Beginner’s Kettlebell Blast – Home Workout

by Marianne  - December 31, 2010

Hi everyone,

With New Year around the corner, I thought that I would devise a workout that is less intimidating for those just starting out in their fitness journey. This way, those who are planning to start in January can have a little time to watch some tutorials first.

The beauty of Kettlebell workouts is that, even if you are not a beginner, you can still make this a challenging workout, so no excuses! Add more rounds, add more weight, add a Tabata at the end, do burpees between each exercise?? Or, make round one strength (increase weight, reduce reps), keep round two as it is, then a cardio blast at the end of your choice šŸ™‚ Adapt it to your needs and your preferences and bring your individual flair to the table! I can’t wait to have the forum up and running, because I will have a section just for workout ideas / reviews, so you can all post your own šŸ™‚

You may be wondering why I have called this a beginner’s kettlebell workout. Well firstly, each exercise will be in my Exercise Tutorial section (by the end of this week) so the teaching will be available, and secondly these exercises are classed as less technically taxing. However don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity, each exercise should be practiced first, and care should be taken at all times to protect joints and vulnerable muscles – especially if you are new to kettlebells.

For the sake of beginners I decided this workout should focus on muscular endurance (resistance/toning), this means there is a higher repetition range of 12-15. When you are confident at these exercises, you can play around with weights and reps and make it more strength-focused. However, being new to either resistance training and/or Kettlebell training, you will first need a foundation of co-ordination, body awareness and ability before jumping right into heavy weight training and low reps. If you plan to workout, say 3 times per week to start with, this type of workout will be ideal for the first 4-6 weeks. Then you can start adding in heavier training. That’s not to say though, you can’t try some of my BodyWeight or Mix N Match workouts if you feel ready. By all means give them a try too. I am just warning against doing too much too soon.

I should also say that for beginner’s if you can’t make the 15 reps, aim for 12. If you aren’t managing 12 yet, you may need a lighter weight. If that’s not possible, then reduce the reps to 10 and try and build up. Also the reverse is true, if you can comfortably reach 15 reps and still have a few left in the tank, your kettlebell is too light. 18 reps should be the absolute MAX. To solve this, use a heavier Kettlebell or, slow the tempo. And change the push press to Military Press šŸ™‚

Just a side note, the workout “type” will be organised soon, to reflect their main focus, so you will be able to find what you’re looking for easily.

Now, for the workout. All exercises bar the swings are set reps, the swings are timed, so for beginners, you can set your Gymboss Interval Timer or other timer to count down 30 seconds.Ā  Those who are not beginners do 45-60 seonds for the swings. The aim for beginners is to complete at least 2 rounds of the 8 exercises below. For my workout I completed 3:

  1. Kettlebell Goblet or Front Squat x 15 reps
  2. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing x 30 seconds
  3. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (right) x 15 reps
  4. Kettlebell Single Arm Row (left) x 15 reps
  5. Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing x 30 seconds
  6. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift x 15 reps
  7. Kettlebell Push Press (right) x 15 reps
  8. Kettlebell Push Press (left) x 15 reps

Please remember to warm up before and cool down after this workout.

That’s it for today everyone. The next workout will be a killer and I hope you all find a way to challenge yourselves with this one.

I hope to hear some feedback from anyone who did this, especially beginners – I’d really like to know how you found it.




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  1. Thank you Marianne, I’m a beginner and just finished this workout. I have practiced KBs before (not an absolute beginner) and have the technique. I felt so good at 2 rounds I tacked on a third using 8 & 9 kg KBs. I have put these in my workout log with pride. Cheers!

  2. Hi Marianne, I have just ordered some kettlebells and stumbled across this site looking for workouts/exercises to do with them. I have this question: As I will be using the kettlebells as a supplement to my running (training for half marathon), how osten should I train? Would you still say three times a week? or would just two times be good? Should I maybe start out with just two times a week and then increase to three? My goal in using the kettlebells will be primarily fun and “assisting” my progress in running. Thanks šŸ™‚

    1. Hey,

      This depends on how much other training you are doing? In order to reduce risk of injury and over-training, you need to strike a balance between runs and KB training. Believe it or not, the KB training will benefit you greatly in prep for the half marathon. I’d also advise you to limit the amount of long runs you do to 1 per week and then do shorter runs maybe 2 times. Add in 2 short KB sessions and build it up to 3.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi again,I do this workout for about 4 weeks,I have lost 1- 1 1/2 kg but today I notice a problem with the first exercise and my knees.I use a 10 ligs Kettlebel.The libs is much to use lower libs or to stop this exercise?

