Do You Work Hard to Play Hard? Full Body Workout!

by Marianne  - August 16, 2011

Hello all,

I am super excited to introduce the workout that Melissa (original and I did today. After a few days of eating rubbish and drinking a little too much wine, we found it extra hard to workout, but we felt amazing after!

Melissa is such an amazing person. I realise that is an easy thing to say, but this women has dedicated her life to her family and is now about to embark on a whole new chapter in her life and her training, which is really exciting for her and I am so happy for her!

Melissa, your family is a credit to you and I thank you for your hospitality and kindness towards me and I hope my crude Irish humour hasn’t rubbed off on you too much … but I think we get each other 😉

For the purpose of the end clip in the video below, I need to explain what we are actually talking about:

For my close friends and family, they already know my sense of humour often resides in the gutter and toilet, so the following photo was simply irresistible to me. But, you need to know a little about why it all came together.

Study the following picture:

  • In the UK and Ireland “Fanny” = Anterior female body part, south of the navel.
  • “Pucci”, although not pronounced the same, looks like it might also be the name of the same body part.
  • In the top left of the photo (the little tiny red/brown sign), says “Nce Pucci Way” …
  • COME ON, how is that NOT a joke in the making!!!

When I explained the meaning to Melissa, she thought it was hilarious because apparently “Fanny” is US for your butt! Which I find odd because aren’t Fanny-Packs worn on the front??? Anyway, that’s another joke for another day …

The Workout

We decided to do a couplet workout, because we both love them and it meant we would each get to showcase our awesome workout design skills in a fairer way. Melissa designed the first 2 couplets, I designed the last 2.  Each couplet lasts 6 minutes and in all but the 3rd Couplet there are 3 rounds of the exercises. In the 3rd couplet I was being awkward and obsessive about Stand-Kneel-Stands and needed a 3rd slot for them, so there are 2 rounds.

We set the Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 20 seconds recovery and 40 seconds effort. We really did put everything we had into this today and boy did I notice a big difference! Even the KBs feel heavier!! But that’s obviously because they’re American 😉 LOL

Try not to get confused by the video, as we did work opposite each other due to lack of equipment.


Reps and weights are recorded reluctantly below. Melissa’s are in Red.

Couplet 1

  1. Jump Rope (we didn’t count)
  2. Super Push Ups (10, 8.5, 8 ) (10, 10, 10)

Couplet 2

  1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat (16kg) (22, 17, 15) (12kg) (12, 11, 11)
  2. Kettlebell Alternating Clean and Press (16kg then 12kg) (5, 6, 6) (12kg) (6, 6, 6)

Couplet 3

  1. Renegade Row (2 x 12kg for both of us) (16, 18 ) (15, 15)
  2. Stand-Kneel-Stand (left) (16kg) (12, 11) (2 x 8kg) (11, 13)
  3. Stand-Kneel-Stand (right) (12, 11) (11.5, 14)

Couplet 4

  1. Two-Handed / Alternating KB Swing (20kg) (27, 27, 24) (12kg) (26, 26, 26)
  2. Dynamic Squats (35, 30, 3o) (29, 29, 29)

This was a great experience and an amazing workout, one that I recommend you try. Even if I had a list of excuses the length of my arm, I still put my all into it and there should be no excuses for not at least trying your best at that given moment.

Both Melissa and I hope you will give this workout a go as Melissa’s butt is already sore only 12 hours later 😉

I want to thank Melissa for helping to design and for taking part in a myomytv workout. Plus, she has shown me Chicago, which is the BEST!!

I will leave you with a beautiful picture of the Windy City.


Marianne and Melissa


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  1. Pingback: DAY 74/90 – MYOMY: Do You Work Hard To Play Hard
    1. Hey Jenny, personally I prefer the gymboss max, but I don’t use all of its features. I mainly like it because it’s so easy to set up and easy to switch from intervals, to stop watch to count downs. The standard one has everything you’d need for my workouts, but i found it annoying to programme. I guees it comes down to money, are you prepared to pay $10 more for something that has a load more features, memory and easier to use. All I know is I am happy i bought mine. This probably doesn’t help much LOL

  2. Just performed this workout for the second time in a week- and I must say I can feel the difference between the first and second time!
    The first time I did each exercise straight through, and did the whole series twice, all with my trusty 8kg. I did one-arm row’s instead of renegade rows. I was bate after that!!!
    Just now I performed it as the couplets, and did three of each before moving on (as you so wisely recommended!) Result! Got my HR up to 130BPM, savage stuff!
    I think we should rate this workout as your best one yet Marianne.

    1. This makes me so happy to read Carrie 🙂 I am so pleased you are getting something out of this brutality. This workout is a keeper for sure. Well done for completing it again!

  3. Hey marianne, I’ve just discovered your blog/website accidently after randomly browsing youtube video to avoid studying lol. After watching these videos you have totally inspired me and changed my outlook on fitness and strength. I especially love how your videos are all at home and with little equipment.

