Two’s Company…Home Kettlebell and Body Weight Workout

by Marianne  - January 4, 2011

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! This is my first workout of 2011 and it’s a killer! Couplets, cardio, resistance and core. You will love the pace and the variety in this great 30 minute workout. It was meant to be up yesterday, but AGAIN I was having computer issues, grr!

Now that Christmas is over we can re-focus on our goals for this new year and make a start today! After being a little lazy with my workouts over the last 2 days with work and that, I thought I would make this one faster paced to ramp up the old metabolism and motivation. I get January blues as I’m always sad when Christmas is over, so I need to stay focused on everything I want for the site and life in general.

The Workout

The workout goes like this. There are 4 couplets in the workout. The aim is to do 3 rounds of each couplet, after the 3rd round of each couplet there is a 60 second core exercise, then a set of windmills after the last couplet.  The pace for each couplet is set using the good old Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer, which was programmed for 6 cycles of 15 seconds recovery and 45 effort. In between each couplet, reset the timer to its stopwatch mode and time 60 seconds for the core exercise. Not all of the exercises are in my tutorial section yet, but most of them will be soon.

The exercises and my reps per exercise are:

  1. KB Goblet Squat to Press (14, 13, 11)
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing (29, 28, 28)
  • Alternate Shoulder Touches (60 secs)
  1. Alternating Bent Over KB Row (16, 14, 14)
  2. Reptile Push Ups (18, 15, 13)
  • Diagonal Knee Tucks (60 secs)
  1. KB Vertical Swing Burpee (12, 10, 9.5)
  2. Side to Side Step Ups (loving these) (39, 37, 38)
  • Alternating Lying Static Glute Raises (30 secs each leg)
  1. 2 Sumo Jump Burpee (11, 9.5, 9)
  2. KB Renegade Row (15, 13, 13)
  • KB Windmill 8 x 8 reps

All I can say is KILLER! But I loved it loved it! Due to a few reasons I found it particularly difficult, but I won’t let it get to me today as I still enjoyed it. Windmills were a bit crappy though 🙁

I hope you all like it too.

Please be patient with the tutorials I am adding them regularly I just can’t seem to get the time I want to do more. But they are on their way. So apologies for the delay at times.

Thanks everyone. As always I welcome your feedback. Oh and if you like what you see, remember you can subscribe for free to recieve email notification of new workouts and posts.



PS – If you buy a gymboss through text or banner links on my pages, I will earn a wee bit of money for that. I have been a gymboss affiliate since 2010 because I loved them then and I love them now. Especially because it one more thing I can operate that’s not on my phone.

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  1. I did this workout today and boy, did it wipe me out! In other words, I loved it! 🙂 I didn’t get to the windmills at the end ‘cos the gym was closing. 😛

    I don’t know if you will see this comment as this workout is a year old, but if you do, I have a question about purchasing KBs. How important is it that the handle fits my hand? I find some kettlebells have very fat handles and I have small hands. Others have handles that are not so fat. I’m worried that as I work with heavier KBs, they will slip out of my hand as I do things like the swing.

    Thank you!

    Surrey BC, Canada

    1. Hey Wendy. For people with smaller hands (like me too btw) I think it is better to try and get KBs with thinner handles. There are actually specially made “female” Competition KBs now to help with this very problem. Just like you get thinner Olympic bars for small handed people 🙂 That being said, if you do get thicker handled KBs, you are likely to build greater grip strength over time. But realistically, in the meantime, your grip strength will be a limiting factor with the thicker handle. I hate when I have to stop an exercise because my grip gives up!

      Go for the thinner ones if you can and provided they are a good design in every other respect.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. hello everyone I just almost finished this workout. I can’t believe how 7 days off exercise can just bring me back so far. I warmed up and everything but could only finish up to the third couplet.

    Here are my scores.
    10-8-4 using 12KG KB
    25-23-24 using 12KG KB
    shoulder touches I didn’t count was focusing on breathing

    25 on all rows using 12KG KB
    I did side crunches and completed 16-12

    only did one round of the third couplet
    7 swings
    and I changed to tricep dips and completed 5

    I warmed up with 100 skips and stretches. This killed me. Now I have to climb back up slowly and surely. There is also a lot of stress at work so this might also be taking a toll on my stamina.
    Think I need some carbs.

  3. I’ve been struggling the last few days… travelled over NY and then got sick and then was just dragging. My left knee has been KILLING ME for the last 3 months and I’ve been doing therapy. I finally realized its probably my current KB program (Tacfit) which does a lot of twisting from one direction to another. The theory is great for total body conditioning and real world application, but with a bad knee, I am just hurting. I made it to their ‘commando level’ but I am throwing it out, as it is not worth the trauma! I also realized I had been cheating on my pullups — my bar is on a door way so I was standing between pullups (and getting a rest). When I just hang, I can do 2/3 of what I was doing… so back a few steps to do it right!

