Sweet 16 Body Burn – Full Body Workout

by Marianne  - July 27, 2010

Hi everyone,

After 2 night duties from hell, I am back with a new body weight workout. Due to extreme tiredness, I though I would limit this workout to 16 minutes. Thinking that might make it too easy, i then increased the effort interval and decreased the rest to increase the intensity and the burn from each exercise. I found 16 minutes quite enough for me today, especially in the most unusual heat!

The Workout

You can, of course add more rounds if you need more of a burn.

I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 16 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds max effort. I then completed 2 rounds of the 8 exercises below:

  1. Burpees (with push up)
  2. Reverse Lunge with Kick (right)
  3. Reverse Lunge with Kick (left)
  4. Hindu Push Ups
  5. Partial Single Leg Squat (right)
  6. Partial Single Leg Squat (left)
  7. Close Push Up
  8. Mountain Climbers

Unfortunately I did not have time, between exercises and getting my breath back, to record all the reps.  If I am honest, I just wanted to get this workout over with LOL But I am glad I did it, otherwise I would’ve felt bad for not working out.  Guilt is an amazing motivator 😉

So, until next time, I hope you will comment on this workout and let me know what you think.



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  1. Just wanted to say I really love your workouts and the way you demonstrate them – you make the exercises real by not pretending to be a “plastic super-woman”! Keep being an inspiration.

  2. Marianne:
    Yes, I’m wrecked. I had to work through my normal gym time today and I don’t regret it. I’ll do the make up work tomorrow. I wish I could say I can bounce back quicker from these hard @ss workouts, but age is creeping up. The good thing is I’m not getting old as fast as I was. It’s like the Toby Keith song: I ‘aint as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was!

  3. Hi Marianne

    I did this workout today – it seemed the perfect match as I have been burning the candle at both ends for work the last 3 days. I finally got home today and had a short nap (I was totally brain dead) and then went out into the sunshine and did this one! Short but sweet – or not so sweet!
    I did it barefoot too. Great workout. Hope you had a good rest day.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Heather, think I’m still catching up on my sleep. Last 2 nights were tough again. Really drains me. Glad you liked this workout.

      I really need to get time for another workout 🙁

  4. Nice work. Those burpees with the push up in bare feet must hurt the toes, no?

    I’m dog tired too. We did a 16 minute Tabata after 5 minutes of 20kg snatches. I got in 90 and opened up my right hand.

    20 seconds swings with the 24kg 10-12 reps
    20 seconds squats right with 16kg 7-9 reps
    20 seconds high pulls with the 20kg then up to the 24kg 10-12 reps
    20 seconds squats left with the 16kg. 7-9 reps

    x8 rounds for 16 minutes with 10 seconds rest between ea. 20 sec.
    That 10 seconds feels like 2!

    That kicked our butts!

    Then, since we were done early and wanted to get to 500 reps or so for the day, we added 100 walking lunges (50 R&L) and 50 one arm swings!


    1. Wow Phil, what a day lol! I did Andrew’s KB Bootcamp on Tuesday evening (same day as this workout) all with a 16kg!! My strength is definitely increasing. Just shows, it’s worth challenging yourself, because I realise I was holding some back 🙂 But you must be wrecked!

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