    1. Hi Dimis, I am not sure exactly what you mean, but generally, if something hurts, stop! Try and again another day, or sit on to a box so you can control the depth better. Regress back to bodyweight, then start adding weight when you feel ready šŸ™‚

      1. Thank you for the answer,during this exercise and for some time I had an annoyance at the knees,maybe the weights was much or I did not do a good warming up or something .Next time I will try body-weight

  4. Just finished your workout. It was definitely challenging and I already feel sore. I was feeling pretty good until I got to the Sumo Deadlifts and that was definitely a challenge. I have tried your more intermediate work outs with a heavier kettlebell and I felt it was way too challenging for me. I would end the workout shaking uncontrollably and in pain for weeks. So I decided to get a lighter kettlebell and try a beginner workout and I feel great after. I have to say that I love all of your workouts because you actually see results. I would go on fitness magazines websites and try their workouts and for the weeks that I did them I didn’t see any results. I did one of your glute workouts and I noticed a huge difference after two workouts. Thank you for keeping your workouts free and you also look great (that is part of the reason why I decided to try your workouts šŸ™‚ ). I found your website through youtube and I am so happy that I did. Your helping me improve my body and improve my confidence! I am 5’8″ and weigh 108lbs. Your workouts are helping me achieve my goal of a toned and muscular body, I’m tired of people telling me how scrawny I am.

    1. Great job Lauren, just keep working at it and progressing the weights, eating in a slight surplus of calories, and you’ll soon get rid of those scrawny comments šŸ™‚

  5. Hello,
    I just take my kettlebell and I thing I will do this workout.
    Since now I do taichi/qigong and I used my swiss and medical balls but I want some more dynamic to loose some kgs also.

  6. Hi Marianne!

    Thank you for making me fall in love with kettlebells! I’m a total weekling right now because I’m just getting into the “swing” of things but have already jumped from an 8 kg to a 12 kg for the swings! It’s only been a week or so! It’s amazing how fast it happens! I’ve never felt this strong before and I’ve done some strength training. Anyhow keep up the great site I hope to move on to some of your more advanced workouts soon:) Oh and you might want to advise people to put the dog away before trying the swing. My poor girl nearly got a black eye from “helping” lol.


    1. Ok i feel taller:) I did 3 rounds plus some extra swings at the end. It took me 38 minutes…kind of a long time but i was focusing on form and not trying to hustle. I also don’t know how long my rests were…proud that i did it…I really LOVE the sumo dead lift. I was tempted to add my 8 kg to the 12 kg i used but i thought it better to focus on form. I don’t want to get ahead of myself!

      Thanks again!! I liked this one:)

  7. Hey Marianne!
    I’ve been working with a Beautiful Badass routine for a while with a few kettlebell exercises thrown in once in a while. Today I decided to try your Beginner Kettlebell Blast at the gym….this is TOUGH! I have to say you really kick some butt! I made it through two rounds, but had to switch to a lighter kettlebell and lowered to 10 reps and 20 seconds.
    Just wanted to say thank you! I think I’ll soak in a hot shower now. šŸ™‚

  8. What a great workout. This is my 3rd total KB workout. This was my first time with this one and felt the pain. I was out of breath after each round. I only was able to do 2 rounds. After completing the work out I did your abdominal work out. I do have a question about the double hand swings though. Do you swing more with the hips and butt than the arms? At first my arms were sore but then I tried to use more of my hips and my arms weren’t tired at all. I don’t know if that’s right? Also, when the KB swings between the legs, it hits me in the buttocks. Is that right, or should the KB not hit? Sorry, for all the questions. I just want to do it right and get the full benefits. I’m looking to lose 15 pounds. Thank you again for any help. Love this workout.

    1. Hey Dana,
      Well done for completing 2 rounds šŸ™‚
      Don’t apologise for asking questions – questions are good! The KB swing is ALL hips. Keep your core tight and let your glutes drive the hips forward at the top. You will feel a stretch in the backs of your legs at the bottom of the swing and the KB may occasionally hit you on your butt. However, your arms should do no work. It sounds like the KB might be too light for your swing. If you are using your arms and it’s hitting your butt a lot, then you might need to use a heavier KB for the swings.

      What weight are your using? And how many swings can you manage in one go?

