressed with the most was that each one of these women is full of heart, passion, personality and great humour (which honestly made the journey worth every hour I sat on a plane or car to get there).

All of us immediately hit it off and we headed to the Sweatt Shop for some Badass training and a lot of giggles!

Here are some clips from our time there:

Points to be made:

  • Alli Squatted a PR of 200lbs!
  • Molly also Squatted 200lbs!!
  • Nia Deadlifted a PR of 330lbs!
  • Alli also kicked butt with 10 one arm push ups (5 x 5) – seriously strong!
  • Both Nia and I used a prowler for the first time šŸ˜€ YAY!
  • Alli kicked everyone’s prowler butts again šŸ˜›

Here are some other videos that have been kindly uploaded to showcase our training session. Some of it is repetitive, but couldn’t ye just watch this all day?!

At the end of that day we thought it might be a laugh to show what REAL “Functional Training” should look like. This cracks me up every time I watch it!

FYI if you don’t have a “poop face”, you ain’t lifting heavy enough! šŸ˜‰

After the Powerlifting meet on Saturday we all headed out for dinner and drinks.

I would highly recommend checking out the following links and see what else these great women have to offer. Plus, you may see their write ups about our weekend:

I THINK that is most of the events. If I remember anything else, or get some extra footage, I will be sure to update you. I honestly wish I was back in the USA with these girls. Hopefully though I will be over there again very soon, because we are now going to be working together on many exciting projects in the future.

This is not the last of the Strong and Beautiful Badasses !

Hope you enjoy all the videos and I will leave you with how I looked when I had to go home

I will have a new workout soon btw



  • August 25, 2011

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