Conditioning Workout USA – Kettlebells and Body Weight

Hi everyone,

Before I went away I was convinced that because I work night duty I would be immune to Jet-Lag. Well, since I got home I have felt pretty much like a zombie. I did a workout yesterday and I only managed to use a 14kg Kettlebell (but 20kg for the swings) :-/ What a difference tiredness makes to performance. Just remember this the next time you feel drained of energy. It’s ok to drop the weight. It’s better that hurting yourself being stubborn.

Today I feel a little more like my normal self which is good because I can’t wait to get my training back on track.

The day I was leaving the USA, I decided I had to take the chance to film a second workout there.  Melissa was unable to take part as she was schooling her kids, so I went solo on this one. But she was there in spirit.

The Workout

Keeping things simple, I opted for 3 rounds of 6 exercises in an interval set up.  With the heat rising, I decided to have longer recovery periods between each exercise and each round. You may choose this set up too, or you can go for 18 cycles for more of a challenge. I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds effort. I used a 16kg standard sized KB and a 20kg Pro Grade through the workout.

My reps per exercise are noted below:

  1. Kettlebell Alternating Reverse Lunge (20kg) (16, 20, 17)
  2. KB Vertical Swing Burpee (20kg then 16kg in last round) (8, 7, 7 )
  3. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (27, 27, 26)
  4. KB Alternating Bent Over Row (16kg) (16, 14, 10)
  5. Dynamic Push Ups (17, 16, 11)
  6. Dynamic Squats (32, 30, 33)

This workout was just what I needed to help me make it through the long journey home, so I was very glad I did it. However, it was so difficult in the heat! I had to drop the weight down for the vertical swings which never happens and the rows seemed more challenging than usual too!

Anyway, I hope you will give this one a go as it is a nice length for when you are pushed for time.




  • August 26, 2011

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