      1. I only have one KB and it’s 8kg..which I bought after reading your blogs on the starting weight for beginners. I bought the prograde KB. (pink) I can swing about 20 times in a 45 sec time frame. (I think). Give or take a few. I don’t really feel it in the legs/ hamstrings afterwards. I do get a workout though. My respiratory rate increases and I have to catch my breath. I really love it. My build if that would help is: I’m 5’4″ tall and weigh 135 lbs. I thought the KB might be a little lite but really don’t know how to judge. When I swing the KB, it goes up to my eye level. Is that too high? Should it only go shoulder height? When you say I should feel a stretch at the bottom, what do you mean? Where is the KB exactly at that moment? I’ve noticed that I am getting stronger fast. Crazy.

        1. Hey Dana, You should aim for shoulder height at the top of the swing; the bottom of the swing is when the KB and your hands are through your legs and out the back, your hips are hinged back and you should feel a stretch in the back of the legs at this point. If you don’t, then perhaps your hips aren’t back far enough. Your knees will be slightly bent, but not in a squat. It should look more like a deadlift starting position. 8kg might just be a little too light for your swing. Since you are noticing your strength gains quickly, then a 12kg should be your next purchase šŸ™‚

          Well done btw!

          1. Thanks Marianne.. I will concentrate on your instruction and keep you posted. It does feel like I could go up in weight. But nervous to do so! I’ll be hitting the workout in just a bit. It’s 2:30pm and I’m just about done with my studying. I need the workout! I love this one. I may increase the time on the swings to get more of a workout. Wish me luck!

          2. Ok Marianne, I am doing the swings correct now! My hamstrings are sore. What a difference. Instead of doing the swings for 30 seconds, I did 25 reps instead. Boy was that a killer for me. ī„ But love it! The other change I made was I had to use a 10 lb weight to do the push presses. After I did my 2 rounds, I finished off with your abdominal workout. Modified of course. Thank you for your help. I soon will get a 12kg KB. You are the best! And so are your workouts. ī—

  9. Wow! I’m a total kettlebell noob, and I’m so glad I found your website! Your beginner blast workout had me sweating and out of breath 10 times more so than an hours worth of hard cardio does for me! <3 <3 <3 it! You are such an inspiration!

  10. Hi Marianne! Just recently bought a kettlebell set at a great deal. It consists of a 5, 10 and 15 lb’er. Since I am beginning with kettlebells, but I work out fairly often otherwise, with which kettlebell do I start out?

    1. Tam, I honestly would suggest the 15lb’er. I usually recommend females start with about 8kg. So this will be fine to begin with. The 5lb KB will not be much use, but you might use the 10lb’er for shoulder presses and you can double it up with the 15lbs for double front squats.

      It’s great that you are starting to do these workouts and I really look forward to hearing how you get on. Will you let me know? Anything else you need, just ask!

      1. Thank you Marianne! I am so excited about this. You seem more authentic and genuine in your fitness pursuits in comparison to bodyrock. I will sift through the beginner’s link to get an idea of how to work out with you to get results. By the way, the deal-sealer for me was your a$$ transformation. Amazing!

  11. I am amazed at the videos I’ve seen thus far. I’m wondering about the kettle bell weights you are using. I just watched your video from 12/31 and earlier the one from youtube where you use the blue bells. I could see the number 12 on the blue bells but I was unable to see any numbers on the yellow or gray. Are your bells in pounds or kilograms? My wife and I are just beginning to use kettle bells. We are in our 60’s She is at the close end of 60’s and I’m at the far end of the 60’s. We have been fairly active most of our lives and we decided to begin the kettle bell training as you know it is way different than weight lifting and cardio. Keep-up the good work and workouts. Bob

    1. Hi BobbyG, Thank you for your positive feedback šŸ™‚ I think it is so inspiring that you and your wife are starting KB Training – it’s music to my ears šŸ˜€

      My KBs are in Kilos. So 12kg is the blue one. The whites are 14kg, yellows 16kg, greys 20kg and greens 24kg. I mostly work with the 16s and 20s right now.

      Do you need any advice on choosing a KB, or have you and your wife already sorted that part? šŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for the offer Marianne. I believe we have it, I purchased a small set, 5, 10 and 15 pounds. Then a 20 pounder. I see that I’m needing more weight so my next purchase is a 16 kilo. I read some where, that is the recommended weight for men. Is that correct? Thanks.

