Tight Body – Get it and KEEP IT!!

by Marianne  - October 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

At last a new workout! Other news is that I passed my Fitness Instructor’s final exam the other day, so I am just waiting on my Certificate to come through 🙂 Next, is my Kettlebells Cert in a couple of weeks! Busy all around guys, it has been a bit hectic. On top of all that, Andrew and I are moving house in the next month, so my workout zone will change, yet again!

The Workout

Today I decided on another Mix and Match style workout as I really enjoy a bit of everything. Plus going from one type of exercise to another is great for the heart rate. It’s interval training as well because, as you know this style of workout is great for keeping the pace constant and helps with motivation too. It’s not over until the Gymboss Sings!!

There are 2 rounds of 10 exercises to make the whole workout a nice round 20 minutes long. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 20 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. My little exercise key is included as always in brackets as are my reps per exercise.  My Key specifies what each exercise focuses on. Cardio (c), Strength (s), Resistance or muscular endurance (r), Core Activating Exercise (cae), Plyometric (p) or Stabilising (st). The exercises are:

  1. KB Squat, Catch and Press (r,c) (15,14)
  2. KB Renegade Row (r,cae,s,st) (17,15)
  3. Staggered Push Ups (s,r,cae) (14,12)
  4. Hanging Leg/Knee Raises (r,cae) (16,15)
  5. Lunge Jumps (c,p) (21,22)
  6. Hanging Oblique Raises (r,cae) (17,15)
  7. Plank Climbers (s,r,cae, and a little c) (18,19)
  8. Pull/Chin Ups (s,cae) (5, nearly 6 boo)
  9. KB Side Step Up (right) (r,c,st) (17,16)
  10. KB Side Step Up (left) (r,c,st) (18,16)

There we go, another variety workout that can be done at home with a few bits of equipment, but nothing too expensive.  If you don’t have a step or bench, just use a steady chair, if you don’t have a pull up bar you can do another back exercise instead.  These workouts can be adapted to suit your needs, they are only a guide.

I hope you all enjoy this workout as much as me.  If you did and want regular updates, then you can join me on Facebook, Twitter and Subscribe to my Site and/or my YouTube Channel “Kitty8Tim”, for notifications of all new videos etc.  It’s great to keep in touch with everyone and I don’t like missing anyone out 🙂

Anyway, I must head off here as I am heading out to meet a friend for a wee coffee and a chinwag LOL (gotta love that word) 😉

Until next time, take care everyone.



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Firm Booty Workout - Interval Training

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    1. Hi tempest, you can either do a Pike Push up, or a horizontal Chin up. The link HERE shows Steve Cotter demonstrating the later at 1 min 28 seconds in the video. Hope this helps 🙂


  2. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Are you guys getting a bigger place? I can’t wait to see what you do with the new workout space.


    1. Hi Melissa 🙂 Our new place is a lot bigger, and it has a lovely back yard and it’s going to be so warm in the winter, not like this house we’re in now, which is a freezing old house!

      Will miss the loacl area, but we’ll get used to the other side of Belfast LOL

      Lots of changes 🙂

      Hope you, Dan and the kids are well?


      1. I want to be cheery, but we are only doing alright. We finally had our last XC meet on Thursday, so I am DONE – will be spending the weekend relaxing, and this upcoming week I don’t know what the heck I am going to do in the evenings now that my time won’t be occupied with running. :o) Bad thing is the business Dan is working for is not looking good at all. He is trying desperately to save it (he’s been there since he was 19, so 15 years) but things are very grim. Dan may be having to start a new business sometime soon if things don’t get better, which honestly I think would be a good thing – he is so good at what he does and already has a very large costumer base/following!

        I am so happy that things are looking up for you and Andrew. You are so awesome, you’ve worked hard and YOU DESERVE IT!!! 😀


        1. I’m sure it will be nice to relax for a while – then I’m sure you’ll find a new project 🙂 I hope Dan does make a go of it himself, it’s just the initial decision that is hard. I’m sure it’s scary going from being employed to being the owner, boss and employee all in one. Andrew is find that transistion hard too. Especially if he has the costumers, it would be worth it for him.