    I just had a few questions, firstly I’m now really interested in kettlebell training since discovering your blog I’ve done loads of reading up on it and it seems like an awesome way to workout your whole body and develop strength and not just focussing on one muscle.

    However I have no idea what kettlebells to get. I would say I have an intermediate level of fitness and intermediate level of strength. What weights would you recommend getting when starting out using kettlebells. Also I went onto a website to look at buying some and noticed they have classic and pro kettlbells. The pro have a flat base so I”m getting they’re better for things like the renegade rows. Would recommend getting a mixture of the two or do you think the pros are better and why. I’m mostly asking because the classics are cheaper and I am a uni student lol.

    One last question, do you do any straight cardio outside of your videos or do you just strength train at the gym and then incorporate your cardio into these workouts.

    Sorry about the massively long reply, I’m just super interested and excited to get start getting my body in shape for the glorious astralian summer coming up. Hope your having an awesome time on your holiday 🙂


    1. Hey Tam,

      Yay for you getting into KB training 😀 You will love it!

      For the weight I would suggest an 8kg and a 12kg if you can afford it. Reason being that you will need a slightly heavier KB for the lower body exercises and swings. At the minute I would say the standard KB design will be fine. You can substitute the renegades with something else. For me I like the Pro grades as I find them more comfortable, but I know many Kettlebellers who use the Standards.

      I do no straight cardio. The only cardio I do is part of my conditioning workouts. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t add some in. Maybe once or twice per week a cycle or brisk walk would be nice. Besides it would help with active recovery to do low intensity exercise like this. It’s a personal preference I guess.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Awesome thanks heaps for the reply, there is a sports store near me that actually has a sale on for female starter pack, 8 and 12 kg kettlebell so that works out perfectly.

        Just did one of your bodyweight workouts today until I get my kettlebells, and it was a killer!! Gonna be sore tomorrow but i’m feeling so pumped right now.
        Can’t wait for your next post 🙂


  4. I love the fanny pack comment. They really are meant to be worn back there but they are uncomfortable so ppl put them up front including me.

    It is so cool that the two of you got to meet up after being fitness comrades!

  5. Ha,ha ! I love your sense of humor! Reminds me of my Mothers family , all that was missing was my grandfather playing his harmonica in the background mumbling Irish hymns ;-). Great workout , as usual . Glad the US is a great trip for you . It is very cool that you and Melissa were able to hook up in person. Now if I could just get you out to Northern California 😉

  6. Wow, i’m shaking literally from head to toe as i’m typing this. I will admit the first round, i thought this won’t be that bad,,, well i’m shaking , i’m not sure a kettlebell workout has ever done that too me before. I had to do a few mods, don’t have a rope so i ran in place with high knees in this portions, and pushups had to be done on knees. i did the first two rounds with a 8lb kettlebell, the last one with a 15lb, and surprisingly it did not slow me down too much. I was actually surprised i could get through the last set.

    my #’s are as follows
    first couplet
    jump /jog, no count
    super pushups, didn’t count first round ha ha, 12,11
    second couplet
    goblet squats 20,18,17.. i slowed down the second and last round due to form slow i believe might be better.
    alternating clean and press 8,10,10, this are still a little difficult for me execute when you are swinging alternating, i have always done them one at a time.
    couplet 3
    renegade rows, 22,20,9, i do not like these for two reasons, one, my bells are not big on the bottom like yours, so therefore, its hard to keep balance, and two i still have to do them on my knees.
    STAND KNEEL STAND, R, 12,12,12,

    I LOVED THIS WORKOUT. it will be one of my favs, i felt like a powerhouse getting through this three times. I wasn’t really clear on if you were supposed to do each couplet 3 times before going to the next, but i went all the way through then started all over. thanks again for a awesome workout LADIES….. tell melissa to start doing workouts again, i love her stuff.


    1. Good job Tempest. I have passed on your request to Melissa 😉

      For the renegades, I would advise you to swap them for bent over or single arm rows, because you won’t benefit from the row if you are having to adapt it so much.

      For next time, you can try doing each couplet 3 times before moving on. That way you will really feel each exercise burn 😀

  7. Few. Great Workout! And the video was pretty awesome too! I wish I could hang out with you two, you looked like you had a blast! It was great to get back into the swing of things. My shoulder was bothering me a few weeks ago, so I took a week off to rest it. So, this was a tough one to come back to, but I loved it! I even added Alternating Hip Thrusts in the last couplet and and extra round (guess I was trying to make up for the week off). Anywho, I’m glad you are enjoying your trip to America, and whatever shenanigans (I love that word too!) you may (or may not) get into. 😉
    Love the updates! Keep us posted!


    1. Thanks Amanda! Good for you including hip thrusts, I wanted to put them in, but we had enough.

      We are going hiking tomorrow, so can’t wait for that!

      Glad your shoulder is feeling better 🙂 My injury is clearing up too!