        1. It is the weight that is suggested, but I don’t agree 100%. It depends on what type of workouts you are doing. If they are very intense, or require a lot of endurance, 16kg is often too much for many men I have seen – especially if they are untrained!! I would be very reluctant to give that weight to someone and tell them to press it. For the swing, rows and squats etc, most men will be fine with that weight, but I have even seen Rugby players and other “fit” men come to a class and be dropping down to 12kg or 10kg after 15 mins. So, I don’t like to say “one size fits all” because then those men who can’t manage 16kg will feel they “have to” and might get hurt trying; so I suggest a range. 10kg-16kg to start. For women; 6kg-12kg to start. It is much more important to get the form right at the start, rather than the weight.

          I would advise you to try before you buy šŸ™‚

          1. Thanks Marianne. I purchased the 16 kilo today and just walking 50 yards to my car I had doubts about working very much with 16 kilos. I believe I’ll do as you suggest and do squats and swings for awhile and use lighter bells for the rest of my routine. I can always return the bell with the receipt for a refund. BobbyG.

  12. i’ve been aware of your web site for quite some time but i finally bought 3 kettlebells. i bought two 16kg and one 24 kg bells. I did this workout and it definitely caused me to break a sweat. i am somewhat scared about doing “non beginner” workouts now! I think i’ll do this one a few times before i move on. it was a bit of a challenge to push press the 16kg bell with my left arm. anyway, thanks for all of the time you put into your site and thanks for the tutorials!

    1. by the way, this was the first time i ever swung a kettlebell. i’m assuming sore hamstrings are a good sign that i was pivoting at my hips properly…

  13. Hello Marianne,

    I’m just beginning a regimented workout after a 3 year absence from running. I’m so happy to have found your kettlebell workouts! I’m hoping to get in better shape than I ever was just running. A few questions, I’m currently using a 10-lb bell, when should I increase the weight?? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Cynthia, welcome to my site šŸ˜€

      Great question! It will depend on the body part you are training for a start and, in a way, it’s up to how much of a challenge you want. For exercises such as swings, squats, lunges, rows, vertical swings and deadlifts you will progress in the weights more quickly than the like of over head presses, snatches, TGUs and Windmills. I would say that as long as you can maintain your form for 12 – 15 reps of any exercise or 45 seconds for swings, then it’s time to change the weight. Remember, lowering the reps is always an option and, I would encourage lower reps if it means you are progressing in strength. If you are lifting heavier but sacrificing form, then regress the weight until you are ready.

      For most people they will manage a higher weight more comfortably for swings because the heavier weight will actually assist you to load your hamstrings more.

      Another factor that often comes into play when women start Kettlebell training is fear stops them from even trying a heavier weight. The reason why there are progressively heavier weights is so that we can progress our strength. The ballistic (explosive) nature and conditioning element of most KB training ensures that you get stronger but don’t build the mass. So my advice is, once you are happy that you have the exercises mastered with 10lbs, then try some with a heavier KB. You should aim to progress to 15lb or 20lbs in your next KB, especially for the swings etc.

      Many women in the KB classes would start with 6kg or 8kg then quickly progress to 12kg after only a few weeks. They would still use the 8kg for the upper body exercises, although I believe many of them could have managed the 12kg for even some of the reps.

      I hope this helps šŸ™‚

  14. My sister sent me a link to your site yesterday. I loved this workout and love what you’re doing to help others. I’ve recently lost over 100lbs and I have about 80 more to go. I know your workouts will help me avoid platues and reach my goal. Thank you so much!

    1. That is amazing Ann, 100lbs!!! Well done šŸ˜€ Have you thought about writing about this in the forum – this is very inspiring!

      My workouts will help you shift the last 80lbs but I hope you will appreciate all the other benefits too, including the community spirit here šŸ™‚

  15. This is exactly what I was looking for. Going to be on the road a lot this summer and a kettlebell will be easy to transport with me. Many workouts that I have been finding are overcomplicated for a beginner. This is straight to the point and can be scaled up as I get stronger. Thanks.

    1. Hi William, I would recommend anywhere between 30 – 60 seconds recovery for beginners, but if you are still too tired, leave it longer. Everyone is different so, while I encourage you to challenge yourself, not at the expense of your form. If you form is suffering, then rest a little longer šŸ™‚

  16. Hi,
    I’ve only recently came across your site but just want to say what a great help it has been so far! I have used kettlebells in the past briefly and invested in another after Christmas…along with a DVD as I felt I would need a recap on form etc! I wish I’d found you earlier! Your tutorials and workouts are top notch and give people who visit the site the oppurtunity to mix it up, as opposed to working out listening to the same (what quickly becomes grating) voice doing the same circuit three times a week! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hi Marie, welcome to my blog, thank you for commenting šŸ™‚

      I am glad that my videos mean you don’t need to listen to a grating voice, that can make things a real drag. Plus it’s all free here šŸ˜‰ Feel free to check out the forum too.