    So now for the fun — this was a GREAT WORKOUT!!! quick paced and challenging, but I did not feel dead at the end! Loved it! I don’t know how Marianne gets so many reps in, but here is what I did:

    demoralized with strict form pullups (no feet on the ground, only hanging)– 6 pulls, 6 chins, 4 neutral pulls, 4 chins, 2 pulls (90 sec rest between) (I should have been able to do about 30 total on these, so 30% down.)

    1. Goblet Squat to Press: 14Kg 12, 11, 10
    2. KB Swing 14 Kg: 26, 26, 25

    Alt shoulder touches 37

    3. Alt Bent Over KB Row 14 Kg: 18, 18, 17
    4. Reptile Push-up (tough) 18, 17, 17

    Diag Knee Touches 42

    5. KB Vertical Swing to Burpee 12 Kg: 8, 7 1/2,8 1/2
    6. Side to side step up: 40, 39, 40

    Alt static glute raise

    7. 2 sumo jump burpee: 7, 7 1/2, 7 (how can Marianne do so many???)
    8. DB Renegade Row 25# x 20, 30# x 16, 15

    Windmills — very carefully 8 Kg x 8 each side.

    And to think, I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning! Now I feel raring to go.

    Thanks M!

    ~ Gillian

  4. Hi! I’m new to your blog. I really enjoyed the couple videos I saw on YouTube. You got me considering getting myself some kettlebells. How does one go about choosing proper kettlebell weight?

    1. Hi there Micah, thanks for stopping by, it’s always nice to have a new face here. For men who are completely new to resistance training I would honestly start with 8-12kg, the heavier KBs can be used for lower body and the swings, the lighter one for presses etc. If it’s a guy who has been training with weights, then 12-16kg. For girls 6 (as a absalute minimum) -10kg, or 12kg (depending on strength and current fitness).

      When you’re new to KB training, choosing a lighter weight and getting the technique learned is the priority, so weight won’t be that much of an issue. But, once you get the form right, you will progress quickly through the weights. So, this is were issues come in when deciding what to buy, as they are pricey. Preferably, if you are a member of a gym, you could use theirs until you are strong and confident enough to then buy a heavier KB that will last you. As a safe bet purchase for a guy I’d go for a 12kg. For girls 8kg or 10kg. Then see how you go.

      I hope this helps.


  5. I am back from vacation, I need to get back to my workouts, I had such a lazy and decadent New Years vacation and am so ready to start working out again.
    I am preparing for a week of sailboat racing so these work outs will be just the thing I need to get my metabolism back into gear.

    I love the way you are putting together the new workouts, I feel as if they are tailored for me, such a great challenge.
    I think this is going to be a great year and I look forward to working out with MyoMy. much luck with your website in 2011


    1. Welcome back, glad you have a good time. You should be well rested. I am looking forward to this year too, so many plans 🙂

      Hope you enjoy this one!


  6. Hi Marianne!

    Did this workout tonight and PHEW that was intense! I couldn’t do all of it but I gave it a good oul go! I also seem to be finally over the chest cold ( I did some kettlebell swings a couple of days ago with my new 16kg and I thought I was going to get sick! Not good!!)

    I was pretty useless with the pushup type exercises as I had done a workout yesterday with lots of those types of exercises and I’m pretty hopeless with them anyway!!

    KB Goblet Squat to Press (16, 15, 12) – 12kg
    Two-Handed KB Swing (31, 30, 29) – 16kg
    Alternate Shoulder Touches (60 secs) – my left elbow felt a bit weird doing this so I only did it for about 30sec

    Alternating Bent Over KB Row (19, 20, 17) – 16kg
    Reptile Push Ups (5, 6, 4) – totally useless!!
    Diagonal Knee Tucks (60 secs)

    KB Vertical Swing Burpee (16, 15, 15) – 12kg
    Alt elbow to knee (Don’t have a step so did this instead and I forgot to count these!)
    Alternating Lying Static Glute Raises (30 secs each leg)

    2 Sumo Jump Alt lunge jumps (6, 5, 4) – I couldn’t face burpees/push up but I could barely face the lunge jumps lol. I should have just done a burpee with no pushup lol
    KB Deadlift (12, 16, 15) – 16kg – only have one 16kg so thought I’d do this move
    I was totally wrecked after this so I didn’t do the windmills. I’d say they are really tough with a 16kg!!

    Thanks a million for the great workout, I’m definitely going to come back to this one!

    1. Hey Sarajane, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Great to see you’re back training too 🙂 Windmills are tough with the 16kg, even I have some trouble at times, it’s keeping the shoulder stable and arm locked throughout that I find more difficult, but I’m determined to improved it. Keep practicing with the 12kg and then give the 16 a go again after a while. Tutorial in next on my hit list 🙂 Filmed 7 tutorials last night, instead of a workout, so now I have to edit and do the write ups, so there’ll be plenty of info on the way 🙂


      1. Yeah I find keeping my shoulder stable the main problem and for some reason my right side (even though its my stronger side) I seem to do it wrong, I don’t really get it but looking forward to your tutorial! Whoa that sounds like a lot of work, can’t wait to go through all your tutorials. They’re so in-depth, its awesome.

