Swing Here, Swing There | Kettlebell HIIT Routine

by Marianne  - January 7, 2013

Hey everyone!

I feel like a stranger bringing you a workout; sorry it’s been so long! Β With the build up to launching Get Glutes, you can imagine things got busy for me. And not only that, but I also got news that my landlord has sold the house I’m renting, soooo I kind of have to move πŸ™ Boo hoo.

All exciting stuff!

As you can see, I removed the Disquis comments from the bottom of the blog and returned the blog comments to the old way. I have had several complaints that it’s not as easy to post comments, or see my replies, which is NOT cool!

The Workout

Get your Hamstrings ready for some work as we set about an interval workout with a lot of lovely swings!

For a different approach to teaching and correcting the Swing, you might want to check out my friend, Jen Sinkler’s post “Fix Your Kettlebell Swing“. Β  I know I also did a post on correcting the swing (and I should be linking to that), but Jen’s is way more fun!! Thanks Jen πŸ™‚

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 21 cycles of 20 seconds rest and 40 seconds effort. Complete 3 rounds of the following 7 exercises. Note: the weights I used and the reps I managed are in brackets:

  1. Double Suitcase Deadlift (2x20kg) (21, 19, 17)
  2. Two-Handed Swing (24kg) (30, 28, 30)
  3. Double Military Press (2x14kg) (10, 7, 7) GRR
  4. Alternating Swing (20kg) (didn’t count)
  5. Renegade Row (2x16kg) (17, 16, 16)
  6. Roundabout Swing (20kg) (didn’t count)
  7. Burpees (13, 11, 11) – death!

Great conditioning workout to get back into things after Christmas.Β 

Let me know (in the new/old comment section) how you got on!




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Lights, Camera, ACTION! Kettlebell Interval Routine

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  1. I know this is an old one, but it was just what I needed this morning! I just finished Dan John’s 10K swing challenge, and I’m more in love with swings than ever. Drenched in sweat. Thank you!

  2. Hi Marianne!
    I was just wondering what the difference was between the alternating kb swing and the roundabout swing? I couldn’t really tell the difference in the video…Is it just a matter of turning the handle during the swing? I am scheduled for the IKFF level one and level two certification tests in October– eek!I am excited/nervous about it!

    1. Hey Samantha. Yes, the Alternating is just one arm to the other arm, the roundabout swing is 1-handed to 2-handed to 1-handed (on the other side) and then back to 2-handed.

      Have fun at the IKFF certs!! It will be awesome. Is Steve taking them?

      1. Im not sure if Steve will be there for the training, Ive only dealt with Ken Blackburn via email. It would b cool if he was there though!

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  4. I have a question for you about the kb’s themselves. Whenever you have a chance to answer, it’d be a big help. I’m looking all over the Internet at kettlebells, and at my level (beginner, only do the “simple” moves, what brand or make of bells is a good buy/investment at this point. I have two truly horrible concrete & plastic things that do the job, but ugh. Awful design.

    I would like to step up to a 12kg (?) ~20 to 26 pound kb, but want a decent iron one that won’t put me in the poorhouse, at least at this point.

    Help? And thank you in advance, to anyone who can suggest a good KB. I’d love a dragon door bell, but holy moly, big bucks!

  5. I did this last night with modifications
    reps I managed are in brackets:

    Double Suitcase Deadlift (2x16kg)
    alt swing Swing (20kg and 16kg)
    Double Military Press (2x8kg) could have gone heavier
    swing and clean(16kg )
    Renegade Row (2x16kg)
    hanging leg raises averaged 10 each round
    burpee with push up my high score was 10

    nice workout. I should have gone heavier on the presses at least 2 12kg
    I also did 2 pullups. my only critique on this workout is that there were to many swinging exercises.

  6. That link is the bomb! Thanks! I “found” your blog (finally) after watching your vids for a few months. I’m very impressed. Good luck on your move, your work with your mother (she rocks, btw, big thumbs up there) & all the new exciting stuff going on with you.

