Leave Me Breathless – Fat Burning Workout

by Marianne  - August 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

Guess what, a new workout at last. This is another body weight workout, that left me busted!! Andrew left the Kettlebells at the community centre over the weekend, so won’t get mine home until tonight. So in the mean time I thought an intense body weight workout would tide you guys over 🙂 This was brutal!!!

The Workout

It is 16 minutes long and there are 4 rounds of 4 exercises. If you have one, set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 16 cycles of 5 seconds rest and 55 seconds effort. This is why this workout is a killer, barely any rest. The exercises are:

  1. Evil Jumps (one dynamic squat followed by 2 lunge jumps)
  2. Reptile Push Ups
  3. Alternate Side Lunge Touch with Power-Jacks in the middle
  4. Dynamic Close Push Ups

As you can see from the video I started out quite fast, but by the end I was was reaching failure. You should feel like you can’t do any more and that you’ve put everything into the workout.

This type of interval training is excellent for fat burning and both mental and physical endurance.

Leave me a comment to let me know what you thought.  Oh and remember to find “myomytv” on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.



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  1. The reptile pushups are a killer. Impressive workout! I just started with kettlebells and have subscribed to your site and youtube videos. Love your workouts!

  2. Ouch Marianne

    I just did this one and it killed me! I was literally gasping for air! I did a different set of warm up exercises and was able to do the “Evil Jumps” without knee pain!!! However the Reptile push-ups, I ended up doing one push-up and two reptiles instead of all together for the last two rounds. The only one that I could not do at all was the Dynamic Close push-up, I am still working on doing that one on my toes so I did the Elbow to Hands plank Move and that was pretty killer too.
    I took a 20 min break and then did a leg workout after to double up the metabolic burn… not sure if that is possible but I am trying!!!
    Jason is headed in to the doctors today and calling the Rhumy today as well. He going to try the pester method!
    Thanks for the great workout today! ( So excited that I did the Evil Jumps!!!)
    All the best

  3. Nice workout… the pushups were killer! Also, the side lunges with power jacks were a new exercise to me and I thought they were a lot of fun. Thanks for another great bodyweight workout!

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