  7. Hello & Happy New Year!!

    As always loved this workout today! I have a couple questions….

    I find that when doing the renegade row and plank climbers my hips tend to move around alot. Any tips on how to keep still and in an even plank?

    Also, when I do the windmill I feel a slight pull in my side & lower back. Is this due to poor form or flexability issues?

    I got new pro grade KB’s for xmas, so exciting!! Im looking forward to following along in the new year:) Thanks for an amazing site! PS the tutorials are a huge help!

    1. Hey Rashelle, yay for the pro grades 🙂

      The hip thing is a common issue, you could try clenching the glutes more, I find this really stabilises my hips. With the renegades try not to pull too hard, just tighten and pull under more control, this may help. The renegade row video will be up soon, I filmed it tonight, along with a bunch of others.

      The windmill thing may be a flexibility thing, do you just feel tightness, or pain? If it’s just tightness, it should be fine. You can bend one leg (the opposite leg to the kettlebell), or do a few body weight windmills before hand to warm up more. Make sure to stick your hip out first before you start bending, then just before you start rising, tighten that butt to start pulling in the hip. This will greatly ease any pressure off the lower back. It’s hard to explain in writing, again I will be adding a tutorial very soon for the windmill too, it’s next on my list 😀 I’m always working on something LOL

      Hope this helps a little until then.

    2. YOU GOT THEM!!! I am excited for you 😀 I just ordered two more, another 12kg and a 20kg. They should get here today, WOOHOO!!!


      1. They’re great ain’t they :)Would never go back to standards now, except maybe for those side twisty raises, as the handles on pros aren’t wide enough.

        I see you’ve started back to ETK? Melissa is BACK in the game – watch out! 😀


  8. Oh that’s weird, looks like there are two Ruths’! Maybe I’ll change my name on here to ‘Ruthie’ from now on to avoid confusion (I’m the second Ruth who posted by the way)!

  9. Looks great! A belated Christmas present arrived in the post for me today – my own GYMBOSS TIMER to love and to cherish! I can’t wait to put it through its paces with this workout 🙂
    I will hopefully record and post my numbers on here. That will be tomorrow as I have the home of three guinea pigs to clean this evening…. They may be cute but they’re such messy creatures!


  10. Hi Marianne,

    just finished your latest workout and LOVED it :-))

    Wish you a great New Year! Can’t wait to see more workouts!!



  11. I haven’t seen you doing turckish get ups lately …or not at all…. Don’t you like it.?i think it is a great exercise very challanging! And one more thing …. The sandbag swing is back …haha;)

    1. LOL, I saw it was back 😉 Maybe she’s trying to make a point that it is an exercise! And I see she’s now recommending 20 minutes of follow up moderate pace cardio post workout. Guess 12 minutes isn’t enough afterall?!

      Anywho, the TGU is on my hit list. It’s an excellent exercise, but I rarely do it and I never put it in my workouts. I don’t think it’s suitable for my workout style, as it takes so long to do one rep. It’s better done on it’s own, maybe as part of a drill. I will do a video on it and maybe a drill or two to show how to implement it.


  12. Marianne

    This workout looks killer! It is on my list but I managed to tear the meniscus in my knee somehow and really aggravated it over the holidays (not sure how – so I don’t even have a good story. I have worked up to doing swings again but I can’t do the squating yet. I need to see the physio!

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and tell you that your site is doing great and I have been checking out the tutorials that you’ve added and they are great.

    Keep up the good work!
    All the best in the New Year

  13. Hi Marianne,
    I really love your workouts but have a couple of questions.

    1) Should I work with heavier weights as opposed to something that I know I can complete the protocols with? (I’m concerned about not finishing);

    2) Should I take a day off in between KB workouts or can/should I do some BW cardio exercises…I play basketball once a week and want to maintain my edge;

    3)My main objective is to get lean…I have a little gut and seem to have hit a roadblock (I’m 64 yrs. old if that means anything).

    Thanks for all your help

    1. Hi Garry, thanks for your comment 🙂

      To answer your questions:

      1) You should aim to use as heavy as weight as possible to complete the workouts. If it’s a strength workout, obviously go heavier and complete the lower rep range, if the workout is for max reps in so many seconds, then try and go with a weight you can get at least 12 reps without stopping. Don’t go with a weight you could use all day. With your goal in mind, I would still recommend you do a mixture of strength workouts along with conditioning and cardio throughout the week. I don’t know if you do any other training, other than basketball?

      2) Best advice here is to listen to your body, if you are not too tired or too sore from the previous day’s KB training, and you want to do more, then there’s no harm. If you want to do a lighter bodyweight day, then mix it up too. There’s really no right answer here, everyone is different.

      3) To lose a little gut my require more attention to diet, but it’s hard to get rid of stubborn fat, and no offence, but at 64 it will be more challenging 🙁 But with some consistent training, including strength, it should get you past the road block 🙂

      I hope this helps.


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