  17. Great video. You make it look simple. What weights are you using? I’m about to start but don’t really know what weight to start with. Any suggestions? I left a message on your youtube. Later and keep posting so I will know what to do.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for posting and welcome to the site. My reply to you on YouTube was:

      If you are new to all exercise in general I would suggest 8kg – 12kg, if you have been doing resistance exercise but are new to Kettlebells I would suggest 12kg – 16kg, but only as a guide. Try them first before settling on a weight. Iļ»æ got mine in the UK from Wolverson-Fitness, but they don’t ship to US šŸ™ Sorry.

      In the US some people have recommended Neptune Barbell for Good value Kettlebells.


  18. Hi Marianne…
    Just did the beginners workout, my first structured KB workout, and thought it was the bomb…my legs are No problems as far as rows, or presses, but getting into that squat was no fun…tight hamstrings. Will I see improvement in this area as I progress, or is that another can of worms altogether?
    Love the site, big fan!
    Happy New Year, and continued success…

    1. Great stuff John, glad you liked it. The squats will improve I promise, men are generally a little behind with squats due to flexibility, but the more you do them, the better it will get. Even try box squats (sitting back onto a bench or chair). Really warm up around the hips too. In my Vertical Swing Burpee Tutorial I show a beginner’s variation that also acts as a great flexibility tool for squats if you check it out. Make sure you’re stance isn’t too narrow and the feet point outwards a little.

      The more you do it the better you’ll get šŸ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Thanks for answering Marianne, I will definitely check out the tutorial you suggested. I have had too narrow a stance in order to complete the squat. I’ll try the chair until my flexibility improves. Until then, I’ll keep plugging away..thanks again..

      2. Hi Marianne….thanks for the advice..I tried the box squats as suggested and was able to have a wider foot spread as well as being able to do the movement truer to form. Huge help…late today vertical swings coupled with my bag work.
        Can’t wait to get after it again…is it OK to do this daily?

        1. Yeah John, as long as you’re not too sore. Just listen to your body, if you’re too tired then rest or do some lighter stuff. If you start and it just ain’t happening, you can leave it and try another day. Do get a couple of active rest days in though, away from KBs šŸ˜€


  19. Going to buy my first kettlebell today! I have taken a few classes at a local gym, but I think I can pick up the swing form from you!


  20. Just one to drop by and say Happy New Year Marianne! Looking forward to more killer workouts and again want to say thanks for all the effort you put in to putting these workouts together and sharing them with all of us! Your commitment and dedication are an inspiration to me and many others I am sure. Here’s to a year of good health and happiness!

    Much Thanks!

  21. Hi Marianne:

    As a veteran kettlebeller, it’s gratifying to see you post your workouts online to help everyone with their form and cardio benefits, which will help them in their daily lives and cross training in other sports (it was only after I started kbell classes that I started lowering my race times).

    Have a positive and productive Year of the Rabbit!


    Just did this workout as I have been a bit lazy over the holiday period and needed to get moving again LOL. Only things I did to make it a bit more difficult was to substitute sets of 50 alternate swings instead of the 2-handed swing and added a set of KB press-ups each round to. Always surprises me how much you lose with only a little time out.

    I was actually going to suggest that you come up with a few beginner workouts that concentrate on learning. Maybe you could put a few in a seperate section so that anyone coming to your site and kettlebells for the first time will not be put off by some of your very challenging workouts and be able to build a good foundation to move on from.

    Oh and a KB snatch tutorial would be great when you get the time. I am sure that is an exercise that gives lots of people trouble at the beginning. I can certainly improve my snatches a lot!

    On the Zuzana debate which I missed out on while I was on holiday. I just think that when people eventually find their way to your site they will see the difference. If they only hear what she says then obviously they may well just assume that what she says is right. I found hers and your site at about that same time, I only really view her site when the debate on here kicks off again, whereas I log on to yours virtually every day. Over the years I have trained with lots of different people, from matrial arts experts to a natural body building champion, I’ve read countless articles and books on so many different types of exercise to. So while I don’t claim to be any kind of expert I feel i know enough to know whether advice I am hearing is sound and likely to produce the results that are claimed.