  8. I don’t see them any more, but there used to be a hair stylist company called “Randy Rick”.

    Oh, not that you smoke, but don’t call those cigarettes by their slang (f.a.g). First time I heard my British friend say it, I looked at him like he had two heads. “WHAT?!”

  9. Hi Girls,
    You two are having way to much fun. Thanks so much for posting this workout. I’ll try it tomorrow. I did kettle bells Saturday, Sunday , Monday and Tuesday , so this morning I searched for something in the way of cardio and a bit lighter so to speak. I wound up doing one of Mickela’s workouts dated May 18th. ( thanks Mickela !) It was perfect. Challenging without the kettle bells . Well ladies, take lots of photo’s and enjoy.

    Minnie 🙂

    1. Hey Minnie, we are having a little too much fun. But I will be back in my sensible life all too soon.

      Glad you enjoyed the crazy cardio 🙂 And hope you like this one!

      Talk soon

  10. Great workout Ladies! I love the evil simplicity of the “stand-kneel-stands”.

    Melissa – We miss you at the Kettlebellas check-in. You look awesome as always. 🙂 I hope school is going well.

  11. I needed this laugh , its been a stressful weekend, and this is just what the dr ordered. i should be able to do most of this workout, but i’m not big on jumping rope, so supposed i could just skip in place, jump in place, whatever. Also did i actually see Melissa doing the stand and kneels with DOUBLE KETTLEBELLS, she is a bad ass for sure.. and alternating clean and presses, NOW THOSE LOOK TOUGH. i didn’t work out for four days, did a mini KB workout of my own, but this might be just the ticket to get it moving again…. i wish you girls did all your workouts together… you’re so fun.

  12. Brilliant workout, just did it myself. Changed it so I performed each exercise once straight through, and did three rounds, all with an 8kg KB.
    Those super push-ups are a KILLER!!!
    Enjoy your holiday, and don’t eat too many deep-pan pizzas!

  13. I LOVE IT!! I have missed Melissa over the last several months…will have to check out her site, unless with school she may not be posting for a longer time. I also love how you are both breathing out loud and making noises…I laugh because I do your workouts at my gym because they have heavier wts for me to work with…however, do you know how many looks I get and what kind of looks I get in the “male dominant” free wt area??? Especially my vertical lift burpees (I think they are impressed) and my single leg hip thrusts between two benches (I think they are confused or scared)!!! LOL! I sometimes sound like I am dying! I loved the one time I was at a gym and this guy was doing an intense KB workout…I loved it because finally someone else sounded like they were dying!! THanks for the workout and so glad you had fun!

    1. Cheers Michele! We had such a great time! I hope I can train with Melissa again before I leave. We push each other and have fun at the same time!

      You must be turning all the heads in the gym. You go girl! Show those men how to do it 😛

  14. This video was great. It shows not only a great workout, but also working out with another person pushes you a little harder. I don’t normally hear Marrianne pant, but I did in this video. Besides the workout, it shows a good dose of laughter which is the best medicine and I think there has been plenty of that. It was great to see Milissa again she looks great too. My compliments on a wonderful job.
    PS: I thought Melissa lived in California,

    1. Haha!! Yes the heat and the extra competition made me work harder. Although my numbers weren’t as good as normal, but I still was totally spent after this! I really had fun too 😀

      What made you think Melissa was from California?

      Glad you enjoyed the change of scene and pace 😛

  15. going to do this workout after I send this off! Marianne, I’ve been following your workouts for about 5 months now and love them. You’ve pushed me to limits I’ve never experienced in workouts! Thanks to you, I’ve also completed several of Melissa’s (fitmiss)workouts and love the challenges both of you offer. Is Melissa going to be posted workouts again on her site?

  16. Ya know, I’ve always wondered why they’re called “fanny packs” when you wear them in the front. Guess someone from the UK came up with the name?

    So that leads me to a question given what you said “fanny” means to those in the UK and Ireland: why name an accessory like that after a female body part?

    If I replaced “fanny” with some of the slang terms in the good ole USA for the same female part, it’s quite funny. Ha!

    1. LOL!! But in the UK and Ireland we call a “fanny pack” a Bum-bag, which confuses the situation even more!! This is too funny and needs further discussion, on Friday night 😉

  17. I love that you have the videos on YouTube and I can do them at home, this workout looks KILLER. Your kicking your own butts here. The timer I can hear as well, I was wondering how loud it is.

    1. Thanks Jenny. The timer volume can be adjusted. That was the Gymboss Max on the loudest setting. The Gymboss Max isn’t as loud as the original Gymboss.

      We sure did kick our own butts with this workout, and laughing!

      1. I have to say one of my FAVORITE pieces of workout equipment is my GYMBOSS!!! I gotta have it. Not only is it great for intervals (duh) but I love the stopwatch feature and that I can set 1 interval for countdown challenges!!! 😉 It’s well worth the price!

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