Firm Booty Workout – Interval Training

by Marianne  - October 24, 2010

Hi everyone,

For some reason I was so tired when I did this workout. Do you ever get those days when you think you are full of energy and then a workout just drains you? Well, I survived anyway, and it was fun in placed LOL

I thought it would be good to do alternating cardio and resistance exercises today, and it was a good wee change.  I was using 2 KBs for my resistance exercises, but you can change it about and just just one (swapping sides), adding an extra round to balance everything out if you wish. I used one round to use equal weights and then I swapped my uneven weights about for the other 2 rounds.  Won’t want one side being worked more, now would we.

Anyway, the idea was to increase the heart rate and pace of the workout during the bodyweight cardio exercises and really work the muscles (mostly legs) in the heavier KB exercises. The box squats were hard today! I kept the weight for the static lunge rotations the same (14kg) through each round as I didn’t want to strain my back.

The Workout

There are 3 rounds of 7 exercises, and the whole workout lasts 21 minutes. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 second effort and complete 3 rounds of the following exercises:

I have included my exercise Key (in brackets) to explain what each exercise is based on; cardio (c), resistance (r), strength (s), core activating exercise (cae), stability (st) or plyometric (p). Also in brackets are most of my scores per exercise.

  1. Double KB Suitcase/dead lift (s,r,cae)
  2. Mountain Climbers (c,cae)
  3. Double KB Box Squats (s,r,cae)
  4. Evil Burpees (c,s,p)
  5. Static Lunge with KB Rotations (right) (r,st,cae)
  6. Static Lunge with KB Rotations (left) (r,st,cae)
  7. Bench Jump Overs (c,p)

Have fun with these workouts and try and come up with new versions of exercises.  I go through phases of have certain favorites that appear again and again.  If there are any exercises that you hate, tell me what you replace them with.  I’m always interested to hear what other people think of, that I don’t 🙂 Let’s get creative!!

Anyway, I am away to get more food lol, I’m just up, so I have an excuse – night duty makes me hungry 🙁



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  1. Marianne, LOVED this one ! Great workout ! I did some modifications, because I don’t have kettlebells, but I follow your ( and Bret Contreras’s advice ) :), so I added some hip thrusts instead of the lunges.
    Please make more booty workouts 😀 !

  2. Hi Marianne
    I have those days too, but like you I just push through it, it is actually better than the guilt of not having done a workout right?

    I am getting my kettle bells this week and think I will invest a little in some one on one lessons so I get my posture right etc.

    this workout actually looks pretty tough, I am still catching up with some of your old ones.


  3. Nice one! What a sweat fest.
    I don’t have a bench so I made pike jumps from the floor instead of the bench jump overs.
    Anyway it was a lot of fun! Thank you, Marianne 🙂

  4. Hi Marianne,
    Just finished this one,wow it was great! Very challenging. The static lunge burned my quads,and those bench jump overs took my breath away. I wanted to quit after 2 rounds,but……. I didn’t. Would’ve felt like a loser for not finishing. Besides dinner was waiting for me so I had some thing to look forward to. Speaking of dinner I tried the Irish Stew it was delicious. My boyfriend loved it,and we have leftovers!! Thanks again for everything.
    Enjoy the day!!!!
    Minnie V.

    1. Great Stuff, glad to hear you stuck with it 🙂 And you have a nice reward with the stew 😉

      Wish I had some today, it’s freezing over hear, minus 5 last night and it’s still only October!!


  5. Hi Marianne,
    Can’t wait to try this workout. Today is supposed to be a rest day but later on this afternoon after I’ve digested breakfast I’m going to do this. I feel good and need the practice with these type of exercises.
    Thanks again,
    Minnie V. 🙂

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