    Julie aka gategrrl on utube

  7. I’ll be trying out this workout this weekend at the gym πŸ™‚ I have been following your site for a while but rarely completed the workouts because I take part in an outdoor fitness group instead. However, at 7 months pregnant I can’t keep up with the other people in the class anymore! I joined a gym and am making the most of the cardio machines, but I HATE lifting heavy weights (although I will after the birth) and without a spotter I get a bit nervous! Your kettlebell workouts are so much fun and I feel like I can maintain strength and fitness without lifting too many scary weights with my big swollen body!! I also think the indirect focus on the core will do me good as I can’t do traditional ab exercises anymore. Thank you for all you do πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Marianne,
    This was so much fun! I have missed working out with you , I have been having to change things up after I had hand surgery in December , really just my finger, but stitches made for no KB or lifts for a couple of weeks. Still healing but happy to be getting back at it. Hope you can make your way to California when you come back to the USA!

  9. I just finished this fantastic workout. I added an extra to make it 8 exercises & did four rounds. Totally whipped! Marianne, you are looking more radiant & more lovely than EVER! Good to see your shining face & thanks soooo much for the workouts!!!

    1. No, you are my hero! I’m working hard to be able to do pull ups & you do them like they are NOTHING! Also, I wasn’t using the weight you were. I used only 20 pounds for my military presses & 30 pounds for the renegade rows, 45 pounds for the suitcase lifts, single arm & roundabout swings & 70 pounds for the swings. That 70 pounder is probably a little heavier than I ought to use, but I watch my form carefully when I use it. By the way, I LOVED the article you linked. It made me laugh & it was really helpful, too!!! Anyway, I am sooooo sore today (the day after.) I’d taken a break from KBs for about 6 weeks, except for a few random sets here & there. My shoulders & abs are reminding me of those killer sets yesterday. It was great to workout with you again!

  10. Hi Marianne! I hope you will find a nice new place to live!
    I am also very glad that you got rid of the Disquus. Now I can see your answers and comments again, which is very nice! Congratulations with the GetGlutes! I am already a member. I have learned a lot from you, so thank you very much! All the best for the new year, and kind regards from Kirsten

  11. Double Suitcase Deadlift (2x50lbs [22.67Kg]) (22, 20, 18)
    Two-Handed Swing (50lbs [22.67Kg]) (25, 24, 23)
    Double Military Press (2×26.45lbs [12kg]) (15, 13, 13)
    Alternating Swing (50lbs [22.67Kg]) (23, 23, 22)
    Renegade Row (50lbs [22.67Kg]) (17, 17, 16)
    Roundabout Swing (50lbs [22.67Kg]) (23, 23, 23)
    Burpees (11, 11, 12)
    3 mile (4.82km) treadmill run (20:03 mins)

    My KB swing technique needs lots of attention. I’m not sure I’m maxing the benefit. I’m amazed at your ability to rock those swings! How do you get in so many reps?

    My KBs max out at 50lbs (22.67Kg), next set I have are 12kg. Need to get some heavier and in-between KB weights. Recommendations?

    Thanks for another fantastic workout Marianne!

    Coach A

  12. Hi Marianne,

    Happy New Year! You have no idea how happy I am that you got rid of that horrible Disquis.

    Great workout!


    1. Me too I just don’t like to say negative things I just stay quiet. I feel like I was lost in a fog and now I am in clear air, and I am very savvy technically but disquis is just strange.


      1. LOL, well please don’t be afraid to use the new/old comment system to tell me if there’s anything you don’t like πŸ™‚ You’ve been round here long enough, so I know it comes from a good place.

  13. hmmm can’t do the double kettlebell stuff, as i don’t having a matching set of any kettlebells, so i think on your double suitcase lift , i will just use my heave 40 pound bell and do regular deadlifts.

    rows, i will have to use my dumbells.

    1. Tempest.. you could perform offset dbl suitcase dl and military presses using two different bells (ex: a 30# + 40#) and just alternate the bells each round. πŸ™‚

        1. That sounds like a good idea! I have not been able to do renegade rows because I don’t have a matching set either. Would you recommend the same method with renegade rows? I have been doing single arm rows as a substitute, but renegade rows look more challenging. Kirsten

          1. I’d be a bit wary of doing asymmetrical renegade rows, simply because you are already under a stability challenge. I would recommend you do either single arm rows or even alternating bent over rows. Not as “exciting” but still effective.

  14. so excited for you and all these big changes. Moving is a pain but its kinda fun to start fresh too though, ya know? Ive been doing conditioning workouts on Saturday so this one will be my Saturday workout. Sounds so fun! (and challenging!)

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