    You come across as just being so genuine. The depth of answers you give to some of the queries shows that you care about the people that follow your site. Youe medical background, your obvious enthusiasm and your will to improve yourself and your site really shine through. I am sure once people find this site they will quickly see the light lol. And hey Zuzana doesn’t use kettlebells so that’s a big black mark against her straight away!

    You can only keep doing what you are doing and hope that the message continues to get out there. Your friends list on facebook is growing by the day so that’s a good sign lol. And your image is much nicer and more natural than hers to.

    Well I am really looking forward to seeing what new things you have planned. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Steve šŸ™‚ The snatch will follow when I can do it well enough to teach it šŸ™‚ I have been asked about the snatch so often, but I ain’t gonna teach it wrong, that’s one sure way to ruin your credibility šŸ˜€

      I think your idea about maybe a “Beginner’s Corner” on the site would be great, say a selection of workouts to get you started. Then again I am putting together a section on programmes, so I could have a beginners programme in there too šŸ™‚ So many ideas – so little time šŸ™

      Glad to hear you’re back in the game!


      1. Yeah I would say its one of the hardest KB exercises to master. I certainly haven’t!

        Oh I left a constructive but critical comment on the sandbag swing. They haven’t let it be shown LOL. That show’s their attitude.

        Also I have got into the habit of using gloves as I developed some pretty nasty blisters when I first started using kettlebells. But pretty much every book or video I’ve seen really advise against them. I’ve always had quite soft skin on my hands and not sure I want them to become all rough LOL. I have thought about gradually reducing how often I use them. what do you suggest?


        1. Honestly I’d ditch the gloves. I used to always wear them, but I stopped and my grip is far better. But calluses are just part of it, but they’re not that bad šŸ™‚

          Typlical of BR not to allow critique in any way.


          1. Yeah i think I will get away from using gloves.

            Might just use them when I need to protect any blisters from getting worse, just until my hands toughen up a bit more.


          2. Aw Bless your cotton socks šŸ˜‰ That’s a good idea though, I’m just in a sarcastic mood today he he! Glad you’re back in the game Steve!


  23. Hi Marianne,

    I’ve been addicted to your workouts and website for a few months now and wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year! Thanks to you I have better form when using my KB and tons of ways to use them.

    Next year, I am hoping to get on the double KB bandwagon.

    Happy 2011!

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for your comment šŸ™‚ I’m glad that you are making progress, I have so many plans for the site in the new year, I really think there will be something for everyone.

      And plenty of doubles to keep you challenged šŸ˜‰


  24. Thanks for the tutorial Kitten. I’ve been practiceing jumping up and down on my window sill.Really I plan to do this one(the workout)tomorrow.To Marrianne and all your followers, I liked to say HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR.

    1. It’s on the cards for this weekend, in between shifts šŸ™‚ I realised that I only really touched on it in the other DL video. Will also do another Vid for the Goblet Squat – so much to do, so little time. But it’s worth it, if it helps people be more competent and confident that they CAN DO these workouts šŸ˜€

  25. Hi Marianne,

    first of all, Squirt is just adorable: she was so funny when she interrupted you in the middle of your push-presses (or was it swings?) and also when she appeared under the Christmas tree among the kettlebells.

    Second: differently from the majority of your viewers, who seem to be able to also do some very challenging workouts, this is the type of workout that I can manage. Which probably means that I have to work a lot on my strength and on my cardio abilities. I often tend to run out of breath after a few repetitions and I breathe like in a porn-movie, lol. And I don’t even smoke, so I have no excuses.

    Third: Happy New Year to everybody, Squirt included.


    1. LOL Bianca, Squirt is a wee talker, she’s always following me about squeeking and churping, I love her so much!

      These exercises were especially chosen for their effectiveness and their “simplicity”, right up my street too. Do you maybe hold your breath sometimes when you’re meant to be breathing? I am guilty of this at times. It can really affect your endurance, especially in cardio.

      Thanks for your new year wishes, same to you!

      PS Squirt says hi šŸ˜‰

  26. This is perfect! I’ve finally convinced my not-so-fitness loving boyfriend to get to the gym with me in the New Year. The plan is to introduce him to kettlebells (I love them, why shouldn’t he?!) and this would be the ideal workout to start with! Hooray!
    Happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes for 2011.

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