          Yes the new house should be nice, so much to organise in moving, I have accumulated so much stuff! LOL, can’t believe I have so many things I don’t even use!

          You going to be doing more videos again? 😀


  3. Another great workout and congrats on your certification. Can’t wait for your kettlebell certification, soak in alot of kettlebell knowledge so you can share with your friends around the world (no pressure!!).

    I did have to modify this workout because I don’t have the pull up thingy so I did pike sit-ups and bicycles.

    I love that you post your reps…gives me something to strive for.

    Your demeanor is so sweet…I can forsee workout videos, etc. You work night shifts as a nurse (high stress job) getting fitness certifications, doing a video blog where you answer just about everybody’s questions and Ankylosing spondylitis….ummm none of the rest of us have ANY excuses!!!

    1. Hi Nurse Heather 🙂

      Thanks again for your kind words, I am glad that I have something to offer and people enjoy my blog. I know I’m nothing special in life (and I don’t mean that in a “poor me” way), I just feel people are constantly bombarded with so many unattainable things, I just want to show the real side to getting fit and losing fat – it’s hard and it takes time!! Plus I love to share the love of KBs too of course 😀

      Who knows what the future holds 🙂


  4. Hi Marianne,

    congratulations on passing your exam!!! Brava! (this word, which is Italian, is often used incorrectly: it’s brava with an “a” at the end when it’s addressed to a woman, whereas you say “bravo” to a man. We Italians just love to make our grammar as complicated as possible!).

    Anyway, grammar aside, this is a wonderful workout.



    1. Thanks Izzy, should have a new one up over the weekend. Unfortunately I’m working the next 3 nights, so I’ll film it today and upload it tomorrow or Sunday, depending on tiredness etc lol

  5. Awesome workout.I love your creativity with it. I’ll come to Belfast this coming February 2011,confirmed. Maybe can enroll into Andrew’s kettlebell class for warming up before I’ll attend Hardstyle Kettlebell certification on 19th.Hope to workout @ your kettlebell center.


      1. Its with Dragondoor Publication,by Master RKC Andrea Du Cane. By the way congratulations on passing your exam :} as long as I get my hand on the Russian irons,its already making me happy no matter what style the guru teach…after all most of us just want to get fit & nice figures without hurting ourselves. I am worry that I can’t take the cold during winter when exercising because in my place its always summer & raining all year long. Any tips?

        1. You’ll be fine Mohamed, I know our community hall is always heated, and probably too much sometimes, so you may feel quite at home at our classes 🙂 As for the course, just wear plenty of layers so you can adjust to the temp as needed.

          It is cold here, but not arctic – at least not yet, eek!


  6. Hi Marianne,
    Congratulations on passing your exams!!!!! Bravo!! Never had a doubt. I wish you well.
    I’m going to try this workout in the morning,looks challenging. That whole interval type of workout really is good practice for me as I fare better with the workouts that are done just for time.
    I haven’t tried the recipes yet but…. you’ll know when I do. One more thing, what is a chinwag? Enjoy the day!
    Minnie V. :o}

  7. Congrats on passing your final exam!! I just discovered your website a month ago and am loving it!!
    I have been doing your workout in the morning and cardio or weights at night 5-6 days a week. I am getting stronger but have not seen any changes in my shape, I know it has alot to do with nutrition but was wondering if I could be overtrainging?
    You are a true insperation (and make it look so easy!) keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Rashelle, thanks you for your comment. I am glad you are seeing a change in strength. Shape does take a while to happen, and it has a lot to do with body fat – so it could be a nutrition thing. It;s hard to know if you’re overtraining, females do not need as much recovery between training days as males do, but this would depend on how long each training session lasts.

      I think what happened with me was I started to train properly after I had lost a lot of weight due to illness. I natuarlly began eating more anyway and managed to put on about 10-12lbs of muscle over the last 18 months or so. Now, I am really trying to lean out, but keep my size, and Intermittent Fasting seems to be working for me.

      I must be good at hiding my hardship, if I make it look easy, because even I run into difficulties too. I love my workouts, but boy am I glad when they’re over LOL.

      Anyway, keep up the good work, and even just add in another rest day to see if it makes any difference for a few weeks. Play around with things, to find what works best for you. 🙂


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